Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry Folks, but we have to Celebrate IV style!

Yes, Suzanne's bouquet down below is absolutely breath taking. So please don't forget to scroll down and look at it and read what she has to say. And then, a little bit below that you will find the "New Signs" I.V. installed while I was away. I'm going to have to keep a better eye on this place. But now I am back and we have to celebrate something very special today. Yes, it is the anniversary of 9/11. So let's have a moment of silence to remember all of those who lost their lives on that very solemn and horrific day in history. .............

Click here for more chilling photos of 9/11.

Now we must go back, several years later in history. I would say we need to go WAAAAAY back in history, but since I.V. is only a year OLDER than me (he he he)..... I won't. Today is his birthday. And we have to celebrate in I.V. style. So I have pulled out all of the stops and made this beautiful, fully functional birthday cake.

Did I put enough candles on it?

Ok now for the real food we have...... drum roll please............

I have even come up with a clever

You go Dog!

And last but not least, no birthday party would be a party without a happy birthday song. So, here's two. Check out Queen Goobs dancing in this first video!

So let's party boys and girl. No Holds Barred.


Cecile said...

I hope everyone has a good time. It was hard melding two special events into one post. Especially since one left such a scar on everyone's hearts. I hope I have suceeded in giving both of the events the respect they deserve.
Have a great day folks!

Queen Goob said...

Happy Birthday IV!!!! Lovin' the beer cake.



thanks all!!!

*pounds down some cake*

just bob said...

There's more cake for IV over at Suzanne's Birthday Party.

Anonymous said...


Love the beer cake, Cecile. GREAT post!!!

Suzanne said...

That food is really, really small.

Cecile said...

Who cares about the food when we have beer cake!