Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen!

But I'm sure you don't mind.

I think you will find a little something from all of us inside this Birthday post.
Suzanne found this basket o' kitten for you and knew that you would just love it. She also attached a sweet little birthday wish to it.

I found this in the mail box. I think it was left for you by one of your secret Mates. I don't know, it seems a bit creepy to me.

Megan, and Bob managed to find some floating candles and put this masterpiece together for you. That way we know you won't forget to drink irresponsibly!

I am pretty sure I ordered a cake. It was Gig's responsibility to get it.

Kylie, can you sniff out the cake?

"OH there it is!" Way to go, Leah! You found the cake. But why are you suspended above the table by a cord?

We all hope you have a wonderful day!


just bob said...

Hey Cece... you throw a much better birthday party than I do! I'll have some more cake and those floating beer candles are the best. Can I get those at Target?

Happy B-Day Karen! Take some time and enjoy all the good things that have come your way recently. You can even have a big slice of cake... it's calorie free at the Onion!

just bob said...

Oh yeah... FIRST and SECOND.

Cece said...

I don't know Bob, you threw a pretty good bash for Kylie. It was hard to compete with President Obama! I hope you have a great Sunday, and believe me, if I could send some rain your way I would.

Karen, I hope you have a great birthday week.

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Karen!! All Great people are born in May!!

Bob, I agree with Cece,you did great with Kylie's Birthday, quit beating yourself are a Taurus, right?

Cece you also did awesome with this party...I love the cake and the candles and all of it!!

Karen, enjoy your Birthday Week!!

much love,

kylie said...

have a wonderful day karen!

great post cece

hi bob

hi gig

Leah said...

Karen! I'm so psyched--it wasn't planned, but somehow as it turns out, UPS is going to deliver the sock package on your birthday!

This is a funny party. I love that I get to be the dangling dog!

Tons of love to you, dear sweet Karen!

Suzanne said...

Giggie, knock it off. One was born in August. *Rolls eyes in head.*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN. Well, well, well. Look at you Ms. Beautiful. Another year older. How's it feel? Comfortable yet? List one thing you're going to do differently this year and one valuable lesson you learned from the last.

I always find birthdays fascinating. Some birthdays I approach with such glee, others I want to knock out with a baseball bat! You know what I mean?!!! What's this one like for you? I hope it's beautiful.

Happy Birthday darling.


P.S. Cece, great job. Really. And Bob, knock it off. Your birthday post was terrific.

Cece said...

I actually had fun with this one. But now I must get busy for the Cinco De Mayo post, because it is our Offical, Bob's Unoffical Birthday. I'm making it a Wild Onion Holiday. So everyone be prepared!!!!

Suzanne said...


Karen ^..^ said...

OMG, Cece!! Thank you guys so much!!

This is adorable, and I love it. Thank you!!

Maybe I'll drink irresponsibly this coming weekend... Since I have the wee one with me right now. LOL. She gets mad if I even take a sip.

Suzanne, I halfway adopted another kitten today, for my birthday. I have a week to decide, but he is absolutely PRECIOUS!! Long haired, white with black spots. Cutest little thing, with a black nose.

Five cats. Yup, I'm getting senile all right.

Karen ^..^ said...

Ohmygod!! I'm so excited that I'm getting my socks on my birthday!!!

I can't wait! Maybe I'll sit out by the pool wearing them, and when I get strange looks, I'll say defensively, "It's MY BIRTHDAY!!! I can wear a bathing suit AND socks if I please!!!

*dances with glee*

One thing I learned from Last Year, Suzanne?

That a person really can rebuild thier life from absolutely nothing, in six months. Just don't place unrealistic expectations on yourself, and keep it real.

I never would have thought that I'd be where I am right now. Not rich, not paired up with someone who drives me nuts, but my life beautifully simplified, with a job I love, and a cute little apartment I work my ass off to pay for. I'm content and happy. I couldn't ask for another thing. Except maybe some tomatoes that the squirrels don't steal...

Suzanne said...

Karen! Happy Birthday honey and thank you. I will take your advice my dear, sweet friend. I hope you're having such a beautiful day lounging by the pool with your socks on. That's gotta be HOT. No, I mean, really. Do you need a fan or something?! Maybe our handsome cabana boy can assist with that. Here he comes now.


Suzanne said...

Who's Sexy?

Cece said...

I think I'm sexy, but others may have a differing opinion.

Sexy is the Alien from Kylies blog. It appears he/she/it is making the rounds.

Sexy, if you can understand English, we don't speak anything else around here, so Chinese doesn't work either.

Suzanne said...

Sexy is Kylie?! Of course.

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope you had a wonderful day. Hope you have a wonderful day every day!


Wenni Donna said...

Ha-ha! These are so cool. I am saving this blog. I can actually make invites like this for my friends according to their personalities. The pot one would be best for my best friend. She just can’t handle it and it’s perfect for her. Also, we are celebrating her birthday in one of the Chicago venues next week only. It’s going to be amazing.