Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photos of our Visit in France.

We left the comforts of our castle at Lourdes and began our excursions for the day.

We drove the the vineyards of the French country side, pausing many times to sample their exquisite fare.

Eventually we made our way to the beautiful and historical towne of Orange. If you will recall, Orange is the home of two of the finest Roman monuments in the country.
The Arc de Triomphe
And the Theatre Antique d'Orange.

Our next stop was Auvers-sur-Oise.

Situated just 30km from Paris, Auvers-sur-Oise follows the right bank of the river Oise from Pontoise to Butry.
It was 11th and 13th centuries that the Auvers church was built, Today it is world famous thanks to Van Gogh's paintings.
Auvers was the cradle of the Impressionist movement with painters including Daubigny, Cézanne and Van Gogh.

Auvers Church is the final resting spot of Vincent van Gogh.
We also spent some time shopping in the beautiful city of Lille.
Lille is the largest city in northern France.
The cultural center pictured above is the busy Grand Square, now officially called place du Général-de-Gaulle after Charles de Gaulle, born in Lille in 1890.
The square houses some of Lille's most imposing structures, including the city's Opera house and the old commercial exchange, Vieille Bourse, built in 1653 to rival those of the Netherlands.

And finally, after a long hard day of eating, drinking, site seeing, and shopping we retired to our room at the Ritz, and enjoyed the lights of the Eiffel tower.

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Random Chick said...

I love these virtual vacations...no jet lag at all! Woot! Although, it would be kinda nice to actually eat some good French food instead of just look at photos of them. Damn Internet!!!

Au revoir mes amies!!! A bientot! Sorry I can't make my computer do those cute little accent do-hickeys or I would. Really!

just bob said...

Thank goodness someone remembered to take photos. I was too busy looking at the sights to snap a few pics.

Seems like we're still there!

Skeeter said...

Nicely done. So much travel, so a small co2 footprint. You are all wonderful!

Best wishes,


Megan said...

Is that where we were? It's all a blur...

Suzanne said...

Wow. Although we had a very busy day, I feel FABULOUS!!! I'm writing this from my spa tub at the Ritz. Very nice. Now I'm eager to climb between my 1,000 thread-count sheets, so this will be short ("Praise the Lord" can be heard round the world).

Leah, you're the best tour guide EVER! We visited all the wonderful places I've only dreamed about in art history or architecture lectures, and for real, not slides!!! Oh, that's right, they're photos. Didn't notice. LOVE EVERY WORD AND EVERY PHOTO!!! Thanks for this one. :)

What a terrific trip with all our friends. And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE don't stop for another day or so Mrs. Education because I'm learning so much and enjoying the hell out of myself. Let me rephrase that before IV get's ahold of it. I'm enjoying the hell out of the trip.

One last thing, I'm starving! We need some food. A woman can not survive on grapes and wine alone. Hell, I'm so loopy I can barely find my sheets.

Hi Bob
Hi Skeeter (Yes, we are, aren't we!! Thank you! XO)


Je pense que nous devons obtenir sur le train et le voyage à Amsterdam pour quelques boissons et regardons les lumières assez rouges là. n'importe quel besoin de corps pour me joindre ?

Cecile said...

I'm the one that posted this one. But Leah is a great tour guide, so, I'll give you that.

Am I reading double?

I know, I loved the art work.

We do our best to lessen the Carbon footprint of man, but one can only do so much.

I think you tasted a little too much wine.

Noone is going to sleep with you even when you are speaking the language of love, so stop asking. It doesn't sound any more romantic if French. LOL.

Suzanne said...

Nor "in" French! Ha-Ha!

Bonjour! Cece, SORRY honey. Too funny. I was tired and the writing style so similar I didn't look. Yes, I simply assumed. Forgive me. Oh dear God here comes Severus with his whip (I can't believe Leah let him bring that thing). Okay, I'll bend over, but only this once, and it can only be a gentle tap, and no video. "OUCH!!!" I said "ONLY A TAP WOMAN! WHERE YOU AND LEAH MADE FROM THE SAME MOLD AS SEVERUS?." Okay, that's it, get your own car tomorrow and no Bon~Bons and vino in my suite tonight because I'll be dining with my ice-pack.

Avec mon amour,
Suze XO

P.S. Seriously, that's a kick-ass post girlie. Beautiful photos and writing. I learned new things and relived wonderful stuff from college. Thank you. :) What an amazing tour guide you are. Can we have one more day?! Please, anybody?! XO

Megan said...

Back @ Cecy - I'm bad like that.