Monday, May 18, 2009


What an interesting journey this has been. I was in the forest the other day feeding my ferals and saw yellow. In a forest ravished by wild fire, yellow is important. Color is important. I walked back and found this little darling. Why would a sunflower be in the forest? Probably because I feed the birds sunflower seeds!! You know me by now, I think about stuff like this. I wondered if I'd imposed? Then wondered if I'd made a difference? I don't know the answer. All I know is a beautiful sunflower bloomed in the woods and I got to see it. I feed kitties who need me. The skunks come, the squirrels, the birds, the deer. They've change me. I'm different than I was 2 years ago. My whole life has changed.
P.S. I'll tell you what else has changed. My navigating skills. This was supposed to be at Rose Cottage. What the hell am I going to write over there now? I think I need a beer. I don't even drink beer.


Cece said...

Well, now the birds will have food even when you are not there. For they will be able to eat the seeds from the sunflower. And perhaps, some of the seeds will drop on the ground and make more sunflowers, and therefore more birds will have food! So did you make an impact? Yes. Was it for better or worse? It depends on how you look at things. You see, for me, birds are scary. The more birds I see, the bigger chances for Avian flu, histoplasmosis, and other pestulance do I see. For you, you just see beauty and song. So it all depends on your view of the world. I LOVE YOU, SUZY!!!!!!

Leah said...

I like this over here. I love yellow, like I love orange. And nothing wrong with an introspective post over at the Wild Onion once in awhile.


Random Chick said...

This post is perfect where it is. And so is this beautiful sunflower. It was meant to be.

Thanks Suzanne!


bindhiya said...

LOL at Cece's comment.."The more birds I see, the bigger chances for Avian flu, histoplasmosis, and other pestulance do I see."

Dear Suze,
You don't have to drink i have something really good.. hot spicy masala chai..
sit here and drink a cup with a samosa..
I love this post and photo..
now i have something to talk at mourning..i'll be there once am tied and cannot walk one more step..
love you dear

Leah said...

I drink beer and I definitely need one now.

Karen ^..^ said...

Awww. After so much damage, to the woods, to the kitties and to you, a beautiful sunny sunflower blooms to let you know that clear skies are there for the taking should you choose to see them.

I know. I've been in the same mode for a while. I try to climb out of my self imposed prisons, but then the way gets muddy and slippery and I slide back, almost to the starting point again.

But then I see a gorgeous sunflower, that grew out of a kind act, and I'm strengthened to try that climb again. Mud or no mud.

Love you, sis.