Saturday, January 17, 2009

Onion News Update!

It seems that there is a new restaurant opening up next door. But I'm not sure they will be able to compete with The Wild Onion Cafe.

It does appear that a few of our customers are making their way over to Sherrill's after they leave here. She actually came over to complain about it yesterday. It appears that some of our inebriated friends were making a few of her customers feel a bit uncomfortable. She gave me this picture as proof.

Come on gentlemen, their nipples are not that impressive. I mean, you have to be wearing some serious beer goggles to be attracted to those two bottleheads. Surely, The Wild Onion has enough attractive buxom babes to keep you gentlemen here. Do we need to open a Bunny Ranch out back?

But I began to worry about the business, so I asked IV to take a break from his Canadian vacation and put up a new billboard sign to advertise for the Wild Onion. This is what he came up with.

It's eye catching, but I see one little problem with the photo. It doesn't have our name on it. IV, put down the weed for a couple of minutes and go fix the sign. I expect better work from someone I am not paying. Now come on, I know you do your best work for free!

And lastly, the bathroom cleaning lady was complaining about the conditions in the men's restroom, so, we have proposed a new rule. Please abide by all posted signs.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Suzanne said...

I can't stay cuz I gotta go. Too much work to do today, but I want to say one thing. HOW THE HELL DID WE END UP IN INDIANA???!!!! That's a joke, right? (Honey, I can't live in Indiana.)

I'll be back you crazy...



Megan said...

Where is everyone? Next door at Sherrill's?

Leah said...

Hi peeps. Omigosh I've committed to less blogging and more dissertation-ing, but I already miss it and it's only been 24 hours!!!!! Heeeeellllllllp! Severus will spank me!!!!!!!!

Leah said...

p.s. Megan--I was next door at the library, you know, on the other side of the Wild Onion--weeping over my books--

Karen ^..^ said...

Happy Birthday, Cece!

Suzanne, come back to my blog, I miss you! You got an honorable mention over there!

So did MC2, and some of the folks here.

I was worried about you, Suzanne, I hadn't heard a peep out of you!

Leah!! Good to see you, girl! Now, back to the books, lest you taste the delicious sting of Severus' whip! Much to your delight... ;)

Cece said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

It certainly is quiet here this weekend. Everyone must be resting up so that they can party all week long for my birthday!

Me personally, I'm battling a babysitting hangover. I have the worst headache today. It was so bad that I didn't even get out of bed until noon. The kid showed up at my house around 11 yesterday morning and his mom didn't pick him up until 10 pm. Even he was wondering when his mom was coming to get him. And the sad thing about it, I kept him for free. Of course, she is going to watch both my boys both Saturday and Sunday next weekend because I have to work, but I'm paying her $50 to do it. Does that seem fair? I guess it is since I have two and she only has one. Plus, the kid wasn't bad, it was the neighborhood kids that showed up as well. Try keeping 5 boys between the ages of 8 and 6 quiet while your husband slept in the next room all day. Not an easy task.

Gig said...

*peeks in door...looks around for everybody* "Wow, where is everybody?"

Love this Cece!! You are a brave Woman...all those boys!! Bless your heart!! Hang in is almost your BIRTHDAY!!

Leah, I stayed away from the Library so you could keep at the books, but it is ok to take a break once in a while...

Hey Blottie, are you out cruising on that PPT? I will be looking for you!

Meagan and Karen, I am on my way to see ya both real soon.

Leah said...

Cece--you should send her a bill!

Megan said...

Hello all!

Cece, I hope your headache is gone. I remember when Liam used to have his buddies over. Oh lordy what a running and a pounding and a shouting. Even when they were outside it still seemed to echo!

Hey Leah I know what you mean. The last blog break I tried to take lasted about 12 hours.

Yeah if you gals haven't been to Karen's go check it out. Poetry, sheer poetry!

Bob, stop looking at Sherrill and get back over here. I need someone to help me set up the big screen for the Super Bowl. I can't ask Goob right now, her Steelers are on!

Hi Gig! Thanks for coming over to my place. I love seeing your pretty face on there!

Queen Goob said...

LOL....looking at their nipples.....LOL

Seems it was a quiet weekend here at the Onion - TV's not working?


Anonymous said...

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