Friday, March 20, 2009

We Have a Winner!

I neatly wrote your names on cards:

I neatly folded all the names in little rectangles:

I chose a hat--notice my dear Severus watching over the proceedings:

I put the names in the hat and scrambled them all up, and Sarge took over:

Sarge stuck his hand in and retrieved the winning card:

Held it up for me to see:

Unfolded and revealed:


As for the rest of you lovelies, well, your sock time will come...thanks for playing along!



Megan said...

My night is totally ruined. By the sight of your bookshelves...

Leah said...

At last count, around 5,000 books. I shit you not.

Gig said...

Congrats to Karen...but my feet are freezing...*goes off to sulk and turn up heater*

xoxo, gig

Suzanne said...

Damn. And a skunk just skunked and all the windows are open. Damn. 5,000. Whimp!!!

Karen, you deserve them baby. How you won with so little effort is frankly beyond me. But good luck and God speed. No, I'm not serious. I'm a resentful bitch.

Why am I here? Because I realized you're three hours ahead. Brilliant.


Great choice!

Suzanne said...

Why was "Suzy's" card off to the side. An after though?

kylie said...


kylie said...

how do you concentrate long enough to count 5000 books?

just bob said...

OMG... this was so rigged. Here I am, 3,000 miles away from home and you fix some contest so the Karen can win? You're just looking for a free place to stay in the winter when you come down to visit. Admit it... you, the Sarge and Hedgie are going to Disney World next winter and you're staying for free with Karen. I'm so disappointed in you Leah. Selling out your knitting abilities for a free weekend of lodging in Central Florida. It's a sad day indeed at the Onion.

BTW... it's a great night, and into morning in Boston. If I could get away with it I'd never leave.

Megan said...

Plus she totally posed that expletive-deleted gorgeous afghan.

Admit it, Brooklyn!!!

kylie said...

hey megs
she must have posed that afghan!

and dont you ever sleep???

Megan said...

Dude, it's not even one yet. It's Friday!

Megan said...

I mean, it's still Friday until I go to bed!

kylie said...

i dont know what time it is over there, i just knew it had to be late night!
one is ok for a friday

Megan said...

Sure, if you don't have anything much to do on a Saturday...

Karen ^..^ said...


I'm so excited about this, I can't wait to see my socks!!!

Suzanne!! I'm surprised at you!! I entered, and already had when you left a comment on my blog. Come on, sis, I won fair and square... ;)

Thanks, Gig, thanks,Kylie, Thanks, Megan...

BOB!!! What the hell??? You can come to Disney world too. Mr. Bitter. You already have lobsterboy socks.


I'm still excited I won.

Plops down on the couch dreaming of my cuddly new socks.

merelyme said...

Go Karen! New place to live and new socks!
Leah, does she get a new pair of knit undies to go with the socks?
I'm totally with Megan - those books! That afghan!
(You didn't have to document it but that was fun too!)

(wv: shame)

Leah said...

Okay peeps, settle down, settle down--

I may just keep drawing and knit you all some--


and that afghan, that's my fave--I made it myself, from some super-fancy yarn in every color they make, and boy has it got drape. I didn't pose it for the photo, though! We do actually keep it neatly folded when not in use.

As for book counting, Sarge did some math rather than counting every single book. 5000 is a low estimate. We're walled in alive. But at least they're neatly stored. Some of them are upstate and some in storage too, but every single room in our house has hundreds upon hundreds of books. Bathrooms, kitchen, livingroom, hallways, bedrooms...think we're a little obsessive?

Cece said...

Damn it!

Well, congratulations Karen. I suppose you deserve them.

*Cece sticks tongue out at Karen when she walks away with her socks*

I hope your feet stay warm in those.

Suzanne said...

I returned to discover it wasn't a dream. She really did win. Which of course means I really didn't. Damn. *Pulls Stitchin' n Bitchin' from shelf and begins making plans.*

Karen, I know, that's too funny! I guess I mistook you for your twin!!! XO Sis P.S. Congrats. You deserve the socks for playing hostess to our lovely friends from Brooklyn and possibly Bob. I'd demand the afgan too! Perhaps a few books. Oh, and the the chair looks pretty comfy. You think it comes with an ottoman?

Hi Kylie!
Hi Megan!
Hi Bob!
Hi Cece!
Hi Merelyme!
Hi Gig!

I can hardly wait till the next contest.


Leah said...

I'm almost done with sock number 1--maybe we'll have another contest sooner than later--