Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looks Tasty

I can't look at Homer anymore, so I'm putting up a rather unimaginative but delicious looking lemon martini. I had these at that 007 birthday party of Hedgie's friend, and I was greatly enamoured. With the drink, and with the gentleman solicitously pushing them on the ladies. That was some kiddy party, I tell ya.

Anyway, I'm home and writing, but I needed a break. Hello all!



Suzanne said...

I've never had a martini. I'm not too keen on "stiff" drinks. But that looks good and really pretty!! You know, the lemon and all! I'd take a sip but I'm training for a marathon my doctor absolutely forbids. The Optimistic Pessimist commented over at the Wizard's and I've learned "You gotta a problem with us wine drinkin' runners?"

That's too funny.

kylie said...

tasty, pretty and stiff

hmmmmmm i think thats what i need

just bob said...

Order them if you like, just be warned I don't know how to mix a good martini.

Megan said...

I do.

just bob said...

See that Suzy... Megan said "I do."

Suzanne said...

Bob, you're a freakin' comedian. I knew something was up this week without the Wedding Planner being invited. I knew it. I just didn't expect a new Blottie. That threw me. Now I really have to share. I really didn't have to share with RC, but Megan, that's a whole notha story! You know she's gonna grab that award by the neck AND, NOT. LET. GO. She's trouble. Trouble I tell you. Blottie will never be the same. No, not RC Blottie. No, not Megan Blottie. Me Blottie! *"Me Blottie" is observed leaving The Wild Onion Cafe with 10 pretty yellow lemon martini's in a cart attached to ye old PPT, and Me Blottie doesn't even drink martini's. Now that's trouble cuz she mixed them herself. The "Crazy Lady" was last seen heading south on 80 with a sign attached that reads "Just Married."* Cars start honkin', drivers are laughin' and all happy. Me Blottie yells repeatedly, "NO NOT ME, MY FRIENDS! MY FRIENDS JUST GOT MARRIED!!!!! I'M JUST THE WEDDING PLANNER ON A BUDGET!"

Men. Megan. Marriage. Australians. Oh sorry, had to put Australians in there because Kylie killed me!!! My comment to Kylie..."Don't we all baby!!!" *Me Blottie keeps peddlin'.*

Me Blottie

just bob said...

Suzy... I am funny.... funny looking. Anyway, make sure you don't run that PPT through a red light like your black beauty. I'd hate to see you pick up another $410 ticket on your tricycle.

Keep smiling honey... Megan and I appreciate all of the wedding planning :)

just bob said...

Suzy... you are the best :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks Bob! I LOVE YOU!!! You're the best!!!

You know what? Rob thinks the ticket's going to be more than $410. $410 is just for the red light violation. I was also doing 58 in a 40 mile/hour zone. Oh God help me. He's going to make some calls before the court date and try to figure out this big, crappy mess. Rob knows all the courts and all the judges and in Citrus Heights Traffic Court there are only two. One is really cool, one is really nasty. I have no idea which one I'll get. Cross your fingers. And Bob, be safe out there. Going the speed limit isn't so bad. And stopping on yellow is a good thing.

Oh, and on top of every thing else I got a lecture from Rob. When the officer approached my car I said "I know what I did." Rob, Mr. Lawyer said "Suzanne, you know the law, you know cops, you know what to say and what not to say, so why would you say that?!" "I don't know, because it was the truth?" "SUZANNE, YOU DON'T ADMIT IT TO A COP FOR CHRIST'S SAKES YOU SAVE IT FOR THE JUDGE." I replied, but he seemed really cool, he didn't take a report or anything." "He didn't take a report in front of you, but I guarantee he got in his car and wrote down everything you said in the event he has to appear in court. Suzanne, have you learned nothing over the past decades?" I've learned that when family members call me Suzanne, I'm in trouble!!! Oh God, please don't make it more than $600. Please.

Bob, obey the law. Nothing's so important you have to get there 5 minutes earlier. Trust me.

Blottie #1
Blottie Me
The Wedding Planner
The Gentile
I know there's more...

Megan said...

You stop on a yellow in Los Angeles, you're gonna get rear-ended. Just a piece of advice.

Have a great week, Cafe! I'm getting a new nephew in ten hours (yes, C-section, all scheduled) so I already am having a great week!!!!

Karen ^..^ said...

That looks mighty tasty!! I like appletinis. Especially with caramel around the rim. YUMMY.

The only drawback is that if I drink them, I suddenly want to streak. So I kind of steer clear, so as not to get arrested. Or worse, laughed at.