Thursday, September 4, 2008

IV's sick of France, so let's move on. Wish him luck getting back to America on a ferry. The man's nutty.

His birthday is next Thursday, the 11th. MJ is apparently baking the cake. Let's take her at her word. IV and his friends don't really like me (except Rob of course), so I'll keep a low profile and clean

the joint to get it ready for the big event. The rest of you can mud wrestle to win the post. I'm out, but

will pick the bouquet.


Cecile said...

I think I may have missed something. I wonder if MJ's cake will be "green"? Happy early BD, I.V.

Suzanne said...

Oh you're missin' somethin' alright.

God I've waited so long to say that!!! That was just too much fun. And yes, I know you're laughing. Hey baby!!!!! Pick yourself up and dust your butt off, let's go another round!

Oh, and don't get too happy cuz either you or RC are doing the honors this time. I can just feel it. I'm out. And somehow you have to get the green cake in the lineup. Good luck and God speed!

Hope you had a good day. Love to all. XOXOXOXOXOXO (I think that's everyone.)

Random Chick said...

Okay, let's get ready for a wild and zany party...this one is going to hurt. I can just tell...

Suzanne said...

Please don't allow me to drink. That could be the death of my mouth!

Skeeter said...

A wild and zany party? Hhmmm ... maybe I could start small and pick one of those yummy looking cupcakes.

Best wishes gals,


just bob said...

...calls the regional distributor to restock the bar.

Should I bring in more help or will Jorge, Severus, and I be able to handle this party?


"iv and his friends dont really like me..."


um... what?

*opens trench coat to reveal tattoo of suz on inner thigh, closes trench coat and orders drink from ferry bartender*

Leah said...

Crap, and I thought that was me on your inner thigh...*sheds a tear or two then comes to a place of acceptance*

Suzanne said...

Skeeter, they're left overs from Jo's birthday and probably stale. Let us know if you were able to swallow!

XO ;)
Just Bob,

You, Severus and what's his name are just fine. If you need extra help you know we'll all jump over the bar or bus tables. Yes, I'm expecting a big crowd too, so glad you ordered more booze, cuz his friends are drinkers! Crazy drinkers. Let's just hope the police don't have to be called when they all start shooting too.
Bob, did you order party hats? The cone shaped thing-a-ma-jiggies?

You like me? You really, really like me? Thank you, and ouch, that had to hurt, so I know you don't just like me, you luv me (as Woody Allen said). Wow. I'm going to have to digest this one fine word at a time. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, I'm in happy land and having a pity party for Cheese every time she's down there and has to look at it! "Hey girlfriend!!!" Leah, your turn next baby!!! Pick your body part. And Zack, is it just my head or full body? A girl's gotta know.

And thanks honey. For some reason, it matters. And good luck with the ferry. See you in 2010.


just bob said...

...mixes a G&T, sits down, and wonders where the hell everyone is...

Suzanne said...

Don't worry Bob, I'm still here! A bit late, but here.