Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Can Find Art Anywhere

*posting this because Suzanne got "pissed" at IV's raunchy post, even though I know she secretly like it ;-)*

Latte Art

Here's one for Inner Voices:


Cecile said...

OK. That is some awsome shit right there. That looks so pretty, I don't think I would want to drink it. Could you give me one of those nonartsy coffee's please. Yes, make it pansy ass coffee. Because we all know I can't handle it just black with no sugar. I got's to have me some sugar. I.V. come give momma some sugar.

Cecile said...

*cecile pat's down I.V. looking for the mystery flask. She finds it in his front pocket. Pulls it out and pours the contents into her pansy ass coffee. Now she has pansy ass coffee that kicks ass.*

Sorry, I think I've just reached my quota for cursing for the day.

*walks to bathroom and cleans mouth out with soap.*

Night, all.

Gig said...

I think I found my nightcap...just where is that "mystery flask"..."I.V. where are you?" "Come out,Come out wherever you are"...

*sits on love seat patiently waiting for the man with coat with many pockets*

Suzanne said...

Oh no Cece, you can't go nite-nite, I'm still up!!! You had coffee, you can't be sleepy yet. And sugar. Come on sweetie, give it the old college try. And Hedgehog and I just out ran the twins on the previous post. Come on girlie, don't give up yet.

Okay, you're a gonner. Nite-Nite.

R.C., you're the besteses, or is that the bestesess, or bestesesses. Who knows? You know I love latte and that latte art is too beautiful to drink, but Hedgehog and I already grabbed a few cups. Do you think she's old enough to drink latte? I don't think so, but she said "Mom lets me." I know, I'm a sucker. That's what Aunt Suzie's are for. Basically, manipultation! Well, I pushed her down the slide (technically, shoved), so I owe her one. I've been trying to explain the nuances of life the past hour. She keeps saying "I want to go home." Children are so ungrateful! She'll remember this conversation when she's in college and dancing on a table during Spring Break with her butt hangin' out.

Thank you so much for the post and the protection. Thank you also for pointing out I'm a stick in the mud. I will try to be better, let loose and set myself free. Not just for my sanity, but for the sanity of all of you as well! It's going to be a good 2008! Well it better be, it's already May, not much time left till Christmas.

Take a peek at the previous post...we had fun.

Leah, thanks for Hedgehog. She's a gem and a renegade! And I took your advice and overcooked that sucker to death. So basically I didn't read your comment till after I killed it. But the animals still love it! I'll do better next time and think I'll cook it on top of the stove rather than in the oven, and obviously for a shorter amount of time. Hedgehog and I had a marvelous adventure on the previous post. Please inform her!

Love to all!

Suzanne said...

OH...MY...GOD...Gig's back!!! Holy Moly. I don't know whether to run for the hills or snuggle on the dinky little, overpriced, Macy's love seat! HI HONEY!!! I'll snuggle. God I've missed you. The Wild Onion isn't the same without you. What day is it baby? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, who cares! At the Cafe, nothing matters. What are we going to dance to? I have my beautiful slippers on from India and feel like Country. You too? Terrrrrrrrrific. Let's grab ourselves that man in a trench coat, with all the pockets and take a spin. Life is good.


Gig said...

Ok Suze, I am ready to party!! If only in our virtual world...what the hell, there are no Rules!!

Double shots for everyone and let's do some Boot scootin Boogie...

I think I have had too much coffee, can't sleep, am watching Food Network, lotsa sugar on there with Desserts...just like at Cielo's, House of Roses.

*spots I.V. twirling and dipping Cheese on dance floor, sits back and enjoys the show*

Suzanne said...


IV and Cheese can dance the night away. You dance with me! I don't know country, but I'm willin' to learn. Just prepare to laugh yourself silly! How tall are you. I have to know in order to navigate. ;) I assume you'll lead. My mom would laugh at this so hard. She's in her 70's but still beautiful and dancing and an expert line dancer. My sister went to one of her shows and said "Sue, I just sat there and couldn't stop crying because she was absolutely beautiful." Yes, she's that good. I haven't seen her dance, but my sister is no idiot and doesn't lie.

Let's have some fun and do some boot scootin boogie. If you can, I can. Thank God you can't sleep!!!

And's finally almost Friday where I live and already Friday where you live. Finally! I'll try not to repeat the last three days of stupidity!

Meet you on the dance floor honey!


Skeeter said...

I love this sort of art. It's fun to do and if you have a "whoops!" it tastes great and makes the cup ready for the next latte canvas. Yum, yum, yum!

Suzanne said...

Hey Skeeter! Welcome to the Cafe. Glad to see you dodged the golf ball sized hail and lived to tell about it. That must have been painful.

Anybody here tonight? I need some fun,it's been a hard day. I reread all the comments and haven't been able to stop laughing. Thank God Cece survived the tornadoes because what would we do without her potty mouth!? Can hardly wait till she gets electricity back.

Yup, this is what I do on a Saturday night. My life is insanely complicated and busy, so doing this on a Saturday night is actually a joy. I get to park my a** for a few minutes and relax.

*Walks through beads and wanders past crowd to dance floor. It's quiet. Sit's on overpriced Macy's loveseat. Leans back, snuggles with cushions, watches disco ball and dreams of dancin' the Boot scootin Boogie under it. Life is good."


R2K said...

So nice!