Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cece

Preparations are well underway for a fantastic birthday celebration for Cece on January 20th...

There's a big party in Washington, DC to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. Why it is happening there I have no clue... but it should look something like this, only bigger!

But closer to home, the Wild Onion Cafe will be celebrating a little more down to earth. After all, elegant and formal is not really our style around here.

The new bartender Mahonney (some sort of Depp/McConaughey hybrid Cece cooked up in her Petri dishes at the laboratory) will be serving Chocolate Beer and other wonderful concoctions.

just bob will take care of the grilling. Hopefully he'll pay more attention this time and not let things get out of control with the flames

Gig is here straight from Michigan. Rumor has it that it's darn cold up there these days. Don't let her get too close to the grill or someone will have to mop her up.

Everyone at the Onion loves animals... so their pets are welcome to the party. Suzanne will lovingly watch over them.

Of course Suzanne brought a special arrangement of roses just for Cece

Random Chick shows off the birthday socks for Cece

Zach sends his greetings from his vacation somewhere along the Pacific Coast

Karen ^..^ brought her scissors and has a birthday treat all planned for Cece

Leah and Severus will handle the birthday spankings

Megan has prepared her traditional "stack o' toast" for the occasion

Kylie has brought plenty of TimTam's for the birthday girl

Robyn is here with blue butterflies for Cece

Queen Goob is in charge of .... well you guessed it.

So from everyone at The Wild Onion Cafe...


kylie said...

happy birthday cece!!!!

21 is such a great age

great job, bob

love youse all

Leah said...

Oh, wow, this is the best birthday evah! It's epically hilarious and sweet

Bob, you are so funny. SO funny dude. The Depp-McConaughey hybrid is one of the most brilliant concoctions I've ever seen.

Cece, we just love you! Happy early birthday! I will be back between researchings for more!

Love love love


Megan said...

Happy birthday, darling Cece! Let's get this party started!

Excellent job, Bob. Excellent.

Suzanne said...


Bob, you outdid yourself. Really. This party is going to be SPECTACULAR!!!!! The food, the flowers, the animals, the beer, friends from around the world, the new bartender, butterflies flying free, plenty of toast and warm socks for the birthday breakfast (hopefully Leah will get her you know what out of bed early enough to have coffee and oatmeal made too), candy for lunch, a hair cut, lude and crude entertainment, and yippie, snow cones if Giggie can make it!!! *Rushes to bar area and finds colorful flavored syrups and paper cones. Sets them all out perfectly on bar, sits down and waits. QG walks by with keg and fills cones with beer.* "HEY, get away from my paper cones you, you, you menace you!!! Severus, Leah, can I get a little help with our problem child please?"

Well, the prebirthday celebrations are about to begin in Washington for Cece's big day. The first is a children's concert hosted by our newest dear, dear friend, Madame Obama!!! Ahhhhhhhh, she's such a lovely lady and so thoughtful to think of all our kids. "Maestro, Mickey, Sweet Pea, Rusty, Hopper, T-Bone, Picasso, Sage, Chloe, Phatty Foo-Foo, Ohno, Sophia, Bella, Bijou and Baby, let's roll out...chop, chop. And T-Bone don't forget Aunt Cece's roses."

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY OUR DARLING CECE!!!! And Bob, thanks for making it so special.

Love to all! See you at the children's party!

XO ;)

P.S. Bob, we have that new grill over by the pool. I think if works if you just turn on the gas. :) Blottie XO

Suzanne said...


"If" might work too, but using the grill is probably more efficient.


Hi Kylie
Hi Leah
Hi Megan
Hi Bob

Suzanne said...


You posted before me, but I started before you and look, we both called Cece "darling!" She's precious, isn't she!


Cece said...

I hope Mohonny gives me a spanking! Be still my beating heart. Gosh Bob, you out did yourself. I'm not sure I could have asked for a better party!

Cece said...

I am going to celebrate my birthday for a week! I got taken out to dinner today by three very handsome gentlemen. On Wednesday, I'm treating myself to a message, and next Tuesday, my wonderful friend, Cheryl is cooking dinner for me at her place. I'm sure they will buy me lunch at work. That's what we do there. I guess this week the healthy lifestyle change is out the window, cause tomorrow we'er having cake and eating it too! Thanks everyone. I love you guys.

Cece said...

God, Mahonny is georgous. I think Mahonny and I will slip into the back room for a bit.

Leah said...

Darling Cece, it is officially your birthday!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Cece!
Happy Birthday to You!

and an addition from my childhood

Stand up, stand up
Stand up and show us your fancy pants!
Stand up, stand up
Stand up and show us your pants!

xoxoxo a thousand times!

Leah said...

*looks around for Cece, realizes she was singing to herself, because Cece is in the back room*

*"Cece!? Cece!!!!"*

Just kidding!


C'mon, it's like the holo-deck! We can do whatever we like and it doesn't count, right?

Okay, I'm setting the coffee pot for tomorrow morning.

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Cece!!

Glad you got an early start on your birthday. Enjoy your day at work...don't work to hard!!

Love ya, Cece!

Bob, you did an awesome job here for the party, I love the "Snow woman", and it is really COLD, right now it is -15,brrrrrr!

I think I am going to see what is on the grill and grab a hot Toddie...see ya there.


Gig said...

update on temp...-22, I should be sleeping but can not sleep...must need toast. Do we have a toaster Bob? Seems to me we must have one behind the bar somewhere...*goes behind bar, opens doors looking for toaster...ahh, there it just have to find bread*

Where is Megan?

Suzanne said...

Poor Leah, sounds as if she's already a wee bit wasted. I'm up, so I'll take care of coffee and oatmeal just to be sure it arrives on time because frankly, I don't think that woman's going to be able to handle the task. You know, with standing up so many times and showing her fancy pants, she's gonna get sick. I just know it. "Oh, and Gig, honey the bread's in the thing marked "Bread Bin" you frozen little pop tart you." *Starts making toast and churning butter too.*

If I knew you were commin' I'd a baked a cake,
Baked a cake.
Baked a cake.

Did anyone bake the freakin' cake? I don't see a cake here? *Gets out flour, eggs, water, oil, etc..*

If I'd known I'd have to bake a cake, I'd a ordered a cake.
Ordered a cake.
Ordered a cake.

Cece, be careful with Mahonney. Don't exhaust yourself on the first day because the festivities are just beginning. *Digs around pantry for Bob's stash of baker's chocolate.*


Gig said...

Hey Suze,
I baked cupcakes, just forgot to bring them over go over to my place!! See everybody at Gigsville for Cake!

love, gig

Karen ^..^ said...

This was the coolest post EVER!!! Happy Birthday, Cece! Hope you like the color/cut/highlight I gave you, along with the deep condition and scalp massage! Can I borrow Mahoney for a sec? I'm sure that's all it would take.

Hope you had a brilliant birthday, and don't forget to celebrate the rest of the month either. Then that goes into early celebrations for Valentine's day, you know. It's women's month! Yay!

Queen Goob said...


What a party and you guys started early, too! Cece....I thought everyone celebrated their birthday for a week - I know I do. My back is a bit sore from bringing in the first seven kegs so I think I'll take a breather by the pool before I unload the rest of the kegs from the truck.

Cece, I see Mahonney over there waving you back, you may wanna go see what he "needs". Girls??? Let's go grab a toddy and head to the pool, she may be awhile.

Bob, this was a great post, THANKS!!!

Megan said...

Happy birthday day, Cece! Man, all those people in Washington sure are super happy about it, aren't they?

Well, they can't be happier than we are to have you around!


Mr. Shife said...

Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Cece.

Cece said...

Oh yeah, you see since I am a government employee, they have to have a grand party to celebrate my day! It is a crazy busy day today. Too many people took off and I am the only one here that knows how to do TB and Mycology, so I am doing that, teching a path resident, teaching a new tech, and celebrating my birthday. I"m so glad I'm off tomorrow. I'll need to sleep in just to get caught back up. But don't worry Suze, I have plenty of energy for Mahonney oh and HB too!

Queen Goob said...

Hey Cece, isn't it nice when you feel needed at work? I could develop latent prints using ninhydrin processing if you need me to.

Just got back from lunch and thought I'd stop in for dessert.

Yup - there's Mahonney....THANKS!

Kookaburra said...

Dear Cece,
Birthday greetings from afar.
We're sorry that last year wasn't the best of times for you. May this birthday mark the beginning of a happier and more successful phase. Thanks for your friendship throughout last year. Perhaps we can fill this year with happier memories.

All our Love,
Mark, Jo, and Helen. xo xo xo









Anonymous said...



Suzanne said...

Stopped in for a beer after a hard day of toil and trouble. I don't even drink beer, but I'm willing to give it another go. I'd also like a cupcake. Gig made them over on her blog so I wouldn't have to bake a cake. It's a bit of a treak through snow and subzero temps, but damn worth the effort because they're all beautiful and tasty. However, with the G-Kids, Mr. Big, the dog and the kitty I don't think she realized she was baking Valentine's Day cupcakes!!!! My they're pretty!!!! Happy Valentine's Day Cece and The Wild Onion. What? Someone has to pay attention and honestly, I think Gig was just trying to kill two birds with one stone. I will have to report her to PETA and Animal Control of course. What? Leave me alone. Gig, forgive me for the knock on your door, oh, and probably the really hefty fine. You can probably get out of jail time with good representation. *Gig frantically tries to find Rob's number via Bindi and Cece.*

God I love this place. *Relaxes on Macy's sofa with beer and cupcake, looks up at disco ball...hummmmmmmmm sexy black sling backs still dangle. Remembers the good old days.*

Queen Goob said...

SUZ! Snap out of it, I brought a couple of guys to dance for Cece; one looks like Johnny and one looks like Matthew. THink she'll like?

Yeah, me too!

Suzanne said...

The hell with Cece, I'll like. I'm getting tired of Johnny's neck looking as if he has a redneck tan. And frankly, I'm not so impressed with Johnny's body. I've seen better. And believe me, I've done better. Hummmmmmmmmmm...that's an interesting sentence. I like it. I'll leave it. You game?

*Relaxes back on Macy's sofa...* Life is good. Another beer please.*

Cece said...

That's not Johnny's body. That's Matthew's body and Johnny's head. And I'm perfectly happy with the combo. Although, my HB's body isn't so bad either. I think I'll go jump on that one right now. See ya'll in a few hours!

Leah said...

I've seen better, if you count Severus' pasty, scrawny, bony bits as better!

I'm loyal to my hubby's cuddly self though.

Hope your bday was wonderful, Cece--xo

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Cece.

Your blog looks like a lot of fun!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday!

Is there any leftover cake?

Cece said...

Yep, I"m eating ice cream cake right now. UMMMMM and it's so good.

Suzanne said...

What the hell am I doing up at 9:27 pm? I'm so ill. I need Johnny's head and a beer. I don't even drink beer. Who the hell made icecream cake? I don't remember doing that if I did? Did I? Gig still has a lot of really pretty cupcakes!!! I'm going to Giggie's for cupcakes and tea.

There was just a huge noise in the family room...and an incredible stampeed of animals. I haven't moved and I'm still typing. I've learned not to overreact (because trust me, I used to). I suspect someone knocked the painting off the mantle (it's happened before because MOST OF THEM BEHAVE VERY, VERY BADLY!!!) That painting is worth tens of thousands of dollars and they treat my art like trash!!!Okay, I've gotta go look. No, I really don't want to know, but someone in this house has to be a responsible adult. Yes...that's me. Ugh.

Bye bye...


Suzanne said...

Well, just got back from cleaning up the mess. Yup. My painting. But this time it was different. The painting was half way across the family room (and it's a big family room as most of you know). How it was done and who did it, I have no idea, sorta like my black eye!!! I honestly think this household is insane, but I'm learning to just go with the flow, cuz what the hell else am I going to do?!


Megan said...

Hi Suz!

I can't really think right now after two hours of LOST. Actually, I'm thinking too much. Damn I love/hate that show.

Anyways, hope nothing and no one was hurt in the apparent non-disaster...

Love the Cafe!


Suzanne said...


I don't watch it because I have other important things to do, like blog!!!! What? I used to, but I'm a different woman than I was in 2007. I expect you to be a different woman in 2011. No, really.

About the painting and the stupidity in the family room. I've learned to just let it happen. I used to react and I now know it only made things worse. So now I just listen and wait, then I calmly get up and go look. It's never kind or pretty, but at least the animals aren't completely traumatized by my knee-jerk reaction!!!!

And no, this one wasn't pretty. But what the hell. It's just a painting, and just a family room. WTF.

Suzanne said...

I love the Cafe too! Aren't we lucky?!

Leah said...

Hi ladies--

Hi MJ!

I would love some ice cream cake right about now. I'm home sick, and Sarge stayed home with me to keep an eye on things, but he's asleep, so I'm in Hedgie's room. Wow, her bed is comfy!

Cece said...

YEAY! My birthday post is still here.

Cece said...

OMG, I am so busy. I have got to get off this damn thing and get back to work before I get a pink slip.

Cece said...

Oh and Leah, I hope you are feeling better.

Cece said...

So has anyone else noticed that IV has gone private? Is this true, or is blogger just screwed up? Hey, IV, if you are listening, we still love you come back!

Megan said...

What? What? I'm gonna kick his ass!!!

Megan said...

Hi Cece!


hey kids, need to figure out how to do a few things with blogger first. ive had the inevitable happen... during my recent absence from work they hacked my office computer... yup, printed out my blog and are using some of the posting times as fuel for their continued fire to try and rile me up... no need to fear, im here and nothing is personal.. please spread the word!

Megan said...

Goddamn underground monsters...

Leah said...

OMG Zack! I'm so sorry, that fucking sucks. I admit, I was wondering...


Leah said...

Also, for god's sake, doesn't everyone on earth post from work? I mean, I don't, but then again I'm a housewife so technically I do too...

Megan said...

Leah - You forget, there's a "Secret Zack File"...

Leah said...

oh yeah, you're right--I forgot--oh my god, it wasn't a joke, was it Zack!

Megan said...

That's what he gets for having a hackable password. Seriously, Z, learn from this! Use some of these ^%*($@!)& keySTROKES...

Ok, I better go to bed.

Happy birthday week to our B...E...A...Yoouuutiful Cece!

Rob said...


Queen Goob said...

No WONDER I couldn't get onto Z's blog.....those BASTARDS!

Hey, between CSI and I we could take care of business for you if you need us.

Cece said...

I could offer up a little bit of Salmonella if you want to spike some brownies or something.

Just kidding!!! I think:P

Suzanne said...

Wow. Does this mean it's the first time most (if not all) of us will be invited to a "Private Blog!!!" Oh. My. God!!!! Life is good!

Fluffs green dress, adjusts ceral box and shines PPT. Stands and waits for instructions. Looks around, blinks eyes alot. Fluffs dress again. Fluffs hair. Leans back on bar. Waits. Fixes cereal box. Looks at platform shoes. Slams fist on bar, "Severus, "Get me a G#^%(&N drink my dear man." "Get it yourself you b(*#& because Zack used up all the uppercase icons for his new password and I can't understand a thing you're saying."

It's official, I'm gonna have to kill that man. *Blottie is last seen stomping through bar with black platforms lookin' for a beer.*

Blottie doesn't drink beer.