Thursday, July 24, 2008

Garden of Momness

Now I finally have some garden to share. This is the Garden of Momness...

This is Momness herself. No offense ladies, but she's the bestest mom in the entire world.

This is my brother. We'll call him Bro-ness

This is Sammyness. He's one cool dog, albeit a pest when just bob wanted to just nap.

This is Sallyness. She's a bit high strung, but lovable nonetheless.

This is Sallyness standing (well lying) guard over the Garden of Momness

I don't know what they are called, but I'm sure someone can help me out

These roses are yellow on the inside and a bright pink on the outside. Very pretty.

These are pink roses. This is the second season Momness has been growing roses, so she's getting better.

Again, I don't know what these are called, but I'm sure someone can help.

The tomato plants look very good, but no fruit as of yet. They've always done well I've been told. Hopefully they will hurry up and sprout in August. The rutabaga plant is doing ok. It's the first year for the root, so supposedly won't result in any edible vegetables.

That's it... the Garden of Momness.


Robyn said...

Bob that is a reall sweet post...I have enjoyed your post about your Momness! lol! Maybe Suze could help you out with the flowers since she is the one with the secret garden!
Well you seem cheery today! Just let me know when you want to meet some nurses I will certainly try work that out for you!
Take care!

Skeeter said...

An interesting Garden of Momness. So well protected with the guardian Sally! Great post.

Best wishes,


oh oh.... robyn is pimping out suzs "secret garden"... hahahahahhaaa.... very nice post bob... love the flowers and garden speak...

Cecile said...

The first one you didn't know was a hydrangia. I don't know the second one. So Suze will have to help you out there.

just bob said...

... straightens up the bar

Thanks for the nice comments. I couldn't bring myself to put flowers on my own blog. This seemed like the most appropriate place.

... finishes cleaning the grill and setting up the room for tonight's customers

bindhiya said...

Bob, beautiful post...
Beautiful garden...

Hi everyone..

Robyn said...

Just coming in for a cold brew...feeling a bit down! Not really sure what has a hold of me...but beer...yes beer will do the trick. *wash away the problems, leans with arm on bar*

kylie said...

hi bob

the rose with the yellow and pink is a chameleon rose if i've identified it right.
i have one my mum gave me for a birthday once. the buds are yellow, opening red/pink with yellow then the yellow fades to leave a pink and white flower.
the dogs are rather gorgeous too

Queen Goob said...

Bob.....I'm gonna have to argue about who has the best mom but I'll save the debate for another day because hey, I'm gonna win.

Cece was right about the first unknown plant picture - that a hydrangea (they're some of my favorite; I have a long line of them along the back porch). You can change the color of the blooms based on the ph of the soil. I don't know what the flowers are in the next "unknown" picture. Suz?

just bob said...

Robyn: Sit a spell at the bar... troubles seem to disappear for a little while here.

kylie: hi kylie. Thanks for helping out with the chameleon rose. I'm so not a plant person. I've been know to kill plastic plants!

skeeter: Sally is a handful, but Sam is mellow so they balance each other very well.

IV: Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad the fires have backed off and given you some time to stop in.

Cecile: Thanks... I knew it was something like that but couldn't come up with the right name. All Google would come up with is Hydrogen and I knew it wasn't that!

Bindi: Thanks for the nice words... and hi back at you!!!

QG: That might be a rather heated debate.

... puts on more coffee, waters the plants, and wonders if Suze rode her pink tricycle off into the sunset

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob
Hi Brother
Hi Mother
Hi Sally
Hi Sam
Hi Robyn
Hi Skeeter
Hi Cece
Hi Bindi
Hi Kylie
Hi Gueen Goob

#1 Hydrangea (I'm a huge hydrangea fan, so even know which one, but don't want to brag in front of the "ladies!"
#2 Double Delight or French Perfume. If I had a gun to my head I'd pick French Perfume. Kylie, the roses you grow in Australia are rarely available here (sad but true). Bob, get down on your hands and knees (don't stay that way to long or Leah will arrive with a smile on her face) and there should be a little metal tag hanging from the rose bush (usually down near the bottom). Read it please. Out loud. Am I right?!
#3 A pink rose. ;) My only guess would be Our Lady of Guadalupe. Check it out for me while you're down there honey.
#4 Phlox ~ Common Phlox

I'm so happy you're having a wonderful time with your family. Your mom's garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing your visit with all of us.

Gotta go Peeps. I'd love to stay and chat with all of you, but I'm doing some yard work in 90 degree temps and am just taking a short break to have a glass of ice water (so I don't pass out from heat stroke)and a hot cup of coffee (so I can shift my engine into overdrive (hot coffee on a hot day, priceless).

"DRINKS FOR ALL MY DEAR MAN!!! And while you're at it, can you throw a huge bucket of ice water on me?" "Thanks, I'm off to sweat some more!"


Suzanne said...

"To" was supposed to be "too." For those of you who know the difference, I do too, I just have a lazy finger.

Skeeter said...

Thanks for putting the names with the flowers, Suzanne. We're finally getting a small break from the 100+ degree days, but it's probably just because that hurricane beached itself on Texas a few days ago. Isn't there an easier way to bring clouds to this dry and dusty place on the Plains?

Best wishes,

Suzanne said...

Skeeter, I laughed so hard the other day. I arrived at the park and there was a huge birthday celebration about to take place right in front of me. The truck parked next to my car had a license plate that read "GO SOONERS!!!" I believe that's you!!! I had to laugh. I was going to take a photo for you, but realize you've probably seen it a million time. BUT NOT IN CALIFORNIA!!!! Too funny. Oh, and it was all sparkly and pretty!

Oh, and honey, you misspelled your own name over at Leah's. You might want to go back and make amends. That was sort of pathetic!!! Good luck with that!

Lots of love,

Leah said...

Bob, your family is the essence of "-ness." A lovely post, thanks for sharing them with us!

Skeeeteer, don't worry, I know you know how to spell your name!

Cecile said...

I think Skeeeeter must have had one to many here at the Onion. Bob, I think we need to cut him off for the night. If you can't spell your name correctly, then you don't get anymore to drink. Unless it's coffee.

just bob said...

You've got it boss... no more adult beverages for Skeeter tonight.

...reaches deep into the refrigerator to find the last root beer to serve Skeeter.

Queen Goob said...

It's beer-thirty somewhere, right? Could you pass me a cold one, please?

Anonymous said...

You made me cry. Stop that!!!

just bob said...

...hands RC the cleanest bar rag he can find...

Sorry bout that RC, didn't mean to make you cry. Anything I can get you from behind the bar to make you feel any better?

Anonymous said...

Got any valium? Tranquilizers are what I need right now. Lots of them. ;-)

Suzanne said...

I wrote all that and you didn't even respond??? Damn. I'm not doing that again. What a waste of time.

Get me a drink my dear man. I don't care what the hell it is. Just something warm and fuzzy. And RC, come sit by me sweetie. I'll take care of you. You don't need all that crap. Here honey, have a mineral water. (Of course I'm laughing!) As I write this I'm looking at Robyn and yes, laughing. The woman just makes me laugh. Why? Just because.

Okay, I'm off to navigate. Wish me luck!


just bob said...

...pours RC and Blottie a couple of warm and fuzzies

Be back tomorrow. I'm tired and there's one more day of this conference. Fortunately, it's only a one hour flight back!

...resets the clock to beer-thirty for QG and locks the medicine cabinet in the ladies room.

Suzanne said...

Hey...don't you dare.

Trooper Thorn said...

Lovely homage to Momness and her world. With such a fine Black Lab standing guard, it's no wonder things are in good shape.