Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wild Onion Power Smoothies (WOPS)

Seems like the Wild Onion crew has been run down lately and in need of a pick-me-up. Poor Blottie was so tired she fell asleep in the middle of typing a response and one of her cats needed to finish it for her. As the recently appointed expert mixologist of the Wild Onion Cafe, I now present to you a new line of Wild Onion Power Smoothies (also known as WOPS). They come in many assorted flavors. Captain Morgan and Bacardi shooters are available on the side or as a floater for an additional charge. Energize and enjoy!!!


THURSDAY JULY 31 WAS NOT ONLY HARRY POTTERS BIRTHDAY, BUT NATHAN AND FORREST'S BIRTHDAY TOO. They turned 7. So everyone wish them a happy birthday, or your all fired. LOL


Suzanne said...

I'll take the pink one. Thank you honey. Yummy.

Leah said...

Nice! I like the funny green WOPS, thanks.

just bob said...


I needed to buy a better crushed ice machine for the smoothies. I hope you don't mind.

...slides a delicious WOPS with double shot of Bacardi to Cecile before she can object

Queen Goob said...

I’d prefer not drinking one made from lettuce and balls but I do love green. How about something with a sweet/tart flavor? Could you hook me up, handsome?

*waves to her friends* Hi guys!



She's asleep again, isn't she? Hey, is that guy sitting beside her her middle of the night store clerk? Oh….designated driver. Smart girl, wouldn’t want her to crash her bike.

Suzanne said...

Hi babe. Honey can Blottie get another WOPS? Wow, WHOOPS, trips over Cece. I don't care what color. Anything. Oh, and no booooooooooze please, just the real deal. Cece, how the hell do you function as a biologist by day?! I couldn't even functions as a housewife with what you add to your stuff! And smart ass Goobie. I'm still here, just had to work my ass off for a bit and have to get back to it in a matter of minutes. Knock it off. Hey, I need some help watering the containers in the back yard. Why don't you drag your sorry you know what over here and help me? Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzz. Women. Lazy pansy a$$es. *Get's on PPT and zooms to corner market to talk politics with Indian friends. Screen door hits ass. Ouch.* He can't be a designated driver dippy, he's a block away and has to run the store and entertain me, and I'm not that pathetic. Am I? No really. Am I? Hops back on PPT and heads for home. Damn, rush hour traffic. Takes longer than usual to navigate handicapped ramps. Grabs WOPS on way. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Off to water.

Queen Goob said...

It after 10:00 rush hour traffic so hit it!

*grabs the hose and starts spraying anything that doesn't move*

I washed your PPT when I water the plants, look how shiney! Headin' back for a refill, maybe something blue this time. Want me to save you a seat?

Gig said...

Hey Bob,
I'll take one of everything...doesn't matter about the color, as long as it has booze in it, I'm ready!!

*starts with the pretty pink one and moves on down the bar as Bob set's them up* "Thanks Bob, I will be in playing the slots, then off to the macy sofa for the night"

Happy Birtday Suze!!!

Suzanne said...

That's my girl!

Is she a hoot or what???!!! What are we at now? Green? Love her to death.

Suzanne said...

She can't spell for shit!

just bob said...

Damn, I can't make these things fast enough. Who knew they'd be such a big hit? I hope the boss is proud of me :)

...turns up the crushed ice machine to "super high" and keeps cranking out the WOPS for the ladies

Suzanne said...

Bob, you're the best. We all love you.


Queen Goob said...

he he he he.......he called us "ladies".

Cecile said...

Super Job Bob!,
I like the strawberry one. With extra shots of Bacardi please. Also, I don't want to take away your fun post, so I'm just going to update it with a pic of my own. Have a great day!

just bob said...

Happy Birthday to all three.

...please let me keep my job!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Nathan and Forrest!!!!

lots of hugs,


Suzanne said...

"Oh, how thoughtful Nathan and Forrest, a pretty pink birthday cake for me!? And it's signed too! Wow! I LOVE IT! You two really shouldn't have."

"Yikes, here comes Mommy and she looks mad, okay I'll sing fast, but cover your ears because I'm a horrible wedding singer. Oh right, this is a birthday, I can sing birthday stuff..."


"Knock it off, uncover your ears this instant, it wasn't that bad. Mommy's bearin' down on us. YIKES! To the PPT my dear men. Nathan get on the handle bars and Forrest, jump on the back, we'll blow this joint, but grab a smoothie on the way out cuz I'm starving. OH MY GOD YOU TWO ARE HEAVY! We aren't gonna make the door at this rate. Lighten the load, lose the smoothie. Boys, technically can Mommy fire someone she doesn't even pay? Let's go talk to a lawyer."

Leah said...

Suzanne, that was hilarious!

just bob said...

...takes a sniff of Blottie's empty WOPS glass

Whoa, Blottie got the wrong drink. No wonder she's all hyped up!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Leah!!! You always make me feel like a star. Unfortunately life is calling. I gotta go do more work. Ugh. I'm exhausted.


Bobness...sweetie, I didn't get the WOPS. Remember, we had to ditch it to get away from The Boss (no not Bruce, the other Boss)! I think you might be smellin' Gig's WOPS. OH MY GOD HERE CECE COMES AGAIN. Gotta run baby. I left the kids at the pool with Pamela Anderson as life guard. The boys seemed absolutely transfixed by red. Gotta go save them from blindness.

Cecile said...

My boys are more interested in sugar butt then boobs right now. And noone is getting fired. Bob, even if I fired someone, you would be the last one to go. You are way too efficient. And those blue eyes, well, let's just say. Swoon. No HB doesn't have blue eyes, they are Hazle which are just as dreamy. I have a story to tell. I bough a bottle of liquid gel cap ibuprofen and left them in my truck. I felt feverish this evening and decided to go out to get them. They were completely melted to the side of the bottle. We attempted to pry them loose, but they were just one big blob of green liquid gel cap goo. Needless to say I threw them in the trash and took the caplets I had up in the cabinet instead.

Cecile said...

By the way, can you all tell I decorated the cake myself?

Gig said...

Oh,yes Suze you did get "several WOPS", I sorta switched mine with yours, by accident of course. Sorry bout that. Man you really gotta watch for the boss lady when she is on vacation from her other job!! Isn't she supposed to be floating on some buffalo somewhere?!!

Happy Birthday to Nathan and Forrest, hope you are having a great time!!

Bob, I would like a Strawberry Wops with Absolute please, and could I get our Birthday Blottie the same,but no booze for her today.
You are the best bartender we have ever had. By the way...what did you do with Jorge?

*shaking head at Suze, cuz here comes Cece from the pool area, not looking happy...Nate and Forrest grinning from ear to ear*

"Ok, Suze you better jump on that PPT and put the pedal to the medal"

*gig slips through shiny beads, looking for a safe place to hide from the boss lady*

Gig said...

Hey Cece,
I think you did a great job on the cake, you are a baker!!

Hope the boys had a great day!!


Suzanne said...

Cece, you know that all eventually seeps down to the water table and pollutes the hell out of us. So much for your soft carbon footprint. And I didn't say I left the kids staring at boobs, I said they were transfixed by red. Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz. There is a difference. Righ boys? RIGHT BOYS!!! (Some cooperation please.) I'm not getting the respect I deserve. Looks into Bob's beautiful blue eyes. "I need somthing. I want it really cold and really strong. Water will probably do."

XO Blottie


Giggie, you're killin' me.
"Isn't she supposed to be floatin' on some buffalo somewhere?" I almost died! God I hope she finds her funny bone. She sounds sort-a-grouchy tonight. OH MY GOD HERE SHE COMES AGAIN. Gotta run. Peels out. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Joyful Jo said...

Happy 7th birthday to your boys. I hope they had a great day.

Kookaburra said...

Happy Birthday NATHAN and FORREST.
I bet your Birthday was fun.

Your Mom baked a really yummy cake. I sure hope you saved a slice for me to have with my banana smoothie.

Thanks for the pick-me-up, Bob. It is just what I need right now.

just bob said...

Saturday morning, washing all of these WOPS glasses from last night is sure tiring.

...mixes up something extra special from the top shelf just for the bartender/dishwasher/PPT valet parker.

Yep, that will do just fine for a morning bracer!

bindhiya said...

Happy birthday Nathan and Forrest!!!

I'll take a yellow WOPS, thanks..
Hi everyone..

Cecile said...

*Poof! Bob has a new dishwasher*

Blottie, I AM NOT GROUCHY!!! lmao

Gig, it's the Buffalo River my darling. I was floating on a raft, well, actually we floated in the river beside the raft for most of the trip. Damn it's hot here.

Bob, another Strawberry WOPS, hold the booze.

Ok, I'm out of here got more vacationing to do.

Robyn said...

first off...Happy Birthday to the 2 wee ones! Hope it was a BLAST!

Just got down with working 7 12hr shifts back to back! I am done put a fork in me!

I am run right into the ground! Hoping those fruit WOPS pick me up off the ground! I feel so down in the dumps and just plain ol' exhausted! And even on my days off are me running around all crazy like! AAgghhhh! WHATEVER...I am done!