Saturday, September 20, 2008

Once upon a time...

As you all know, once upon a time I owned a BMW. I lost her, but kept a treasure to remind me of her loyalty after the accident (no I didn't arrange anything for the photo, that's the way it looks every day. I've been looking for that paint brush). It's safely tucked in my office/studio. I looked long and hard at it today in an effort to remember the good old days, but mainly because the Mercedes has decided to misbehave and I needed comfort. The BMW is a sports car. Fast and powerful. The Mercedes is a luxury car, fast once it gets going, but very slow on the uptake! But what a gorgeous ride. Rob and I both fell in love with her immediately. I never thought I'd like an automatic, but wow, not shifting is a joy!!! The seats fit my body like a glove, the suspension is amazing, the ride pure pleasure...well, until today.

Rob is helping a homeless guy at the park with a legal issue (at my request of course!!!) and after reviewing and signing documents today, the envelop finally had to be plopped in the mail. I came home from the park, made copies of everything, then headed for the post office. The car was fine. I came out of the post office, got back in the car and it wasn't fine. It was making a very odd sound, had very little power, sounded as if I was driving a poorly maintained diesel (it's not a diesel) engine, and felt as if it would quit at any moment. I pulled off to a side road. Turned it off, started it again. Did that a number of times to no avail. I headed for home and swear to God, prayed. I didn't want to break down on Manzanita and cause traffic problems. I arrived home and called Rob (he's at his mom's) to come quickly. He was unable and besides, it wouldn't have helped. All the rental agencies close at noon and our Mercedes repair shop would NEVER be able to fit us in on such short notice. So when he arrives, if the problem hasn't resolved itself, it's off to the airport to rent a car. Is life ever simple?

I've tried to call my dad, but he isn't home. I'm wondering if it isn't the gas. I'd just put gas in the car. Maybe it had impurities. The Mercedes only takes premium gas and that's what I put in, but perhaps something went wrong. Or perhaps it has something to do with what happened about a week ago. Before leaving for the park I put two quarts of oil in and then headed out. On the way noticed a very offensive smell and white smoke behind my car for miles, and thought "God, someone's having serious car trouble. Poor soul." Then I noticed everywhere I went, the other car was following me, or beside me! "Get away, you stink!" I said out loud. I arrive at the park only to discover it was me. My poor car was billowing smoke. I knew what I'd done, but didn't have time to look because the kitties were waiting. I returned, open the hood, and yup, better than "A Leah!!!" I'd forgotten to put the cap on the oil tank. You know what that means, don't you? Those pistons were just throwing oil in all directions. Checked the oil. Not a drop left. Looked for the cap, but never expected to find it after 80 miles/hour, but there she was, tucked on a ledge! What a little cutie-pie! Got some oil at the nearest gas station. Had the engine, etc. power washed. Helped a whole lot, but still have a driveway covered with oil and kitty litter, and until today, still had and engine burning off oil. Then this!!! Hey! NOT FUNNY!!! Zack, you're as good as my Dad...have a thought!!!??? All the noise is in the back of the car. It's sputtering. Knocking. The car is actually shaking when it comes to a complete stop. Dad always says "Tell me exactly what it sounds like." So I'm good at that. That's what I hear.

Any help is appreciated and wish me luck!!! ;)



Leah said...

Well, I've got no insight, but am sympathetic as hell and am crossing my fingers for you. OMG, I laughed when I read that you'd pulled "a Leah." That's too funny. You are all officially welcome to use the expression in reference to your own poor behavior vis a vis your cars, for some reason it makes me feel loved.


Suzanne said...

Leah, too funny!!! I love the term "Pulled a Leah." I'm going to use it a lot! You are loved baby. You're the best. You're just not too good with oil. Nor am I apparently!!!

Just found out what's wrong with the car. Dad said "I don't think you're running on all cylinders." I just got back from the corner garage and a mechanic a just love and trust, but never use. I started the car, opened the hood and he said, "You're running on 3 cylinders, not 4." I replied " I have to feed feral kitties tomorrow morning, can I drive it?" He said, "How far?" I replied "25 miles." He laughted and said "'ll blow your engine...vedy, vedy bad." He's from India and I just cherish him! I also trust him. Rob would never allow me to have him to fix the car because according to Rob only a German trained mechanic can fix German cars. But honestly, I'd use him!!! He's never steared me wrong. Never. I asked "What do I owe you?" He replied "Nothing dear." I'm giving him a big Christmas bonus! I adore the man.

Okay, so the Mercedes goes into the shop Monday morning. It's already arranged and I have a car to take to the park tomorrow and Monday morning. Life is good. But always complicated. What's new?


Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

My son kept a memento from his Mustang after it met an untimely (and might I add ... expensive) demise.

Understand perfectly.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

Skeeter. Ahhhhhhhh, yes. My BMW plowed into a Mustang as you might remember. Unfortunately my BMW didn't survive. How is that possible???!!! That was a genuine German automobile!!! Actual steel! Oh well. Just so you know, I also took one more momento...the license plate holder. "BMW Berkeley Motor Works." What? How could I ever let that go with her. No, never!!! It's odd how little stuff like that matters. Memories. Years and years of memories. And that's what life is, isn't it?

Love you darling and hope all is well. I haven't visited because don't want to read "Z." Yup that's me in a nutshell. Just pretend it never comes!!! Oh, I'll peek eventually, but for now, nope! I'm still in the middle range of m's-r's. Obviously I'm in denial and no, not joking.

I love ya though! See you soon.


Suzanne said...

I meant to say "Z again."

Anonymous said...

Oh Suzanne...I pull "a Leah" all the time. And OH MY GOD, I laughed when I read your response to Leah where your Dad said, "I don't think you're running on all cylinders" cuz he could have meant your or the Mercedes!!! LOL! And NO life is NEVER easy, especially when it comes to cars.

Love you Suzanne!!!