Friday, February 26, 2010

Minnesota Nice

Sorry I haven't been around much lately... but I am thinking about the ladies of the Wild Onion Cafe!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

wild onion sponsored events?

the wild onion bike to work week?

what events do you see the wild onion sponsoring? something goofy and fun or more serious and heartfelt. there must some sort of good that could happen from all of us hanging around on here. does anyone know how to install a donation button on the side? no-profits must have some sort of linksie dingle thing? know what i mean? have a running tally of how much we've donated to date... that sort of shit. anyways that's was today's brain fart.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Award Season!

This time of year, Los Angeles is a-buzz with award ceremonies. Seeing people get awards inspires me to...well, give out some awards!

The Bringing the Funny Award goes to:


Woman, you crack me up! I can only imagine what a girls' night out with you would be like. If I had my way, What is Stupid? would be on every bookshelf in the nation. Hooray for Volume II!

The Deserves It and More Award goes to:


Bob, I can't tell you how happy I am that you got that job up there in the Frozen North. Cheers to you for hanging on to your dreams for a better situation, and even more cheers for doing something to bring them about. And for cheering us on at the same time? Hugs!

The You Can't Stop Her And Why Would You Want To Award goes to:


She breaks her head, she breaks her ankle, but she never breaks her promises to her ferals. She tells me I suck, but she loves me anyway. You know you do, Suz. When's the garden party???

The Best Use of Facebook Award goes to:


I spend too much time trying to be witty with my Facebook updates. And here we have Karen, doing it effortlessly. And she lets it all hang out. Woman, the only reason I don't comment on everything you say is because I can't take the swarm of messages that I get if I do. I wish I could be so forthright.

The When Does Your Novel Come Out Because I Wants It Now Award goes to:


We're all damn good, but I think Leah is our best writer, and I'm not afraid to say so! You read her posts, you get sight, sound, taste, touch,'re transported!

The How Does She DO It Award goes to:


She works some insane hours and yet she's always there for her boys and for us when we need her. If I had some free time to give away, she'd be the first to get it. If it wasn't for...


I can't find a photo that does her justice. I can't find words to do her justice....but Bob, I can think of an award that is LONG past due.

Congratulations to all our winners! (Goes and stands behind the bar with Gig while you all dance around. "Giggie, we know what we know.")

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card

Where is everybody? On Facebook??

Okay, we all know that an important holiday is right around the corner. To help all my friends at the Wild Onion be prepared, I've found some of the most perfect Valentine's Day cards out this season. They capture the very essence of this most romantic occasion. Be sure to tell your Valentine exactly how you feel by sending one of these cards:

UPDATE: Okay, for those of you who HATE Valentine's day, please refer to my post from last year>>> 5 Ways to Revolt Against Valentine's Day