Friday, September 19, 2008

The Sexiest Breakfast

A bowl of steel-cut Irish oatmeal

with strawberries

and Bob's Ale.

I'm dishing, Bob's pouring.


just bob said...

The Breakfast of Champions. Happy Friday everyone :-)

Leah said...

Happy Friday, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Make mine a double!



ahhh, i'll skip breakfast and just have the bobs beer recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Hi ZACK!!!

Suzanne said...

I'll have the oatmeal and strawberries without the beer please. And yes, I know it's lunch time. Oh, an can I get a wee bit of butter?

Oh, and this is funny. I misread Zack's comment and thought he said "Boob's beer." I said to myself "Self, hummmmmmm, when the hell'd we start stocking something like that?" I reread the comment and realized my mistake. Yup, I'm still laughing. I know, stupid stuff makes me laugh. Thank God we're still just serving Bob's beer, cuz this isn't Hooters.

Hi Bob!
Hi Lean! Whoops, Leah!
Hi RC!
Hi IV (You still talkin' to me? I've decided to stop commenting on your blog until I straighten my ass out and stop being obnoxious. I'll probably be back Christmas 09)!


Suzanne said...

Yes, I'm aware I used "stop" twice in a sentence. Yes, I'm aware I violated one of the rules of good grammar. Severus, I'm ready for my punishment. But don't hurt me. I'm a sissy. *Turns to see Leah approaching with oatmeal and a whip. Breaking News on MSNBC: Suzanne was last seen running for the hills, sadly, without lunch.*

Megan said...

I'd like a double helping of everything, please. But I'd like to preview the accommodations in the ladies room, first...

Suzanne said...

Megan, aka, smart ass, that's probably the funniest thing that's ever been said at the Wild Onion. Has anyone here ever used the "facilities?" Nope, don't think so!!! But trust me, they're up to code and probably way, way beyond. We're a bunch of classy chicks here, so would never settle for less. If you discover they aren't, please let the establishment (Bob) know.

Thanks for always stopping by, smart ass.

Skeeter said...


Another one that is remarkably close to the Boulevard Pale Ale is the Avalanche amber ale from the Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado. It's grrreat!

Best wishes,