Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another day...

I just realized there are seven cats sleeping in my studio. How is that possible? Oh right...because there are 13 so some had to end up here.
Just to update you, T-Bone did a dandy. I was sleeping the other night. Apparently really well. FINALLY!!! He opened the slider in the family room to get out. Doing so, he let out all the kitties. Everyone came back except Phatty Foo Foo and Picasso. Hummmmmmmm. It's been three days. Phatty Foo Foo's going to be a mess with all that long hair.
*Mommy rolls eyes in head.* Will it never end?


Cece said...

Well, I hope they come back soon.

just bob said...


just bob said...

Don't forget to STOP by the Blottie Birthday Blog.

Suzanne said...

Cece, I'm supposed to be calling you right now. I will. I had to sit here and try to calm this nation down because the wee ones were literally bouncing off the freakin' walls when Phatty Foo Foo decided she wanted to come in after I returned from the park. Yup, after days of struggle and worry, she just waltzed right in like it was no big deal. Bitch.

When I call I can't talk long. We have to take Sweet Pea to the Vet's. Something's wrong with his left eye. His appointment is in a few hours and I have to get the carrier prepared, etc. Oh, you'll laugh, Fenway stopped by yesterday with Rob because Mom's back in Mass. visiting my SIL, her partner and grandkids. It's the first time Fenway and T-Bone met. It was a riot. You know T-Bone, he's the greatest dog on the planet and yesterday he was brilliant with Fenway. What a blast. If Mom dies (hopefully not), Fenway is coming to live with us. He blends so beautifully. And honey, he looks so good. Remember what he looked like when I rescued him from the homeless couple? He doesn't look like that any more. He's healthy and happy. It's amazing what love, good food and vet care can do for an animal. I took photos. I'll post them soon.

Love you darling. I'll call in a few minutes, but I have to talk to Bob first.

Question of the day. How many kitties are in my studio? 9!!! Oh, and T-Bone's here too!!! I need a bigger studio!