Friday, August 22, 2008

more new stuff

Seeing as how we have been losing some business because we have no one on staff, I've opened an honor bar portion of the cafe. This section will be available to repeat customers only. So.... Folks its Friday, help yourselves, bar is open!!!


just bob said...

You haven't lost me, I just need a few mental health days!

just bob

Queen Goob said...

*first up to the bar and in need of a cold one*

I say Hey Bartender.....I'd like a tub of Bud please. And could you serve that up with a straw?

You're the bomb!

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
just bob said...

Here's a mineral water Blottie... have a seat and chat awhile.

Queen Goob said...

Hey Suz! Don't worry; I snuck out to leave a comment on Bob's post. I can guarantee my comment will get more sh!t than yours. But then again I'm sarcastic and bitchy like that.

Bob, look like I may need another REALLY big beer.

Queen Goob said... is getting fugly over there.

just bob said...

Dinner's ready... who's up for cheesy garlic risotto?

Queen Goob said...

ME!!! EVERYthing is better with garlic!

just bob said...

hands Goob a fork...

dig in... it turned out pretty good tonight. I recommend a nice Cab or tall Bud with risotto.

Queen Goob said...

*pops a top on her beer*

MMMMM, this is so good! And you know what? You're pretty good company, too.


Queen Goob said...

BTW - would you mind very much helping a techodork learning how to leave italicized comments? You are SO much cooler than me.

my word verification is perfect for me: unissx LOL

just bob said...

But of course my Queen... it's very easy:

Use < i > (eliminate spaces) to start the italicized word or words then use < /i > (again eliminate spaces) to close the word or phrase.

< i > italicize < /i >

Using b instead of i makes things bold

Queen Goob said...

okay,let's see if I got it.

< i >she glances at Bob because she knows she'll do this wrong< /i >

Told ya.

Queen Goob said...

LMAO - I just spit on my screen.

leans over and wipes off her screen

Megan said...

Y'all crack me up.

Queen Goob said...

Good friends, good food, good froth. This puppy is beat; five 12+ hour days trying to save old people from drowning has taken its toll on this old hag. I'm off to bed for a good night's sleep; I get to sleep in because I'm working the nightshift this weekend.

Oh joy.

hugs her friends tightly


Cecile said...

Wow learn something new every day. Now could you explain to me how to put a link in and make the comment read click here and it would take you to the link would be great information.

just bob said...

The Shell Answer man can help, but this one is a lot tougher than italics

You need the url you want to link to (for example

Then you need how you want the link to read (for example just bob)

For this demonstration, you will need to replace [ or ] with < or >

You place the link, then the text like this:
[a href=""]just bob[/a]

and it should turn out like this just bob

Megan said...

Bob - In the spirit of...I don't know should tell these women to figger it out for themselves, because they can.

Suzanne said...

Fuck it. I need a drink. Make me something pretty.

Suzanne said...

I'll get it myself.

Queen Goob said...

Hey Megan? You’re right, we could figure it out on our own. And probably very quickly. But Bob is such a great teacher and I'm a tad lazy. Or ADD…because I think of these things at odd times - like when I'm driving to Publix and I have to get seventeen things on my grocery list but I forgot the list and as I’m drive I'm racking my brain to remember all of the things on the list.

Yeah, that's when I think about trying to remember to Google "how to italicize in blogger comments."

That or I tend to forget things because I’m blonde.

just bob said...

Goob... did you get me any fried chicken at Publix?

just bob said...

Blottie... I'll make you a drink. I'm back behind the bar, hopefully for a long time.

Gig said...

*slinks in...looks around for just bob...ahhh...there he is back behind the*

Hey Bob,
I'm ready for a really good Bloody Mary with Absolute, make it a double please. Good to see ya!!

Hi Goob!
Hi Blottie!
Hi Cece!

Thanks for the tech info, it is greatly appreciated.

*hops down from barstool and wanders off to play some slots*

Suzanne said...

You're still talkin' to me? I don't know no grammer and apparently can't get to the point. Hey, read the freakin' header on my blog!!! And I'm an artist not a damn writer Queen.

It's only after 12 pm, so I'll have something simple. Come up with a tasty drink honey. I'm exhausted, so please make it energizing. And by the way, it's wonderful to have you back. I've missed you terribly and know everyone else has. The Cafe isn't the same without you. I'm glad the blues have headed south.

Much love,

P.S. Yes, I've realized I'm a whole lot of trouble. You should have picked a better Blottie, like RC. She's deserving. She writes really, really well, thinks clearly, looks good in a red dress and black heels, and is a hoot to boot. You might want to yank that award back and place it where it belongs. Sorry about that sweetie. I couldn't help myself. Some of the comments just made me nutty. But you, I understand because you're a stand up guy.

Skeeter said...

I donate to the cause. Here's a portrait of George for an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Best wishes,


Queen Goob said...

Lost power - no blogging - my heart was broken.

No, no fried chicken from the Pubes but isn't it the BEST?!?!?