Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a reminder...

Someone's birthday is Saturday...

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Cece said...

Suzanne's turning 50! NA NA NA NA NA NA! :-P

Suzanne said...

Cece, you little brat. That deserves 20 minutes in the "Naughty Chair." Yes, I have watched way too much of "The Nanny." God I love that show!!! *Cece is having a temper tantrum and refusing to go the the "Naughty Chair, so Suze backs PPT up to Cece ass, gets out the chain with J hook and attached it to belt. Hauls her to the "Naughty Chair."* She was crying so hard when I left I don't think she even realized she was in the Naughty Chair and has a 20 minute time out. That'll teach her to "NA NA NA NA NA NA" me. *Suze drives PPT around The Wild Onion singing "Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me..."* "Hey Severus, whatcha holding in your hand handsome?" Can I borrow that to teach Leah a lesson? Thanks!" *Suze grabs hammer and nail from behind bar then drives PPT into Lady's Bathroom and nails whip to wall. Voila!!! Wall art!*

Bob, I'll have a chardonnay my dear man. I'm free buying, so what ever anyone wants anyone can have and if anyone's interested, I'm on the Macy's sofa watching Severus bust a gut under the disco ball. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, Severus is free at last.

50's gonna be a really good year. I can feel it. I can also sorta feel I'm hungry. Who's in charge of food this time? Okay, you, you, you chef you, I basically subsist on a Mediterranian diet, with a bit of Mexican and Spanish thrown in. Not too hot and spicy thank you. I also LOVE mac and cheese with a nice salad on the side. I also love cold macaroni-tuna salad. I think Leah should probably make that because she loves it too. It should probably be featured at the reception on it's on table with a spot light and it's own music. Probably the hallelujah chorus.

Now, one think I've learned as a wedding planner is you can't force or impose your food on guests. I'm a vegetarian and know most of you aren't, so I've worked this out beautifully. This year when you enter the Wild Onion and see a beautiful display of vegetarian food, just keep walking. Walk past the bar, turn right at the hallway, go past Inner Voice's black hole in the wall, then past the women's bathroom, then the mens, then Severus' bedroom (the door marked "Broom Closet") and just keep walking. You'll see a door. Take it. You'll enter the patio area. Turn right and walk to the bar next door. They serve meat.


bindhiya said...

Happy early Birthday to you Sweetie!

what do you doing with naughty chair.. time out for Cece! mmm
Serene will say 'no, thank you though'
wild onion is turning into just wild ????
love you both

Suzanne said...


Thanks darling. Have you ever watched The Nanny? I think she's brilliant and I don't even have kids!!! She uses the term "Naughty Chair" for a time out. It's so funny because she's British and when she says it, it's adorable.

Cece's in the Naughty Chair for being a smarty pants. You know what I mean! Bindi, I know you don't watch TV much, but I really do recommend The Nanny, so if you have time, take a peek. I just know you'll love it because it's about raising children in a healthy, respectful way, problem solving, psychology, human behavior, and it's funny to boot, but can often be heartbreaking. Yes, you will cry watching it, but it's worth puffy eyes because you'll learn so many valuable lessons about life in general. I just learned recently it's going to be on daily. One of the cable networks picked it up. I'll find out which one. You can also always watch any TV show on the computer. Rob knows the site, so I'll ask him when I see or talk to him next. Just watch one show. You'll understand.

You know darling, I think we've become pretty tame around here since IV stopped showing up. Our only wild card now is Kylie. She's a loose canon.

Love you darling and thanks for making an effort to always stay in touch. Huge hug and kiss to all!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, don't listen to Cece! Just party like it's 1999! That way you'll only be 40! LOL!!!!

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
You are watching too much Super Nanny.. :)
I saw that program.. but i don't like it.. why? I don't have any patience to be in front of TV :)
I don't believe in those naughty chair, spanking or time out.. they can be babies only one time in life.. let them enjoy..
Just talking to my baby girl will work for me.. otherwise i will get the white trash bag :)

love you dear.
i loved Cece's NA NA NA.. cute...

Cece, How we can get something real for our Sweet friend? call me if you can.. tomorrow till noon I'll be in library..
love you all