Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode to a Random Chick

Somewhere in Cali
lives a young lady,
Her intentions are good
not the least bit shady.

She writes lots of words
and is quite maternal,
Her addiction to Starbucks
looks to be eternal.

She's cute as the dickens
and so are her kids,
Her hysterical poems
make friends flip their lids.

Her Poetry is Stupid
and humor has no equal,
There's so much to say
she's writing a sequel.

A few weeks ago
we met her in person,
We all loved her lots
there wasn't any cursin'

She brightens our day
just knowing she's there,
Writing about poop,
ideas and hair.

On this day in June
each and every year,
We stop to celebrate
with wine, pizza and beer.

For today is the day
this Chick was born,
She still looks fantastic
not tired and worn.

All of your friends
from near and from far,
Gather here at the Onion
and sit at the bar.

We laugh and we sing
we dance and we play,
All to remember
your special birthday.

Happy Birthday Random Chick!!!