Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Dance!

Let's not let this bar git all moribund and stuff...

Whew! These kids, today...they ain't got nothin' on us.


Karen ^..^ said...

LOL. Great post.

Leah said...

First of all, you're my hero because you worked "moribund" into the conversation.

Second of all, well, second of all.

just bob said...


Cece said...

What does moribund mean. I'd look it up, but I"m working. Really hard. Can't you tell?

Suzanne said...

Moribun ~ I know that word, but looked it up just to be sure:
adj. To die. Dying.

Yup, just as I suspected!!! Hummmmmmmmmmm. I don't think this place is dying. Nor will it ever. Why? Because it has US! Most of us are from Brian's Cafe and this place will never die. Trust me! I don't think we need tits and ass, but they're always welcome! Yellow, I'm not so sure about that. I'll tell you why. I recently learned on HGTV that interiors painted yellow cause relationship problems. For some reason yellow, in all hues is a big old problem. I'm recently divorced after almost 30 years of a successful marriage. We moved here 5 years ago and painted almost every room in various shades of yellow. Need I say more?

I watched the video. All of it. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. Not me. I work so hard at certain things, so watching that, ugh. A sort of pointless life. I do understand it's funny and all of that, but wow, I'd rather grow roses and give them to shelters and convalescent homes and bring happiness one day at a time, help homeless people and animals and spend my days stressing about all the little crap in life rather then spend it drinking, dancing, dissrespectingly humping a plastic whale with no fucking regard for animals or humans beings and wallowing in self absorption. It must be wonderful to have no worries about anyone or anything else and some of you might say, "But Suze, you're no fun. See, that's why you're now divorced." I say, so what? At least I'm still thinking about how to make this damn place better. And that to me is far more important than dancing. Although I think dancing is one hell of a lot of fun! And no, that's not why I'm recently divorced. Trust me!


P.S. For those of you who may have had a brain is Robyn's birthday. What? Don't even look at me. I was going to post here to remind all of you, but couldn't possible step on Megan's toes after stepping on poor Kylie's a few weeks ago. Two options: My blog or her's. Don't disappoint.


Megan said...

Step away, if you like!

Megan said...

Wait, I don't mean, step away from the cafe.

I mean step away on my toes all you want!

Suzanne said...


Love you darling. Thanks. Sorry about the rant. I do get going, don't I. It's as if someone put gas up my ass or something.

I came here to delete, but if I did your comments would make no sense. And they should!!! I gotta go. It's after 10 pm and I still have to run the dishwasher, get the damn trash and yard waste to the curb, etc. Life comes at ya. Your post was kick ass, and I'm sorry I brought it down. I'm just in a stupid funk.


Megan said...

You just don't like the Laker girls, do you?

That's okay I don't really like them either...