Saturday, March 28, 2009

So where is The Wild Onion?

A few posts ago, someone posed a question: "Where is The Wild Onion located?" Well you see we are actually located down town.
Not very far from the intersection of Pursuit of Happiness Ln. and Head Up Your Ass Rd.
Not to mention, thanks to Severus, we have several conveniently located portal booths throughout the world. Hopefully this will clear up all of the confusion as to where we are, and how to get here.


Suzanne said...


Sit's sick and tired ass down on Macy's sofa. "Jorge my dear man, I'll have a glass of chardonnay with some crackers, cheddar cheese and grapes please. Oh, and can you pull the ottoman over for a worn out old broad"

"Get um yourself bitch."

Well, I know exactly where I am. I'm at the Wild Onion! Nothing's changed. What's with that man? Ahhhhhhhhh, the Dutch.

Leah said...

Thank gosh for the portals, otherwise how could we all be here? Good thinking, Cece. Or should I say Severus.

Cece said...

Leah! Love the new profile pic! It looks innocent yet flirtatious. Yes, Severus helped us out alot.

Suze, I'm going to have a talk with Jorge. If he can't show anymore respect for what I'm not paying him, then perhaps he needs to find an actually paying job.

Leah said...

if he can't show anymore respect for what I'm not paying him...


Suzanne said...

Jorge has no respect for me, but I vote to let him stay. I honestly think I can change him. "Jorge, darling, my black slingbacks are up on the disco ball. Think you can get them down for me?" "Yeah, maybe."



Suzanne said...

Time to vote at Bob's!!! Haul your asses on over.