Monday, May 4, 2009


I know how much you enjoyed the floating candles in the beer, so I found some more and made one just for you!

In celebration of Bob's unofficial official birthday, and Cinco De Mayo, we have brought out the traditional Mexican fair. We have pinatas for party favors.

And what is a celebration without fireworks?

And dancing ladies?

And avocado and chips?

And margaritas with a little salt?

And tostadas?

And nachos?

A little beer and lime?

And of course, we cannot forget the party hats. I call dibs on the blue one.

So let's fire up the party and rock! Hope you have a great Unofficial, Official Birthday Bob!!!!


Suzanne said...

I'm laughing too hard. Bob, are you from Mexico? Oh my God this is too funny. Okay, it's offical. I want a little of everything!!!


Happy Birthday Bob! You know I' love you so.

XO Blottie

Suzanne said...

What the hell was I'? I think that was supposed to me "I."

Suzanne said...

Cece, you rock.

Karen ^..^ said...

Oh, YUMMY!!! All the food looks SO GOOD!!!

Happy Birthday, Bob!!! We love you!!

And thank you for my birthday wishes today, it meant a lot to me.

Cece, you put together the most awesome parties!!!

*saunters past the nachos and digs into the dip, stuffing face and downing a beer... chokes on a candle and recovers, hoping no one saw*

Megan said...

Beer! Nachos! Birthday!

Great job, Cece! A very merry unbirthday, Bob!

reyjr said...


Suzanne said...

I'm back for more beer. I don't even drink beer.

kylie said...

happy unbirthday bob

oh dear, megs called it an unbirthday too

great minds think alike megs!


merelyme said...

Who's giving Bob the couch dance? Bob's gotta have a couch dance!

just bob said...

Unofficially unthanks for the unbirthday unparty. I do unlike unMexican unfood, so it was an unterrific unchoice of unthemes Cece.

All of you are officially awesome! Party on folks.

Cece said...

Anything for our Unofficial Unnumber One Bartender.

We love you too, Bob!

Leah said...

Hi Bob!!!

just bob said...

Hi Leah!

Cece said...

Now that you all have enjoyed the party, go to my blog and help out my new business. Thanks!

Cece said...

Guess what it's doing here again?

IT"S RAINING!!!!!!!!!! :(

Random Chick said...

"A VERY Merry unBirthday to you! To you!"

Alright, I did my part now hand over that Margarita pitcher!!

Cece said...

I have a hang over.

goceci said...


I have a question ...

Where did you find the floating birthday candles (in the beer)? I've been looking and can't seem to find any floating birthday candles.

Can you please email me at