Monday, December 15, 2008

Office Party!!!

Well Gang, let's crank up the Music and get ready
for the 1st Annual Wild Onion Cafe's "Office Party"!!

Everybody pick out your favorite tunes, remember
there is no charge here at the Onion

Bob has been busy stocking the Bar
How about some really Ice Cold Beer!!

Cocktails Anyone?

How about some Wine?

I ordered this for "you know who"

Megan knows how to put on a wonderful buffet,

so I put her in charge...

Let's check it out!!

A little something for everyone

Cool, Santa and Reindeer Cheese!!

Gotta have some Wings !!


We now have a portable bar, that can travel
anywhere that we would like it to go, just
put your reservation in early, I am sure
it will be very popular.

Hope everyone has a GREAT TIME!!
Let's get this PARTY STARTED!!

Hey Bob, I spruced up the Bar for you,
Thanks for taking such good care of us!


Megan said...

Oh great wonderful Gigness!!! First toast is to YOU!

Suzanne said...

Plants ass firmly on red bar stool.
I am SO hungry.
I am SO thirsty.
I am SO happy!!!!!
God I love this place and I love Giggie!!! Thanks honey!!!!! If I get tired I'm going to fall asleep on our new bar. Is that thing pretty or what? All it needs is a bit of pink. *Removes baseball cap and places it on bar.*
"Severus my dear man, I'll have a special Blottie drink."
Go to hell my dear woman."
"Jorge my dear man, I'll have a special Blottie drink."
"Go to hell my dear woman."

Okay, I'll serve myself. I'm surprised our new bar didn't come with a new attitude. Lazy m&#$%# f&#$%#s.

Suzanne said...


Megan said...

I know!!! Check it OUT!! How did I ever get so lucky???

Gig said...

Thank you Ladies, glad to see you are enjoying everything...wait till you see what else is to be delivered!

*giggles with glee, claps hands...hurries to check on rest of the order for our favorite bar*

Cece said...

Wow the new bar looks great. I'm hungry and can't wait to dig into the grub. Cheers everyone.

Suzanne said...

Good morning everyone. God I love this new bar. Leah, did you make some extra oatmeal? *Tries to locate stove.* Gig, where's the stove honey?

Hi Cece!
Hi Megan!
Hi Gig!

I'm off! With an empty belly.

just bob said...

Gig... this place looks awesome now. Thanks for taking it upon yourself to spruce things up. And it looks like Megan put out a great buffet of food (except I don't see any toast).

What a great place to plop down and unwind!

Suzanne said...

Where the hell is everyone? This place has been so slow the past month. Bob, can I please have something really, really pretty and I don't want it to taste nasty. Thanks honey. I love the new bar. It almost feels as if we're at Cheers, just better! *Walks around bar touching all the red dead cows.* It's hard to believe so many red cows had to give their lives for bar stools. Jeazzzzzzzzzzz.

Gig said...

Have you not heard the weather for the Midwest? We are slipping and sliding all over, not to mention freezin our freakin a**es off!!

Just for you, I sliddddd in here to have a "hot toddie" to warm up a bit, before sliding on back home...

BTW, those are not dead Red Cows, I would not do that to in not real!!

Soooooo....remember that this is our Virtual World when the rest of the new "stuff" arrives.

*slides by bar...looking for the rest of the "Gang"*

Skeeter said...

Hi everybody!

Looks tasty. I'm hungry!

Best wishes,


PS. My security word is "mellywho".

Megan said...

*Sneaks in on lunch break for hot toddy*

Cece said...

I slipped and slid my way in here too. People in AR don't know how to drive when ice hits. It took me two hours to get home from work last night, and it took me 1.5 hours to get to work this am. I am dedicated and they know it, because there was only 4 people out of 10 that showed up today. So I think we need a drink to celebrate the fact that I risked my life to get here, and I made it here alive. Now, how the hell am I going to get back home. Pray it doen't take me two hours. The temperature is still only 28 degrees, so it is not above freezing. I'm not sure the road will have improved much, except that my drive home should be in the day light. Wish me luck.

Karen ^..^ said...

So, can anyone join this office party? I'm starved, dying of thirst, and lonely as hell!! I think I'll have a good time here. Thanks for inviting me, Suzanne. I love a party that doesn't end. LOL.

just bob said...

I love a party that doesn't end. LOL.

Karen, you're talking to a group that celebrated Suzanne's birthday for about 4 months up to and including her actual birth date. This group knows all about parties that don't end!

Karen ^..^ said...

So then I can stay as long as I like?

I'll just split my time between here, MC2's front porch (can't help it, I'm buried in fuzzies) and Suzanne's gorgeous rose cottage. Ok, her front entrance. She did after all get me a white wicker chair.

For vacations, I'll go to your mom's house, Bob, and shovel her walkway. Only when it snows, though. I miss snow.

just bob said...

Karen, you can stay as long as you like... the Wild Onion never closes. The clientele ramble in and out, but there's always someone behind the bar serving.