Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Family Traditions

Happy Holidays to everyone!

As that special time of year approaches, our lives get even more out of control with the added stress of holiday shopping. But here at The Wild Onion, we ask that you check the stress at the door and shoot down a few "holiday spirits" with some old friends. That is why I propose this Holiday Tour of Lights. I encourage each of you to post your own pictures of holiday light displays, or even attach them to this one. Either way, let's attempt to spread a few good tidings and joy around.

Let the Angels sing

Our stockings are hung with care

Our Christmas Tree

From Leah, some Chanukah Lights:

Some More Lights From Cece's Neighborhood

Frosty is the kids all time favorite

This display belongs to the house next door.

This one is my humble abode.

One of the homes across the street. Sorry, about the blur.

The house directly across from mine. I am not a big fan of the white lights. Come one peeps, add a little color and spice up life a bit.


Megan said...

Oooh! Will do!

Leah said...

I love it. Thanks, Cece. Oh, and p.s. I just put a little added comment on the previous post about the whole wretched neighbor issue--I just wanted you to know how wholeheartedly I support you babe!

Cece said...

I'm ready to forget the whole wretched neighbor and all of her issues. So let's deck the halls and fa la la la la la la la la all night long. Yep, I'm doing shots of amareto tonight. Kylie, tell you "smoking husband" that he could probably light up right off of my cheeks.

Megan said...

Not fair. Leah gets an entire festival of lights. :)

My pictures didn't come out but I will try again.

Suzanne said...

Well, I must tell you all that Cece called tonight. Yes, I actually picked up the damn phone this time. I know, I've been rather pathetic. Well, as usual it was a hoot. We went from talking about catfish and mud, to stocks and bonds. I know, go figure! Never a dull moment!

Cece, your tree is GORGEOUS!!! I love that big, beautiful ornament and all the rest. Nice job sweetie. And oh, the house looks SO clean! You must have been very, very busy the other day! Of course I'm laughing. You kill me. Baby, can I get you a lemondrop? What!!! That's made with tequila, right?! (Gig will die when she hears that story.) *Starts laughing way too hard, finds ice bucket, buries head.* Damn that's too funny.

Leah, your husband smokes? Cece, your cheeks are on fire? Match made in Heaven. Megan honey, let's go find the Macy's sofa and some degree of sanity. I think Jorge is dancing with Severus. How pretty. Whoops, there goes Severus with his whip! Not so pretty after all.

Bob, can we get something nice to drink over here? Not too strong sweetie, just gentle and kind for two ladies lookin' for a bit of understandin'. ;) Megan, you're lookin' for understandin', right?


Skeeter said...

Yes! Lights and spirits. It doesn't get much better than that kids. Great post!

Best seasonal wishes,


Megan said...

Hey guys and gals, don't forget to get over to Hunter's blog and ask your questions! I want mine answered but he needs more!

Megan said...

*Sinks on sofa next to Suzanne*

Yes, I am lookin' for understandin'. Who ain't?

Gig said...

No lemon drops tonight, already had 2 bloody mary's!! Way too much to get ready for a Kids Christmas party for 50 kids and their parents, OMG I must be crazy to be in charge of this event!! That is why I started drinking...and now I am here looking at Cece's beautiful tree and lights. I feel much calmer, thank you!!

Suze, lemon drops are made with premium Vodka, not
I do believe I will head for the Macy sofa and relax, while I wait for you to call...*grabs Blottie's pretty pink afgan and goes to sleep...*

Suzanne said...

Giggie, I'm laughing so hard because I know Lemondrops are made with PREMIUM Vodka. You gave me the damn instructions!!! You have to hear Cece version of Lemondrops made with Tequila. Hence my comment!!! Give me that damn afgan. You don't deserve it. *Wow, a sleeping Giggie is naked on the Macy's sofa...great hair cut babe! Do that yourself?*

*Megan looks on, "Gig, want my yellow hat to cover something? Anything?"* *Suz throws Megan a wink...understanding, don't we all baby.*

Suzanne said...

Rolls Giggie off sofa and sinks on with Megan. Megan starts diggin' for understandin', but comes up with only two quarters and a dime. What? She's not Einstein. Who the hell is in this joint?


Suzanne said...


Isn't it lights, spirts and BBQ? Jeeeeeeze.


Suzanne said...

On my way to Unters. Good Lord, what's he killed?

Megan said...

I'm going to bed, Blottie, but you can use my change to dial up whatever you want on the jukebox. (Have we got a jukebox?)

Suzanne said...

I referred to Hunter and Unter. Does it look like a have a freakin' jutebox? I can barely spell the word. Nite, nite sweet princess.

Joyful Jo said...

Hey Cece,
What a great idea. I really like the Christmas lights; they're really cheerful.
Your contribution is good too Leah.
I am a bit knackered (tired) tonight so I'll kick back, relax and have a whiskey or two here at the Cafe.

Season's Greetings to my mates in the States.

Kookaburra said...

Re: comment immediately before this.

Oh I give up! See what I mean? I forgot to switch accounts. D'oh!


happy holidayz indeed...

Suzanne said...

Great news everybody!!! I rescued the last kitten at the park today!!! It was foggy and cold and she was shivering. I've waited for her mom to return for 4 days and had planned to wait 3 more days to be fair, but I saw her shivering and couldn't bare it (she's 3 months old). I fed her, then walked back to the car to get the carrier. I picked her up (we're dear friends, so I pick her up all the time), put her in and off we went to the Vet's. She wasn't happy initially, but calmed down. She was scared, but did beautifully at the Vet's. She weighs only 3 lbs which I think is a good healthy weight for her age (remember Ohno only weighted 2 lbs at 6 months (that was pathetic)). I've been waiting for the phone call to inform me whether or not she tested positive for Feline Lukemia and HIV. I just got it! She didn't!!!!! She has ear mites, fleas, roundworms and a bit of conjunctivitis in her left eye. She's already been treated for fleas and roundworms and will be staying at the Vet's over the weekend for additional eye treatment, rest, warmths and relaxation. We'll evaluate the situation Monday and decide whether she can come home or not. The Vet tech told me "Everyone is just loving on her, she's absolutely precious and is purring up a storm. You do an amazing job with your ferals!" Yippie!!! What a great day. And it's exactly 4 weeks to the day I rescued Hillary's two wee ones, and they're doing beautifully (I named the little girl Bella and the little boy Bjou Bjou (Love~Love in French! He looks more like "Tom," but I tried to think outside the box!)). I lost 8 babies, but I saved 3. I feel so lucky today. Life is good. Now I'm hoping the wee one's mom (Emma. Emma is my beloved Ireland's sister) finds her way back to me, so I can finally rescue her. I always have hope.

This is going to be a beautiful holiday season. I have to run to the Vet's, get my carrier, get gas (I nearly passed out the other morning because Premium is only $2.99/ gallon!!!) run back home, load the dishwasher, do laundry, fold piles and piles of clothes, clean the kitchen and hopefully get the front entry decorated for Christmas. Wish me luck!!! Hurray for Vets!!!

Love you all! Blottie XO

Anonymous said...


So good to see you at the Wild Onion again!

THANK YOU for the call! I'm doing fine. Just busier than a frickin' pig in a pig pen. Hope you are doing well. I will try to call when I get a free moment!!!


Leah said...

Speaking of lights, I must say that the Rockefeller tree is absolutely spectacular. We'll walk by it one of these days in our travels around the city, maybe even tomorrow afternoon, and I'll be sure to take a pic to post.

Miles McClagan said...

I've got the traditional Xmas Santa Claus that marches invading army style across the kitchen spreading Xmas cheer and delight...

For up to an hour a time...

Megan said...

My darned pictures are not loading, darnit!

Okay now that's out of the way - yay Suzanne for happy news from the vet! So glad for you and the kitties!

Leah, a "real live" picture of the NY tree would be super cool, I hope you can manage it.

Kooka, I'm confus-a. You mean, Jo was using the computer and then you came right after (whoops!) and didn't log her out (whoops again!)?? Or are you sneaking around posting in her name in other places? Married life sounds so interesting at times.

Hi Gig! Lemon drop sounds so good right now.

Hi RC! I'm scared of what your next post might bring us...

Miles, I love stumbling on your picture...

Kookaburra said...

Suzanne, That's great news about the kittie that you rescued. Maybe you'll keep her at your home?

Megan, I came on right after Jo and forgot to log her out. I wasn't being silly and commenting under her name. I wouldn't dare!

Hi Cece,
Hi Skeeter,
Hi Gig,
Hi RC,
Hi Leah,
Hi Miles,

I'm going to the bottle shop now to buy some stubbies. I've been on the go since early this morning tidying up the front and back yards and mowing lawns.

Megan said...

Of course you wouldn't! Just trying to be funny...

Megan said...

Oh, I'm in on the question thing, too. I'm leaving the post up all weekend, so ask away!

Cece said...

Ok I have a story to tell. No, it's not about crazy neighbor. I'm trying to get away from that crazy bitch. Instead, it is about my sweet little Forrest. My poor baby is sick today. Mommy diagnosed him with strep throat, and then she had to call the actual Doctor to get him some antibiotics. Of course the Doctor gave me what I asked for, I'm a Microbiologist, you think she would second guess me. And no we didn't even have to take him in. But that isn't the story. I was sitting on the couch and he was lying there beside me with his head in my lap. I was messing with his hair, and he looked up at me and said, "Cecile, (he calls me by my first name instead of mom all the time) you are an angel." I was suprised and I started to laugh. "I'm an angel? What kind of an angel am I?" He scrunches up his face. You can tell he is thinking hard. "Ummmmmm The Angel of Life." Again I chuckle. "Why do you think I"m the Angel of Life?" Because I was born from you. Damn, I love that boy.

Suzanne said...

My Dear Angel of Life,

Damn, I love that boy too!!! And it always cracks me up that he calls you Cece. I hope he's beginning to feel a bit better. He's a precious young gentleman and you're a terrific mom. You'll cherish that memory forever.

The photos of the neighborhood and the front door are great. You've inspired me to get my butt in gear. I wasn't able to do the front entrance yesterday because I blogged. I'm not blogging today (can you tell?!). However, I'm going to vent about the park over on my comment page, then I gotta boogie woogie if I'm going to get this house decorated. Perhaps you can come over and clean while I'm trying to locate all the Christmas "STUFF" in the garage. Thanks sweetie. I'll throw a pizza in the oven. Oh, and sorry, but when I decorate you're going to have to close your eyes because I use white lights. I know...yawn.

XO to all of you. Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. It is Saturday, right?

Blottie ;)

Suzanne said...

Well, I'm glad to see you didn't get all Griswold on me. Very nice job.


Suzanne said...

Yes, Cece, that was actually Rob. He loves ya.


PI said...

Hi Kylie! Thanks for your visit. My tomorrow's post is about not stressing over Christmas.
Lovely photos.

Suzanne said...

PI, sweetie, honey, those aren't Kylie's photos, those are Cece's. If you're going to stop by you have to pay a wee bit more attention. Jeeeeeeeeze. Welcome. Boy we sure are attracting the famous crowd now. What gives? PI, keep up the good work. I'll read more as time permits. Your blog is a hoot.


kylie said...

te he he he
that is so funny....

i went round randomly saying hi to people and i guess PI couldnt figure out which of my blogs to comment on!

hi PI

eclectica is the main deal for me!

i'm a quiet contributor here

Anonymous said...

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