Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Extravaganza

I made Santa go put some pants on. (Sorry Leah) The cops showed up and told us we couldn't keep throwing our loose change at the guy because we were causing a public disturbance. All of the homeless derelicts were out groveling for the change, and it was causing traffic to back up. Of course we didn't mind because the T.V. stations were out filming the debacle and we got some great free press coverage. I hung a new neon sign on the store front stating Happy Hour Every Hour, and the dough has been pouring in. That is why all of our blogger patrons are able to get their virtual drinks for free. So we are going to have a Special party all weekend long. It's called the Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza! So put on your drinking caps everyone, and let the booze fountain start to flow! (And we have a special spring water fountain for you, Suze)
(Bindi, we have a special hot chocolate and latte fountain for you, and we have a fruit punch fountain set up in the kids section of this multifunctional establishment. ) Every one have a great time. Now let the comments fly!


Gig said...

Cece, You are Awesome!!!

I love it, Happy Hour every Hour is way got something for everybody.

I am getting ready to take all the Munchkins home, Yippee!!!!
I will then be free for the rest of the weekend and ready to "slops"...and whatever else...

*waves at Suze and Bindi as they stroll through the door...hey there'e M.J. looking for Jorge!!

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone!!!

Leah said...

Looks refreshing--hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!

Suzanne said...

Give me a beer. I don't drink beer, so give me one that taste really good. I was just looking at the photos of my car and the photo of Joanne's. How in the hell does my car look like that, and Joanne's car looks like that? What? It's like a bad joke. Christ. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and this will be like Dallas and JR. This was all just a dream. Right? Okay, good. I'll have two beers cuz Gig's drivin'. That lush is driving? Okay I'm driving. Give me only one beer and I'll drink half.


Thanks Cece!


P.S. Fun to all over the weekend. Drive safe. Don't hit anyone.

MJ said...

Suzanne: While I appreciate your invitation to visit the caff, this is my only free evening to stay at home dusting my Precious Moments collection.

Cecile said...

MJ actually ment "dusting off her Precious Porn Collection". But that's ok. Keeping our selves entertained is what is really important.

bindhiya said...

Happy Memorial day to everyone!
am having a great morning..that is why am here at the cafe...early morning..
Cece, chocolate fountain sounds GOOD!! but you have watch my littleone for a little bit...otherwise she will take a bath in chocolate and am not going to get her to take a nap :))

MJ said...

Thank you for clearing that up, Cecile.

And by the way, Voices threw up in the mens room.

Skeeter said...

Happy Memorial Day!

I'd like a cold one sir. Thanks.

Great blog.

Best wishes.


*steps out of mens room wondering why everyone is looking at him, slyly checks fly and wanders into the back room. resumes taking body shots from girls out back*