Saturday, February 28, 2009

So you didn't like my cake?

I read all the comments and the masses have spoken loud and clear. You don't like my cake!
Well today is Bob's Non Birthday Day, again, so we are going to celebrate with...........drum roll please..........

MORE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So eat up little piggies.

I know these are going to be Bob's personal favorites.
Don't be frightened, I took all the fat and calories out of these with my special fat and calorie zapper I created.

This one I made with Suzanne in mind.

And if you guys thought the "dick wad" cake was gross. Take a gander at this one!

Happy Non Birthday Day, again, Bob!


Leah said...

I actually like the rats-eating-the-severed-arm cake, but that's me. The DickWad cake on the other hand, eurgggghhhh!

Suzanne said...

Honey look, I have my blog back! You were right. That's why you're a biologist and I'm not.

Did the rats have to follow my flower? You're so cruel to me. This post is so beautiful (and filling (I'm stuffed!)) now that we don't have the DickWad cake, but I almost upchucked when I got to the rats and blood. I don't mind rats and don't mind blood, but the combo with an arm? Hummmmmmmmm.

As you know Renee and Charlie had Rugby the Rabbit because they're teachers and Renee had to retire that little cutie from her math classroom. Our other dear friend is a teacher and when we lived in LA we'd visit all the time. One day she said "Sue, just so you know we have a rat, so don't be shocked when you go in the house. I HAD to bring him home from the classroom." He was a cutie. A BIG cutie! Teachers.

*Relaxes on Macy's sofa and has another cupcake for the road.*


Karen ^..^ said...

LOL!!! I love the severed arm one!!! And the flower one is great.

This is awesome. Every day of the year is Bob's birthday. Brilliant, Cece!! I love it.

merelyme said...

BOB! Where's your blog?! Happy Birthday!

just bob said...

Yummy stuff Cece... but I'm not washing the dishes.

Random Chick said...

Bob, doesn't that last cake just make you feel all happy inside? Bon Appetite!