Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, did you all miss me while I was gone? What, you didn't realize I was gone? Well, be forewarned, I'm back and I'm better than ever. We all have our hatched battened down again this evening as we are bracing ourselves for more of Mother's Natures Wrath. I swear that woman hates us. She is bound and determined to destroy our beautiful state with floods and tornadoes. You would think she would be happy with us, for at least we finally got Mike Huckabee out of the Governor's seat. But alas, she must not be that fond of Governor Beebe either. At least she is being nice to me. Our town was sandwiched by the storms yet again and they still missed us. I guess I shouldn't test fate too much though, next week is coming up soon, and she might decide to take me out then. But until that happens, I'm back, so drop me a line and let me know how much you missed me, and that blogger land just wasn't the same without me. It may all be a lie, but at least it would make me feel good, and that's what this is all about. Make me feel good.


Suzanne said...

Well I just got off the phone with you and I can say, beyond a reasonable doubt, I've missed the hell out of you. We've been on the phone for what, almost 3 hours!? I've never laughted that hard. Never. Nor have I been insulted that much. Never! You know I'm going to have to blog about you know what! :) Rob's still making me laugh. You really got him going. It's too funny. I'm screwed. We were just arguing the semantics of "In Your Face," v "Obnoxious," v etc. I couldn't stop laughing. I am so screwed.

Cece, you're the best. You never pull a punch, you just let me have it. I never would have known, but now I do. I'm a better woman. Okay, maybe not better, but more informed! I wasn't aware, so I'm in shock, but it explains a whole lotta stuff, so I know you're right.

Happy Mother's Day! So glad to have you back!

XO Suze

Gig said...

I have missed you!!!! It is just not the same without you...glad that the storms have missed your town again.

Well, I am going to go get some sleep, will check in later today.

Have a Great Mother's Day!!


Gig said...

Ok, that is not fair, I thought I was first and Suze jumped in there while I was writing. Yes, I am whining...I guess I must go get chocolate to feel better about not being first, oh well, next time!!

Welcome back to the Real World!!

Love you too, Suze!!

XO Gig

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Cece - yep, it wasn't the same without you here. Lovely to have you back though, and I think Mother Nature needs a stern ticking off - or maybe 20 shots of tequila to calm her down....

PJ x

Leah said...

Oh, my goodness, how we missed you! It's true, ya know.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back and were not harmed during the recent unpleasentness...

Cecile said...

Well, bad news. My computer is being cantakerous again, so I am back to comments from work again. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. The computer place called us and we picked it up yesterday, when I hooked it up, it didn't work, so we had to take it back to them today. They are telling me that the power cord inside the computer is most likely fried. I really don't know. I got my old computer working, but it freezes up on me alot, so it isn't pleasant to work on. I know there are a lot of typos in this, but please forgive me. I am writing this in a rush. It has been sort of stressful here today. I am being baptized by fire on several things this week, and my brain is starting to feel quite froggy. I mean foggy. You know what I mean!!! Anyway, I miss all of you terribly.

Suzanne said...


There's a race going on down at I.V.'s post "We've had some shady characters..." We need someone to officiate and the rest to cheer. We have to pick a date and then decide how to hold a fair race. For instance: No water pistols, no shooting out the front tire, no police tacks, no girls (or is that "women?") from Hooters, no booing, no pushing the slower "guy," (aka aiding an abetting the fat guy (I.V.)), no laughing at someone obviously in need, and most important, NO HELPING ANYONE OVER THE FINISH LINE FOR ANY REASON! One must win on one's own merit! ;) *Rubbing hands together and smiling.* "I'm going to kick his ass!"

Let the games begin!


Suzanne said...

Oh, and Cece, sorry to hear about your continuing computer problems. Good luck with that and hurry back for the big race!