Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bouquet for the birthday girl!

***UPDATE ***
Jo, the rest is coming. I was working on
it till the wee hours of mourn, but unable to finish.
Now I'm running behind, so
probably won't post until later this afternoon.
Sorry about that. XO
Happy Birthday to our dear Jo!
I just realized your birthday is tomorrow for us,
but today for you,
so you're only getting the bouquet today.
The BIG reveal is tomorrow because
I'm still working on the party!!!
Please tell me you aren't sleeping,
and I blew it.
Hope you're having a beautiful day.
The Wild Onion Gang
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jo~Jo,
Happy Birthday to you.
And many more.



perhaps she would like some "bush panties"?

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,

Yes i am awake and getting ready for work. Thank you for the lovely bouquet.
See you later.

Jo. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jo! I can get you a deal on those "bush panties." Okay, I'll stop. Those things are just so silly!

Cecile said...

Happy Birthday Jo! Thank God someone reads my birthday list. I'm afraid I would have missed your B.Day. So thanks a million SUZE. I will be crazy busy at work this week as we are expecting a major inspection by an accrediation organization called CAP (College of American Pathologist) and since I do have a supervisory position, that means tons of work for me on top of the tons of work that I already had. Oh well, Have a great Birthday, Dear Jo.


CECILE! make sure you have your lucky bush panties on for the inspection!!

Kookaburra said...

Hi Cecile,

Did you mean CrAP!
i know what inspections are like. When we have Auditors at my office it's all hands to the pump and let's get everything shipshape and hunky dory. Which is code for send all documents to off-site secondary storage!


Joyful Jo said...

thank you for the happy birthday wishes from suze, ineer voices, random chick and cecile.
Mark and helen gave me a nintendo DS.
I was just saying to mark the other day how i can't have an ipod (cause of hearing aid) and not being able to listen to one is very frustrating. Now i can play my mind games to my hearts content. I was using helen's so she can have hers now.
I'm typing this without my glasses as the lens has dropped out. the funny thing is i was wearing them with one lens for a day as the lens has dropped into the bottom of my bag and i didn't notice until i took them off last night.
When we have a audit inspection at work the ceo comes and says to me if i'm asked if i work in the kitchen to say i only do the cleaning.
Inner voices i will pass with the bush panties. Eeeww.
Anyway thanks again

Skeeter said...

That arrangement is perfect Suzaane. Happy B-Day to Mrs. Kookaburra! Many happy returns.

Best wishes,