Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, you know she's gonna be suckin' on that glass forever if we don't move it along. Someone write a new post.



Cece said...

I love the hiatus!

Suzanne said...


Megan said...

Odds on the poster of the next post:

Leah 2-1
Kylie 3-2
Suzanne 5-1
Cece 6-1
Bob 10-1
RC 20-1
Gig 30-1
Megan 50-1
Zack 100-1


Suzanne said...

We got a freakin' comedian.

Megan said...

You know you love me. You've told me so!

Megan said...

Place your bet!

Suzanne said...

Suzanne 5-1

You bet your ass lady!!!

kylie said...

loved that , megs
you never said you were a bookie

Gig said...

Megs, you are so funny!! I like those odds sista!! I am lucky just to drop by these days. I love this!!