Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Wild Onion - Bemidji Style

This place has been way too quiet.
Do I need to be both bartender and party starter?
C'mon people... it's time to get off Facebook and celebrate.
Tonight I turn in my office keys and name badge
and won't look back for a second!!!

So raise a glass with me.... I'm ready to rejoice in my freedom!!!


Joyful Jo said...

Yeah I know Bob how you feel everyone has deserted the ship and disappeared to facebook. I'm afraid there no sign off life around here!!

kylie said...

*raises glass*

to freedom
to the wild onion

and to bemidji bartenders

just bob said...

Alrighty.... three people constitutes a party, so now it's official.

Megan said...

As the only Cafe member (ok, Zack exempted) who is actually drinking at the moment, I call shenanigans.

Because I'm a little tipsy and I just like to type the word shenanigans.


Gig said...

YeeHaw!! The gang is all here!! Well,maybe almost the whole gang,lol!

Great to be here...feeling a little tipsy myself...the cough meds will do it everytime.

Party on.....

Megan said...

Still drinking. Even though the bar is closed....

Karen ^..^ said...

Yay, Bob!!!! Very cool. May you look ahead to crystal clear skies and a bright happy future. Dress warmly!

*raises glass before taking a nice long drink*

Leah said...

To Bob and Bemidji, and Bemidji Bob!

And Kylie, I just got a package of Tim Tams at my local supermarket--they are scrumptious.


Megan said...

Wow I was pretty drunk last night. :)

Joyful Jo said...

Wow you can get Tim Tams at your local supermarket. Well you have now tasted an aussie biscuit. Are they just the plain chocolate ones?

kylie said...

oh wow!
did i ever send any to you?
i think not

how much were they?

Leah said...

Ladies, they were delish. They were the chocolate-caramel ones. Alex just ate the last two.

Leah said...

Oh, you asked how much they were, not how were they...

I guess you know how they are!

They were a few dollars, I think. Maybe 2.99? Not a big package, though. I have to double check. This was the first time I'd ever seen them, and I was really excited.

bindhiya said...

Am here too... a bit late.. :)

kylie said...

well, i wanted to know how they were too!

amazingly the price is about the same as here. i got a pack for 1.85 this weekend but that was with $1 off

Suzanne said...'s fuckin official...I'm in stitches. You're all so bad!!
And now what? I'm supposed to write!? Oh God, please don't make me write like this!! Oh God, please don't make me write like this...You're gonna kill me. You know that. I refuse... :)

Suzanne said...

Where the hell's the lazy ass bartender?

Suzanne said...

Severus...get your lazy ass staff over here...

Suzanne said...

I don't think we're hiring properly...

Leah said...

Oh! I have missed Severus.

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