Monday, December 29, 2008

Pink Cupcakes. Why?

Just because I can't spend one more second looking at those freakin' latkes I posted.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What Did You Eat?

I absolutely positively love hearing about food. The last post yielded some good material, notably from Mark who gave the complete 411, plus a funny anecdote. Thanks Mark!

"We helped ourselves to all this yummy food:

from a selection of:
smoked salmon; prawns; avocado; turkey etc. all washed down with a choice from beer, cider, soft drink.

Roast pork, with crackling; turkey;
peas, carrots, green beans, roast potatoes; roast turnip; and Ian's famous gravy (well, the gravy wasn't famous - but it is now). There was a selection of lovely wines too: a merlot, a chardonnay, and a cabernet sauvignon (i think i spelled it right).

trifle; apple crumble; chocolate ripple cake(made with chocolate ripple cookies); fruit and cheeses.

Lunch was taken at a leisurely pace over about three hours.
After lunch we helped to clear up and then watched some British comedy on cable tv and opened our Kris Kringle presents.
The hosts' eight year old girl child was asked by someone who shall remain anonymous to read one joke per day to her dad from all the xmas cracker jokes that she collected. Her dad was to pretend that it was the first time he'd heard them."

Our own dear Megan mentioned that she was "stuffed full of tri-tip and double-baked and strawberry salad and pumpkin pie." Intriguing. Any more details?

Over at Bob's, there's a luscious pic and recipe. And at Gig's place there's mention of a sumptuous Christmas breakfast.

I ate home-made thin crispy-brown latkes and little lamb sausages at my friend's house for Chanukah, along with super sour Kosher dills, and a huge fresh green salad with vinagrette and thick slices of watermelon radish. Let's not forget the free-flowing ice cold white wine. Yum!

Update: Karen, we can't leave you out! You have an incredible description of your festive meal, you food writer you! Find it here!

So anyone else got some food details for us?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hey Cafe!

You all are amazing and wonderful people. Thank you for sharing this place with me. I raise my glass to The Wild Onion.

Happy Whatevers!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Chick is Buying!!!

Hey, ya'll!

I just lost my job what am I gonna do? I'm gonna buy everyone a drink!

Here's to jumping off the cliff and hoping there's a net below...


Friday, December 19, 2008

Proper Weight

TO ALL MY DEAREST FRIENDS I'M SO GLAD I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS! The correct way to weigh yourself: I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

something interesting...

after drinking and eating too much i sat down on the sofa here at the onion to watch a little t.v. and found this here remote stuffed in between the cushions. i couldn't get the t.v. to turn on suzanne was doing some interesting new things... anybody want a turn???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sugar High

As a result of all these holiday parties, some of us are experiencing a major sugar high. Put down the candy canes! Do not stick another cookie in your mouth! Drop those chocolates right now! There's a line at the bathroom that is going out the door here at the Wild Onion. No one can order anything off the menu because they can't see anymore! And there's a bunch of zombified people wandering around aimlessly.

We need to stop eating so much sugar! We need help! We need some broccoli!

Who can save us? We need a vegetarian! SUZANNE!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Office Party!!!

Well Gang, let's crank up the Music and get ready
for the 1st Annual Wild Onion Cafe's "Office Party"!!

Everybody pick out your favorite tunes, remember
there is no charge here at the Onion

Bob has been busy stocking the Bar
How about some really Ice Cold Beer!!

Cocktails Anyone?

How about some Wine?

I ordered this for "you know who"

Megan knows how to put on a wonderful buffet,

so I put her in charge...

Let's check it out!!

A little something for everyone

Cool, Santa and Reindeer Cheese!!

Gotta have some Wings !!


We now have a portable bar, that can travel
anywhere that we would like it to go, just
put your reservation in early, I am sure
it will be very popular.

Hope everyone has a GREAT TIME!!
Let's get this PARTY STARTED!!

Hey Bob, I spruced up the Bar for you,
Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's a Dogs Life

If dogs could speak, this is what they would probably say.

Nothing goes down better than a beer mug Chihuahua

Why are you people so MEAN?

Where's the beef?




I hope he doesn't poop on my head.

DANG! I shouldn't have eaten all those cookies.

You don't mind sharing do you?

I'm dreaming of fast cars, easy bitches, and fire hydrants.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

lets light up the place!!!

absolutely no one is to be left out!!!

so whose birthday is it then?


Monday, December 8, 2008

Crappy Christmas Sweaters

Nothing rings in the holidays like a crappy Christmas sweater. Now, I've never seen a Hanukkah or Kwanzaa sweater so maybe this is just the result of too much egg nog. I'm not sure. Anyway, here are some real tacky sweaters to get you in into the spirit of the holidays (or make you thankful that you don't celebrate Christmas).

This guy looks like he wishes he was an elf.

Looks like he is experiencing some real pain. Somebody, get him a fruitcake, quick!

Is that a Coors Light in his hand? Bad beer. Bad sweater.

These people have the right idea. Close your eyes and no one will notice your sweaters.

This woman needs a room all to herself. Preferably, one that is padded.

I would not eat that hamburger. Would you?

Happy Holidays, ya'll!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Family Traditions

Happy Holidays to everyone!

As that special time of year approaches, our lives get even more out of control with the added stress of holiday shopping. But here at The Wild Onion, we ask that you check the stress at the door and shoot down a few "holiday spirits" with some old friends. That is why I propose this Holiday Tour of Lights. I encourage each of you to post your own pictures of holiday light displays, or even attach them to this one. Either way, let's attempt to spread a few good tidings and joy around.

Let the Angels sing

Our stockings are hung with care

Our Christmas Tree

From Leah, some Chanukah Lights:

Some More Lights From Cece's Neighborhood

Frosty is the kids all time favorite

This display belongs to the house next door.

This one is my humble abode.

One of the homes across the street. Sorry, about the blur.

The house directly across from mine. I am not a big fan of the white lights. Come one peeps, add a little color and spice up life a bit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

boot me in the bum when i wallow.....
it's so boring
when i was looking for a pic for this post i came across a photo with the caption "....rutting, wallowing and bathing"
sounds like a plan, eh?


Contemptuous silence fills my ears
"What have I done?"
"You should know"
I should know.
So often I should know
again and again
there is no explanation.
I can give no defence,
learn no lesson.
I offer an olive branch,
it is tossed aside, rejected.
A growing mound of rejected goodwill
morphs to become a monument.
A memorial to pain.