Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Won!!!

This amazing award arrived via Skeeter at Thanks honey!!! It's comes with lots of rules, but I don't know how to get them here. Look, I don't even know how to cut and past his name over his url! Can someone help me? And Cece, can you please transfer this to our sidebar because you're the boss and own this joint.

By the way...I love our blog too. Do you all realize we've been together almost a year? Someone's going to have to throw a party. I'm still recovering from the last one, so we need some new imagination. It's amazing that 1Pic brought us all together and that CSI's test is responsible for the cafe. Well of course I'm laughing. The original cafe was a hoot! Man did Robyn and Gig work hard!!! I hope Brian never erases that joint cuz it's nice to go back and visit.


just bob said...

... runs around the Cafe, holding the award in the air like the Stanley Cup (that one's for Gig)...

You did a fine job Blottie... I found Skeeter's place with no problem at all.

Leah said...

Hi Suzanne, I love us, don't you?


just bob said...

Hi everyone!

Queen Goob said...

she returns from the bowels of hell

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around for a few days but I've been without power since early Saturday morning and my computer battery didn't last very long at all.

Gosh, I sure missed you guys this weekend. It was lonely. I got a lot of trashy novels read both on the back porch and by candlelight. Oh, I did save my beer from getting hot, though, so I was someone's hero, right?

Congrats on the award; no one deserves it more.

Gig said...

WOW, this is so COOL!!!

Thanks Bob for carrying the award around, I always knew I could count on you!!!

A big thanks to Skeeter, I do drop by and "lurk", I will have to "delurk".

Hi to everyone.
We went to a going away party for our granddaughter that is leaving for College next weekend, she will be at Western Michigan University. We had a great time, but did not get home till after midnight.

Great job Blottie!!


*wonders why bob is running around with no pants on waving his "award" at everyone*

hey bob,whats the haps?

did i miss something?

*opens flask and empties contents down throat, still feeling like he missed something*

Random Chick said...

We are so awesome! So is Skeeter!!! THANKS!!

Skeeter said...

Aw, shucks, you all are great!

Best wishes,