Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to Take Down My Birthday Post--*sniff sniff*

I thought we needed to shake things up a bit here--a break between birthday festivities--although it pained me to say goodbye to the baby pugs, the '80s awesomeness, good food, and Alan Rickman...

But what to post about? I just plunged into it with no plan. Anyone else?

updated: Okay, Karen's mention of Grape Twister soda made me feel happy. I love grape soda. With all the discussion lately about empty calories, landfill plastic bottles, bad for you additives...c'mon, soda is AWESOME people!! The way it sizzles in your nose, the way it burns your throat going down, the way it's sometimes more thirst-quenching than water, the funny burps it encourages! I love an ice cold Diet Coke, with crushed ice and a straw, Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade, Regular Coke. I even love cold seltzer. Sarge will only drink Dr. Pepper.

What's your bubbly delight?

**Second update. Kris, our new guest, mentions Fanta Pomelo. I wonder where on earth I can get my hands on some of this...


Megan said...

I got nothin at the moment. Bartender!

Karen ^..^ said...

Don't take it down!!! I love it. Leave it up!

I need a drink. Got any grape twister soda? LOL.

Leah said...

I freaking LOVE grape soda. I'll drop some real grapes in the bottom and add a purple silly straw, and we'll be elegant!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE super cold Root Beer. Barq's is the best!

Now I gotta go get me some!!!!


Megan said...

Hey, way to go on the update!

When I was pregnant, I had insane cravings for Pepsi the ENTIRE TIME. And yes, I did give in to those cravings more than once!

Leah said...

I know, when I was pregnant I would sometimes drink Diet Coke. Once when I tried, hugely pregnant, to buy it at a fancy sandwich shop, the woman gave me the hairy eyeball and said "it's not good for the baby you know. Are you sure you want it?" I said, "my fetus told me to drink it."

Queen Goob said...

Funny you should ask because my "favorite" soda changes from thirsty moment to thirsty moment. Right now I'm drinking a Sprite because it quenches my thirst better than a cola. If I had my druthers (I love that word) I would drink Publix brand Ginger Ale. The store brand is awesome because it's not too sweet, tickles the nose, and gives you the BEST burps ever.

I will say, however, your grape drink with fresh grapes and a crazy purple straw sounds extremely appealing.

Kris said...


Or Solo.

Or Pepsi.

Or Pomello Fanta.

One of those anyway. I'm quite broad minded that way...

Suzanne said...

Well of course I checked him out. Mama didn't raise no idiot!!!

Kris, welcome! Great blog, great kids and great photography. Damn! You should meet Hunter. He doesn't frequent this blog, too tame for him I guess!!! Leah can point you in his direction or I can. Oh, and there are A LOT of parents with kids here, so have a blast meeting them. Oh, and you're from Australia! Small world. We all have friends there: Mark & Jo, Kylie and Dr. Miathri. Introduce yourself and enjoy.

To the rest of you, you will probably never believe this...I don't drink soda. Hummmmmmmmmm, what's that say about me? Probably that I'm really smart because I'm not rusting out my pipes!!!

Bartender, I'd like some attention here please after you're done taking care of Megan. Can I get a cup of Earl Grey tea please? Oh, can I have a cookie too? Thanks baby!


XO love to all!

Megan said...

Hi Kris!

Leah said...

Hi Kris--the Pomelo soda looks great.

QG--druthers!!!! You rock!!!!!

I've thought of something else: Jamaican ginger beer. When my sister and I were little, we would get this sometimes as a treat. It was SO spicy and hot. I'm still on the lookout for a super-tongue-curling-hot ginger beer.

Also Dr. Brown's Cel-ray soda--yes, soda that tastes like sweet celery. A staple in NYC delis, I had it for the first time as a girl when my grandpa shared some with me over a corned beef sandwich. Heaven, pure heaven. Any of you ever tasted Cel-ray soda?

ALSO Canfield's diet chocolate fudge soda. My grandma used to serve it to us mixed with a bit of milk.

ALSO when I was pregnant, I used to adore chocolate egg creams (milk, seltzer, and choco syrup for you non-indoctrinated).

Okay I'm done.

Karen ^..^ said...

FABULOUS!! Elegant it is!!

I do love Pepsi best though. I'm sucking one down right now. I loved Grape when I was a kid, but now it kinda burns my throat. But it is still awesome now and then.

Can I still drink my Pepsi out of a silly straw? I wanna be elegant!!!
OMYGOD, Egg Creams!!! I LOVED egg creams. I MISS egg creams. Man, whens' the soonest bus to NY??? Im homesick, dammit!

Bartender, I'll have an egg cream, please. With a silly straw. Thank you, my dear sir.

I'm pretty indecisive today.

Megan said...

Harriet the Spy liked egg creams, too, I recall.

Funny story about Dr. Pepper - as a kid my mom lived down the street from a guy who ran a bottling plant - so there was always Dr. P around for all the kids in the neighborhood. For years and years as an adult she couldn't drink it. It was like her tastebuds were overloaded or something!

Queen Goob said...

As a small girl, my parents didn't buy soda. Instead, a treat for us was a Mr. Misty from Dairy Queen. I still love them.....LIME!

Hey bartender, could you make me something lime and slushy-like? With a goofy, silly straw? Thanks man!

Suzanne said...

Hey Mr. Bartender...can I please look like Queen Goob???!!! What? Okay, I'll have a drink too. You know I don't take too kindly to alcohol, so make my drink really, really pretty, slushy, without much alcohol, but just enough to take the edge off my brutally difficult life!!! Oh, and one more important item...it must support a silly straw! Thanks baby!

Hi everyone!

XO ME! :)

Megan said...

Is it Silly Straw Tuesday? I'm in!

Queen Goob said...

Suz, Honey, I'm getting a picture of you and I'll get it to you some how. You can be JUST as hot as me...because I said so!

Skeeter said...

Wow! Thats an interesting flavor choice. Pomelo. kewl.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

Queen Goob,

You're my kinda lady. Do you need my email!!! That'll probably make it a whole hell of a lot easier!!!


It's Silly Straw Wednesday and I'm up because I have to email RC and because my kitty is having issues. I'm waiting for the day my life is simply perfect!!! You know, sort of like running through a field of wild flowers! Can someone start working on that for me?! God, I'm now so tired, but if I go to sleep I'll wake up late and won't have time to shower or get Baby to the vet's at 7:30 to be first in line for her spay. Spay and neuters always kill me because I worry. But I leave the vet's with these words, "Honey, Mommy loves you and this is your lucky day." Then I go to the car and cry. Yes, I'm a wimp. I'll admit it.

Love you guys. Whoops, sorry. Love you girls. Whoops, sorry. Love you ladies. There we go!

XO Me!
I'm going to drink my coffee this morning with a silly straw. No, I'm not kidding!

Gig said...

I am drinking ice cold Real Coca Cola right now, it is my coffee in the morning. The only "pop" to drink with tacos, gotta have the burn...
Dr. Pepper is another great favorite, as a child could only get it in the South...yummm

The best ginger ale is here in Michigan, Vernors Ginger Ale, love it!! love it over vanilla ice cream. Friends that live elsewhere always ask for this, cuz nothing else tastes the same.

Hi to everyone!!

Megan said...

Hi Gig - I LOVE Vernors!

Anonymous said...

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