Friday, July 18, 2008

21 Days and Counting...

There are only 21 days until Suzanne's REAL birthday. You all know we've been par-taying for two months now because I biffed it thinking her birthday was in June. So...I ask all you brilliant Wild Onion Staffers: what should we do in the remaining days and, of course, on the big day?

We have to do something BIG, BIG, BIG!!! A virtual party of course but what else? A video extravaganza on YouTube? A huge email campaign? What? What? What?

Please submit your responses to my email: I will compile them and get back to everyone. Remember, we want to make this a semi-surprise so we don't want Suzanne to know exactly what we're doing.

It'll be a hoot!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear Suzanne!
Happy Birthday to you!

P.S. I Googled "birthday suit" and clicked the "Images" button and here's what came up:

Suzanne, I promise we won't invite this guy to your virtual party.


Suzanne said...

Hi honey!!! I'll email with my suggestions. I'll count, right? Ahhhhhhhhhh, this has been one hell of a birthday. They should always be this good. Next year will be even better because we'll start in July! I'll be 50 baby and I got carded at the market yesterday when I bought a bottle of wine. I told the cashier, "Honey, I could just reach over this counter and hug you silly!" That's how we should celebrate everyone's birthday...for months and with young cashiers who don't know the difference between a 30 year old and an almost 49 year old! And to think, I didn't even want this one. You're the best for being such a dippidy-do-da-day.

I'm glad the birthday suit guy won't be coming to the party. He's not really my type. Way to hairy! But he has okay legs. Not stunning, but okay.

Well baby, I gotta go because I'm cleaning the litter boxes and shouldn't have my ass still planted here. Ugh. Real life.

Love you and thanks,

Cecile said...

Oh come on. Can we please invite that guy. It would be fun to sit and laugh at his tiny wanker. Please, Please, let's invite him and put him in the dunk tank. Then we can really see it get cold. Wait a minute. Why am I begging. I own this joint. Hell Yeah, you can bet your ass we'er inviting him. Oh ans Suze, Have you ever heard of those automatic self cleaning boxes? Dunk tank that's my suggestion. Oh and male strippers.

Leah said...

oooh, fun! and p.s. my birthday is January 8th, LOL. We should have a birthday date roll at the side of this blog.

love to you Miss S--

Suzanne said...

I'm on the last litter box and it's soaking, so I have about 10 minutes. All three are 20 gallon Rubber Maid, high sided containers (because Newman has a peeing problem) with an entrance cut in the side. God I'm exhausted. But like Martha Steward I try to clean and change all three every week at great expense. Unfortuanately I don't have Martha's money, nor do I have her assistant.

Okay, I'm going to pretend I'm still in charge. The naked man can stay because Cece's takin' a shinin' to him, but I'll admit, I thought about that tiny wanker too. When I looked at the distance between his pubic area and the bottom of the sign my first reaction was "Wow, that's tiny!" Good luck with that Cece.

Oh, and by the way Cece, we had a blast while you were gone. Thanks for giving my true love back. It was the best. And we now have Bob as head bartender because Leah wanted you know who!!! High five!

And the automatic kitty litter thing is great, but once a week you still have to clean the whole thing. That's what I'm doing today. My ten minute timer just went off, but I'll extend it. Okay, I have another pretend 10 minutes, so I'll talk fast.

Leah, that is a sweet idea. I'll do it, as soon as I get my regular blog roll back up and running. Did you notice I started?

Love you too Miss S & M!

Gotta fly. Talk to you all soon.


Suzanne said...

Too cool...that actually looks like me!

Suzanne said...

I really do have to chose my words more carefully. I clean the litter boxes once a week with soap and water, and keep them free of "stuff" a hundred times a day. There, that should do it!

just bob said...

If you're laughing at teenie weenies then I might have to skip this party.