Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Megarific!

A good friend of ours
living in SoCal
has a birthday today
she's a wonderful gal

She reads lots of books
and cooks lots of bacon
but toast is her favorite
and that's not fakin'

She gives great advice
which she's willing to share
Because deep down inside
she really does care

She works really hard
to raise a great son
She gives what she has
to make him number one

She likes to have fun
and splurge when she can
on movies or games
She's a big sports fan

And on this day
we don't miss this chance
to celebrate with Megan
we sing and we dance

A very special woman
to everyone of us
We go to the effort
to put up a fuss

So three cheers for Megan
on her special day
She is quite magnificent
in so many ways

May your bacon be crispy
and your beer taste terrific
A Happy Birthday to you
because you're Megarific!



kylie said...

happy happy birthday megs!
it's all true

and well done bobster! again

Karen ^..^ said...

Great poem, Bob!! Megan, happiest of birthdays!! We love you, sweet cheeks!!

Megan said...

This is great. Thanks Bob! You rock!