Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Day After

Many thanks to Leah for getting a jump start on the cleaning this morning. Wow, that was quite a 24-hour party for Suzanne...

Of course, there was plenty of bubbly to go around.
I don't know how that noisemaker ended up in the hanging fern planter.
I suspect that some Random Chick did it.

I'm telling you, all of that confetti ended up everywhere.
I'll be vacuuming up this stuff for weeks.
I may have to make a rule about confetti at future parties.

The balloons were all droopy this morning.
Even the smiley faces were upside down and frowning.
It's almost like they had hangovers too.

There are plates of half-eaten food scattered around the place.
It all tasted delicious. I'll be washing dishes for days.

Oh boy... I've filled the dumpster out back.
Who knew we could make this much trash?

Eventually it was too much for one lowly bartender to handle.
I had to call in the experts. These three guys proudly show
all of the empty bottles they will recycle from last night's party.
They said it was their biggest job ever!

Don't worry... I'll have this place back into shape by happy hour. Until then, place your empties on the tray at the corner of the bar.

... pops two Advil... puts the Olympics on the big screen, plasma HDTV and continues to wash dishes and pick confetti out of my hair.



*organizes local college cheerleading squad to do topless car wash out front of the cafe to help keep his mind off of the daunting task at hand*

morning bob, need some help cleaning up?!?!

Kookaburra said...

Yawn .... stretch ....scratch
look around .... ah forget it....

is it morning already???

my mouth feels like the bottom of a cocky's cage %(

crawls back under the doona

Suzanne said...

Kicks naked cheerleaders square in the ass. "Get outta my way bitches."

"Mornin' Bob."
"Mornin' IV."
"Mornin' you sorry ass lazy Aussie man."
"Mornin' Leah."
*Takes full coffee pot and pours entire contents down throat. Buries head in Leah's fruit bowl.*

"Reporting for duty Sir, Sirs, Mr. Sir, Mr. Sirs, Mrs. Sir, Missy, Miss. Big Shot. Hell, I'm still so drunk I don't know who the hell I'm reporting to.

What needs to be done? I'll do it. But I'm not scrubbing the towlet bowl.

Suzanne said...

An I absolutely refuse to scrub the toilet bowl.

Suzanne said...

"An" should be "and." Jezzzzzzz.

Cecile said...

*Cecile hires a maid service to clean the mess up so that we won't have too.*

I think I need a shot of the hair of the dog that bit me. Jorge, get off your lazy ass and pour me a drink.

*Jorge scurries quickly to get Cecile's drink, afterall, he doesn't have any other place to live and doesn't want to get fired.

Hope everyone is recovering well from all of this crazy hoopla.

Gig said...

Wow!! What a party that was...I think...I hate when I can't remember anything...

*peeks out from behind beads...looks around to see Suze kicking some cheerleaders "butts", spots I.V. perched on barstool snickering at all the goings on, while chugging from his "special flask".*

Sooo glad Cece got the Molly Maid team in here, Bob does deserve a break, what a Guy he is!!

Leah, thanks for getting things started, I don't seem to have much memory of last night, way too many lemon drops!!

*stumbles back to Macy sofa for a little nap*

Happy day after birthday to Blottie!


Robyn said...

WTF?! All of you suck! I partied till 2am and still got up at 530am, showered and put on a face and made myself all beautiful and still got to work on time with 3 steamy cups of pete's for kissing my supervisors asses this fine, fine morn!
GET UP EVERYONE! And Cecile who thought hiring a maid service was a good idea..unless there are some yummy men with that crew, they gotta go! Yes...let Bob sleep in. But get Suze's crazy butt in here *making sure Suze isn't harrassing the cheerleaders anymore..*
*shove IV and Mark up and adam with brooms in hand...*
We will get this place squared away BEFORE BOB WAKES...yes it has taken us 2 whole days to clean this place!
*runs over and hugs Leah...the fruit salad rocked*
Love ya all...but damn lazy bunch of Sons *bleep* *bleeps*!

MARIA said...

It was my firts, such big, great Birthday Party in my life, Suzanne.
And you know that I am not so young. Only your age x 2.

Thank you dear Suzanne for being here!
Hope we will meet next year too.