Wednesday, June 24, 2009

suze, i dont think you need to bulk up that much for marathons!


Cece said...

Although, with a body like that, you could knock that douch bag that thinks you are self centered clear into next week or beyond. But I wouldn't want to watch it.

Suze, he doesn't know you deep down inside like we know you. Don't worry yourself over such a dirt bag. Some people are so miserable that they feel they must bring everyone else down in order to build themselves up. So don't let him win. Not everyone is going to like you. Even Mother Theresa had enemies, and she was a freaking saint! You are a kind, generous soul and you should be proud of who you are. I know I am so glad to have you in my life. You have lifted me up when I've been down more times than I can count. So Screw PRINCE oR PIERCE or whatever the fuck his name is. WE LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!

just bob said...

You are NOT wearing that to the wedding.

Gig said...

OMG!! I agree with Cece on the dirtbag issue!! I also agree with Bob on you are not wearing THAT to the Wedding!!

Hope you are doing better, you are not self-centered Suze.

love ya,

reyjr said...

hmmm.. i don't understand this photo...


arrghh.. i really can't. ooh. i think i need to lie down. xp

Suzanne said...

God I love you all. You know me, I've been really agonizing over his comment. Am I self-centered? I've sadly concluded, yes. I have to agree. Why? I have to be because if I'm not I can't get the job I do every day of my life done. I must believe in me to get everything done. Can I be more humble? Yes. And I'll work on that. But until then, let's party on Cece's words!!! Hi honey! Thanks!!!!! I love you so. And yes, there was a moment of clarity...and I did realize that know one knows me like you all know me. Baby, do you realize I just used the term "you all" in a sentence properly? Hummmmmmmmmm. I think I'm officially "Southern." Sophisticated "Southern"!!! *Can someone bring me a damn mint julip or somethin'* Yup, right. Me and have a bit of algea in your pool, here let me scoup that out with my backhoe.

Cece, I love you so. XO

Bob ~ If I looked like that I'd die. And NO, I would never wear that to the wedding. I'll wear a simple black dress and black sling backs and blend. Trust me, you and Megs won't even know I was there. Oh, not until you find me passed out from exhaustion on the honeymoon bed. You both have permission to just roll me off.

Giggie ~ Come here. No, come here this instant. *Suze buries Giggie with hugs and kisses. Giggie barely survives to teach another day!* Thank God for detention and recovery. Honey, what trash novel you readin' today!????!!! "...Severus had Leah just where he wanted her...on her knees..."

What? Yes, I do have a vivid imagination.