Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Remembrance

Gig's mother passed away today. I spoke with Gig on the phone this evening and she is dealing with things as best as she can. I told her I would post and let all of you know. So in honor of Gig's mom and for all of the loved ones that each of us are missing in our lives, I wrote these words....

Even though they are gone,they live on inside our hearts.
The memories will never fade as long as our memories remain.
We miss them when they are gone,but we hope deep down in the depth of our souls
that they are indeed in a better place. A place without pain, without flaws, and filled with beauty.
A place where tears of pain never flow, but tears of joy are bountiful.
A place where they can look down upon those of us struggling to cope in this stone cold world with out them. And where they can smile rays of sunshine upon us in order to light our paths to brighter days. I want to believe these things, I need to believe these things, and it is the Remembrance that sees me through. The remembrance that they would want me to continue life as though they had never left. And because I love them, this I must do.

To visit the online Memorial, please click on the link below.


Joyful Jo said...

I am really sorry for your loss of your mother Gig. We will be thinking of you.

Jo,Mark and Helen. xxx

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. You know how much I love you. Cece called tonight and read the comment before posting and we listened to Rob Thomas because she knows how much I love piano music. Beautiful. I wanted to call. We debated. It was late. I knew you were still up, but I decided not to call. Sometimes it's good to just be quiet. But you know I love you and I'm so sorry for your loss. You and Cece are making the path easier. We're all around the same age and all have parents. The time is going to come when life will end. Watching you both go through death with such grace prepares me for what is about to come. Will it be easy? No, of course not. Will I find my way through all the pain? Yes, because I have two dear friends who are so full of love and kindness. I know you will always support me. And I you.

Giggie, I love you. I'm so very sorry. I'm right here. I'll call in the next day or so. I don't want to impose, but will eventually if I don't hear from you. I'll give you a few days. I love you.


P.S. Cece, beautiful memorial. Both in words and in music. Absolutely beautiful. Love you darling.

bindhiya said...

am so sorry..
I will be praying for you and family..

love you dear

Cece.. thank you for this beautiful post.

Gig said...

Thanks Cece,
Beautiful words and music...just what I needed. You know how much you mean to me, I do love you. I think of you as a daughter.

Jo, Thanks to you and Mark and Helen for being here. My blogging family is the best. She is not suffering and struggling to breathe anymore. She is at peace and that gives me peace of mind.

I love this Memorial Cece...

What can I say, I know you love me like I love you. It has been almost 2 yrs and how wonderful it has been to get to know each other. Our family here has grown, and I am sure will continue to. But isn't it amazing how the core group is still here...
I will call soon, just gotta get thru the next 3 days. I intend to back home Wed. night. I will have to come back to take care of many things with her house.

Hi sweetie, thanks for your kind words, they mean the world to me. I am doing ok...just ready to move on.

I love all of you and thank you from the bottom of my Heart for being a part of my family.

Love, Gig

kylie said...

lots of love to you, Gig.
my thoughts and prayers are with you

just bob said...

Cece... what a wonderful choice of verses. No wonder you are the boss of this joint. Gig... I'm so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Megan said...

Love to you, Gig. I'll be thinking about you. Many virtual hugs.

Wonderful post, Cece.

Gig said...

Hello to all of you out there!!

Thanks again for being here, I won't forget it...just had to stop by.

Just got back from fixing my Mom's hair and a little makeup. I am ok with doing that. Being a hairdresser and daughter it is the last thing I feel I can do for her. I have done this before.

The next couple of days will be more difficult. I will be back to listen to the music and read the beautiful words.
I will leave you with a funny story of me at the funeral home...
After standing on my tiptoes to curl and comb her hair, I really could not see if the top was ok, I asked for a footstool...they brought me a 6 ft ladder to stand on!! So, I climbed up to make sure it was good. Now, I am looking for her glasses, grr, just had them, so I am just as rambling, LOL, as ever.

Love, Gig

Suzanne said...

Gig, you're the best. BEFORE I die, will you do my hair please? Thanks. What are friends for?! Right? I want to look good for the cremation.

I'm sure your mom looks beautiful!!! Especially after you scaled her with a ladder. That killed me. Baby, isn't life funny? I love you darling. I really, really do. I look forward to hearing your voice once all the activity has settled. Hang in there.

Oh, by the way I visited the memorial and left a message. What a beautiful place. So much kindness and love. What a terrific idea Giggie. Speaking of terrific ideas, I love to plant something when a loved one dies, so in honor of your mom, you and your family, I would be honored to plant something in the garden that respresents all of you. What shall it be? Send me your thoughts when you have the energy. You might consider doing the same. It's a comfort to sit next to a plant or tree and talk to your loved one. It's a tradition in our family and one I think you'll enjoy when the grandkids start driving you nutty and you need an escape. Why not go talk to the lilac. MUMMY!!

I love you baby. Keep smiling.

Cece said...

You all honor me with comments on my words, and I thank you. Today would have been my sister's 52nd birthday if she were still with us.

The pain does get a little bit easier to bare. I promise it does, but you do always miss them. But we can cry together when you get to missing her.

Suzanne said...


It's so easy to love you. I'm about to turn 50 and thought about your sister being only 52. Life. It's so unpredictable. What does my future hold? What does it hold for any of us? I've been thinking about that a lot lately. The other day my mom told me to enjoy it and appreciate every day. To not be scared of 50, but instead, embrace it. She's right, you know?

It's just past 5 am and the sky is beginning to come alive with light on the eastern horizon. And there it is. One lone star in a sea of midnight blue fading into sea blue. What a beautiful moment to be alive.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

I Googled. I think it's Jupiter.


Karen ^..^ said...

Aww, I only just saw this today. I'm so sorry, Gig. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Karen ^..^ said...

And Cece, this was a very beautiful and heartfelt post. Thank you for letting us know.

Leah said...

Gig dear, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I'm reaching out across the interwebs with a hug and kiss for you.

Suzanne said...

Giggie, you know I love you and mom, but I'm looking for my sling backs. Of course I know you're laughing. So...where are they? Giggie, stop screwing around with me. Where are they? If you put them on Mom while fixing her hair, I swear to God I'm gonna kick your................

Suzanne said...


Gig said...

Suzanne!! What am I going to do with you? *shaking head and laughing*

Last I seen...your slingbacks were dangling from the disco ball, so go talk to Jorge, I think that's his name.

From the bottom of my heart, I am thanking each of you for being here!!
Bob, Leah, Kylie, Megan, Jo, Cece, Suze...I hope I have not forgottten anyone. I have had a few crown royals tonight here at the Onion, lol.
It has been a peaceful place to visit and see my friends. There are bloggers...and there are those that go WTF are bloggers. Well, this the best group of friends I could ask for.

I am doing good, My Mom is not suffering any more...and is in a better place. Just know that you have all helped me to move on to the next it time to get back to the Onion business.

I talked to Cece today and asked that we liven things up...I think "someone" must be having a Birthday pretty soon!!

I also read all the comments on the online memorial...thanks, during the service it was noted that were many comments from around the what a feeling of love it gave me...

Love, Gig, aka Debbie

Megan said...

That birthday has its own blog.

Hi Gig!

Suzanne said...

You know what the two of you are? Trouble. Trouble I tell you. What? You think this is a joke. No. You're just plain trouble.


Suzanne said...

I refuse to turn 50. I refuse.