Sunday, September 6, 2009

Have a Megarific Day!

This was going to be a BLT, but Suzy ate all the L and T so it's a BBB.
And don't bogart the Wild Turkey

Once upon a time
there was a girl named Megan
A really cool chick
who ate toast and bacon

She had a great family
and a wonderful son
With many blogger friends
who loved her a ton

She would visit everyday
and leave a word or two
on everyone's blog
even when hours were few

And then came the day
on the sixth of September
Her 40th birthday
we all would remember

We would throw a her party
with joy to celebrate
a momentous occasion
we all hope will be great

With music and games
and plenty of food
the drinks will be cold
and taste really good

So we gather together
and raise a glass
To a woman of beauty
of style and class

Happy Birthday Megan
and many, many more
40 is just a number
so quit keeping score

Hopefully this poem
will do the trick
To prove that bob thinks
you are Megarific!


Joyful Jo said...

Happy Birthday Megan. Hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I join the chorus- Happy Birthday!

Great poem Bob.

Suzanne said...

Wow Bob, that's so beautiful. And Megan, you mean so much to all of us. You are kind, smart and beyond anything, funny as hell!!! You've just knocked me on my ass many a time with your humor!!! I feel lucky to be your friend and even luckier to be a friend with someone from USC (HA!!! I'll see you at the Rose Bowl young lady. It may take a decade or so, but you guys can probably make it!!! What?)

Happy Birthday baby. You deserve this one very much. I love you as we all do. *Suze puts a wee bit of Meyer Lemon oil on the lettuce and tomatoes and goes to the frig for some herbed goat cheese.* Makes me almost want to say, "Bacon, bacon, bacon." Reminds me of the morning mom brought laundry in and dumped it on the sofa and my little 3 year old brother said "Bras, bras, bras." Seriously!

Happy Birthday honey!
XO ;)

Suzanne said...

Leah, I just saw the last post. Lovely. Of course I commented! Yummy!!! Honey, what are we having for breakfast?


Suzanne said...

P.S. I love the illustrations.

kylie said...

have a wonderful day megan!

i dont think we'll be having a national holiday for my 40th :)

Leah said...

Happy birthday--we adore you!

Bob, that is one hell of a bacon tower.

xo to all

otin said...

Happy Birthday to one of the true good people who I have met in blog land!

Karen ^..^ said...

OMG, I love this, Bob!!! You are such a talent, this was awesome.

Megan, I hope you have a fantastic birthday, you deserve it. You are a wonderful online friend, one I hope to meet one day.

Bob pretty much said it all, in his poem, so all I need to add is Happy BIRTHDAY, Beautiful!!!

Leah said...

Keep coming back to stare longingly at the heap of bacon. I'm starving.

So, what's on the menu, bacon and then pastries?

I am so in.

Megan said...


I love you people. For reals.


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!

Cute peom, I loved it! I am slo very hungry for a bacon sandwich with mircle whip, one of my favorite things to eat. yumm

Leah said...

omg, Tricia, bacon sandwich with Miracle Whip! The holy dyad!

Megan said...

Mid-way through the festivities, I had to come back and read this again.

You rock, Bob.

Now it's time for a little nap before we head out to the fair. I would say I'll have a Guinness for each of you, but I don't want to pass out in the street.

I will, however, raise my glass to each of you, in turn. With an extra for The Cafe. I think the Cafe deserves its own toast, don't you?


just bob said...

Fair? Fried Dough? Corn Dogs? Cotton Candy?

Megan said...

International Street Fair.

I haven't decided yet if I'm getting Mexican or Italian or Greek or Norwegian or Japanese or Irish or Australian or German or, or...some of everything!


Cece said...

That is a delicious looking sandwich, but is the bacon a little well done? I didn't cook it, I sware!

Cece said...

Oh HAPPY Birthday, Meg!

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday Megan!
now am going to run away from that bacon...
Suze, can you share some of that veggies with Serene please???...

Great job Bob!

love you all

Leah said...

How's the aftermath, Megan?

Suzanne said...

I would like a nice light scone and some Earl Breakfast tea.