Monday, June 15, 2009

Ode to a Chick

It's her birthday
there is no doubt
It's a time to celebrate
not cry or pout.

Our Random Chick
is a super friend
hopefully her ass
is on the mend.

We gather together
at our virtual Cafe
to raise a toast
of the best Chardonnay.

So let's all celebrate
and dance and drink
just don't throw up
in the bathroom sink.



Leah said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet Random Chick! I hope you are having a wonderful day full of cake and kisses and good vibes!


Cece said...

And if you do throw up in the bathroom sink, you will be cleaning it up. I don't care if it's your birthday or not. Hope it is full of fun, family, friend, and fun. OH did I say fun twice. Well I ment it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHICKIE!

Anonymous said...

Now that is priceless!

Thank you for the ode. I need lots of odes today...I'm old!

Thanks Bob!
Thanks Leah!
Thanks Cece!

just bob said...

Woooo hoooo..... let's kick the party up some!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, RC!!! You are the coolest random chick I know. Hope you are having a great day.

Hugs! (And martinis!)


Anonymous said...

Hugs? Martinis? Heck ya!

Hi Bob!
Hi Megan!

kylie said...

hey random

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
you look like a monkey
and you smell like one too

have a splendiferous day

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday Dear CHICKIE!!!
hope u had a wonderful day with ur family..
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...


I'm gonna tell you a funny story honey, so sit down here at The Top Of The Mark and have your chardonnay. I'm buying, but only the first bottle because you're driving. You're driving, right? Okay, I'M DRIVING! You're still only getting one bottle, you lush!

Here goes, and this is the absolute truth:

- I forgot it was your birthday.
- I've been way too busy and self absorbed to pay attention to a whole lotta stuff. Forgive me.
- I didn't even turn the computer on yestery I was so busy.
- I just turned it on after returning from the Mercedes mechanic and paying a "fine." Oh, excuse me, "bill" and needed to destress with friends.
- Turned on the computer, Bob told me to go to the Wild Onion.
- Did.
- I saw it and started to read. You know how I never look at who posts because I try to guess. I guessed it was you writing about my upcoming 50th and felt SO, SO happy. Then I thought about your photo. Why would you post your photo? And then the "ass" link. Why would you link to YOUR blog? Hummmmmmmmm. OH. MY. GOD!!!! Yes, it was a lightbulb moment. And no, I've never been told I'm the smartest lightbulb in the room.

Happy Birthday honey. I'm sorry. I don't even have flowers up, but will. And who baked the cake or cupcakes, or pie? I'll get something up tomorrow because I'm too zapped of energy and money today and I'm watering the roses and refuse to go back in the rainforest. Honestly, it's like a jungle back there now!!!

Happy Birthday darling. Please forget mine so I can start feeling better about this! Just remember, there's always 2010. I'll do better.

And Bob, great post and poem. You're a sweetie.

Love you RC and hope you're having a beatufiul and memorable day with your family.

XO :)

Suzanne said...

Hey you, suckin' the glass. The flowers are over on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Please visit back