Sunday, August 3, 2008

For Bob

Women Gets Belt Buy Washing Dishes Funny Jokes at JibJab


just bob said...

HA HA HA HA.... I'll never biceps like that even if I hand wash my own dishes. Thanks for the laugh.

Suzanne said...

You'll never win the spelling bee either.

Love ya!

just bob said...

Yu meen it aint speeled whrite?

Suzanne said...

Nope, not H-A-V-E. Perhaps you should ask a panel member to "use it in a sentence please" just so you get the hang of it.

Hey, I'm not supposed to be here and we shouldn't be having this discussion. The title of this post is "FOR BOB." I'm not Bob. I'm going over to "Suzanne's Birthday."


Robyn said...

THAT WAS F***ing hilarous! Whoever posted that is my hero! LOVE IT! It made me laugh so hard I had to catch my breath...seriously, I almost passed out! I had one of those silent laughs! Crap...could see the headlines..."hospital worker dies from swallowing her own tongue from laughing so damn hard"! LMAO!

Bob...I bet you get some work out with that though my friend!

OK! WHat does a girl have to do to get some attention around here. I have popped in here once in a while and get some lame excuse as a hello! WHAT the hell is going on up in here! I used to be the star barmaid right up there with Cecile...NOW NO RESPECT!

But some of us...are working like freaken' dogs around here...back to back 12 hour shifts. Some blog love around here wouldn't kill anyone? WOuld it? LOL!


Where is my darling IV when I need him...seems to be the only one who gets that I need some warm fuzzies and a stiff drink! *wink*

Cecile said...

A stiff and a drink you mean?

I guess since I posted this post, that makes me your hero my dear, Robyn.

I'll be back later I must go show Robyn some love.

Random Chick said...

*picks self off the floor*
*falls down on the floor again*
*decides to stay on the floor*

just bob said...

Blottie... All right Miss Smarty Pants, I missed a "have." Let's see if I'll let you "have" a power smoothie next time you order one!

Robyn... Breathe, breathe, 1-2-3-4. You'll be ok, just a little hyperventilation. I can take care of the stiff drink, you're on your own to find the warm fuzzies.

Cecile... you are a hero to more than one person, just remember that.

RC... stay down on the floor my dear. I just cleaned so you won't get dirty. Just keep an eye out for Suzanne and her PPT. She's out of control on that thing sometimes.

Cecile said...

You are so wonderful to my ego. I'm so glad we "HAVE" you around.

Suzanne said...

We HAVE you around. Of course I'm laughing.