Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, JO

In the US it is only Aug 19th, but in "The Land Down Under", it is Aug 20th. So, I am sending a HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to JO!!! When I get home from work, I'll make it more of a party, but until then, this is all she gets.

Feel free to add to this as you wish.

OK, I've made it home and now for the update.

No Party is a party without food, so without any further ado, bring on the food. And the BOOZE

Wow, look at what we have on tap here at The Onion!

And our Liquor cabinets are full as well!

And then there's some more food.

A couple of frosty mugs for the Birthday girl and her Kooky Birdlike husband.

(Hiya Mark, long time no see!!)

We even have a great selection of import beers in good ol' aluminum cans.

And don't forget the cake.

For entertainment, I thought I was renting us a Chippendale dancer, but they sent this Chippendale chair instead.

But have no fear, cos Mahonney said he would give us all a lap dance FOR FREE!!!!!

So, that concludes my party for Jo. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh Jo!! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for alerting us Cece- have a great celebration Jo with all your family XXOXX

Leah said...

Happy birthday dear Jo! I hope it is a spectacular one sweetie. Hugs to you.

Megan said...

Excellent update! I don't know though, Cece, after I eat and drink some of all that, I might not have a lap left for Mahonney to dance on!


Happy Birthday, Jo!

Joyful Jo said...

Officially it is the 20th here. I had a nice day at work. I didn't say it was my birthday but found a birthday card in my pigeon-hole as i was leaving for home from some of the staff. Mark and Helen gave me gift voucher for a remedial massage. See you all tommorrow. I get to have two birthdays!

kylie said...

happy birthday jo!!

and cece, thank you

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday Dear Jo!
Nice to hear you had a beautiful day!

Thanks Cece..

♥ to you all

Suzanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jo. Hope you enjoy your gifts!


Suzanne said...

P.S. Nice job Cece! ;)

Suzanne said...

P.P.S. Hi everyone!

Megan said...

Hi Blottie!

Suzanne said...

Hi Megan.

I'm hungry. Happy Birthday Jo. I'm hungry. I'm also tired. I'm going to lay on the Macy's sofa for a bit. Wake me when the place closes. Thanks.

"The 50 Year Old"

Megan said...

*Ties Suz to couch*

Stay off that foot, woman!!!!