Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Place to Relax

I love to just come here to sit and relax.
To be with friends, to share a laugh.
I love to come here it makes me smile,
to read the words, to stay awhile.
I love to sit here with my group of friends,
Who will stand beside me to the very end.
I love to be here alone with you,
to enjoy the sights, soak in the views.
And sometime I come here so I can think,
to just sit a spell, and have a drink.
Coming here is special you see,
Because The Wild Onion Crew is here with me.


Leah said...

A toast to Cece...and the Wild Onion!

Megan said...


Suzanne said...

I love you baby. I've been on the verge of tears since talking to you today and then I talked to my dear friend Diana from high school. Holy crap. You know? Then I saw an email from my dear Renee in LA. who was just checking in to make sure I was okay. You all make me whole. I mean that with all my heart. You all make me better than I am. Thank you. Thank you for this post. Thank you for the phone call. Thank you for making me laugh, and cry. I love you so much. You are a dear friend and I love you beyond measure.

My love to Leah and Megan. And a toast to The Wild Onion! What a glorious place to sit your ass down!


Auntie, aka cagny said...

Oh Hullo,
Auntie is back. The last time I flew here I saw that totally inappropriate Pussy in the Pussy picture.
As you can see, I am back for more.

But at the risk of sounding ignorant/clueless, where in the hell is the Wild Onion Cafe?

Cool blog. Will fly back in a few.

just bob said...

A building is nothing but bricks and mortar... it's the people in it that make it special.

Yep... the Wild Onion Cafe is a special place with special people.

Megan said...

So who wants to explain it to auntie?

Suzanne said...

I'm laughing too hard, so it's not going to be me!!! Oh my God that's funny. Here, wait, I just had a thought. Auntie, go back to the very first post. The answer is there. But the true answer is on CSI's post. Brian had to take a leave of absence last year to study for an important advanced "Mr. CSI Test", and for some unknown Godly reason, we took over his comment page and turned it into "Brian's Cafe," for months!!! We had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! Then Brian came back. :(

I can't say he was happy,
I can't say he was sad,
I can't say he was pissed off,
I can't say he was mad,
but I will say we closed the cafe and high tailed our asses outta there like nobodies business! We had nowhere to go after having so much fun, so Cece created the Wild Onion. And it is that.

Many dear friends are no longer with us and new ones have taken their place. The Wild Onion Cafe is different than Brian's Cafe, but no less fun. We've all matured (HA!) and learned so much about one another. We're closer now than we've ever been and the Wild Onion is the reason why. It's a warm place to gather, drink, eat, sit on the Macy's sofa, bitch, moan, laugh, cuddle, cry, dance, do whatever the hell you want because Cece made one rule: "THERE ARE NO RULES!" Anything you want? Poof, you get. Unfortunatley we can't seem to poof the hired help, Jorge and Severus away. I know Severus was fired over a month ago, but he's still commanding attention with Leah's whip. And Jorge. Well I don't think that bastard's ever leaving. Gig hired him. It's her fault. But we do have the best bartender on earth. Bob. Unfortunately Bob's been of vacation for about two months. You'll have to serve yourself.

You'll love this place as much as we do. Just don't read Kylie's posts!!!!!!!!!! And if Inner Voices every stops by, peek carefully with only one eye open.

Good luck!

just bob said...

I'm back... kinda... sorta...

Cece said...

For those of you still gripped by winter's withered hands, I have some spring photo's up on my blog. And Suze, don't forget our cabana boy, Mahonney.

Suzanne said...

Oh my God. Forgot we have a cabana boy!

Hi Cece!!!

Suzanne said...

Bob, WELCOME BACK!!! Sorta, kina, well maybe.

Leah said...

Hi guys!

suzy, I like your take on The Onion. Well said.

Suzanne said...


THANKS HONEY!!! Coming from a "REAL" writer, I take that as a compliment! *How the hell you spell compliment...searches through C' heard uttering "perfection is an empty goal, perfection is an empty goal..."*

Leah said...

Check out Bob's hilarious sock contest!!!

Suzanne said...

Leah, I did. Thanks!!! I'm going to win!

Why am I up? Let me tell you a funny story. Around 3am I was sound asleep on the sofa (yes, I fell asleep in the sofa (I'm really sick)), when Mickey decided to jump off the armoire and onto my eye. Apparently he missed my face. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Yes, that is what a screamed. I'm fine, my eye is okay, but I'm up. I realized I hadn't turned on the dishwasher, so that's going. I cleaned the kitchen too.

I wrote that a bit ago. Just woke up at my desk. It's time to start the day. All I want to do is go back to bed. Oh well. Have a good one.
XO ;)