Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome back from beyond

Hey Cafe customers, it appears reports of the demise of Queen Goob have been greatly exaggerated. Rumor has it that she's posted comments on both Random Chick's and just bob's blogs. Last seen fighting off Fay, she's been AWOL since landfall. Maybe we can shame her into stopping by for a drink or two. I'll clean her beer stein just in case she drops by.


Suzanne said...

Well, just dropped by Florida to guilt her ass into getting over here. Hope it works. She's such a flighty woman.

Okay, that should do it!


Suzanne said...

Kylie mentioned on my blog she would like a "Blottie Award," then changed her mind, said it was all mine, but that she'd like her own award. I think we should all work on that because the woman is FABULOUS!!! I'm thinkin'. You think too. Let's all put our head's together and come up with something special and unique. We'll congregate, mull it over, mull it over some more, debate, chant, sing, meditate, sketch, drink coffee, drink beer, drink wine, eat, mull it over some more, relax in the sun, laugh, cry...you get the drill. We'll come up with the perfect award and post it at the Cafe, and Queen Goob will present it if she can haul her lazy ass out of Florida and log on to Cece's blog and register. If not, you do the honors. Okay, the clock starts tickin'...NOW!!!

Love ya! XO

Gig said...

Well...I am here, where the hell is everybody?!! I sure am thirsty, I'll take a double of everything, been a hell of day!! I determined if these are Virtual cocktails then there is no Hangover...what do ya think? Works for me!!!

Ok Suze, my brain is mulling, meditating and trying to think of some ideas for an Award for Kylie, great idea by the way.

Now it is time for Big Brother, gotta go see what I missed earlier...


p.s. Goob, Goob, come out wherever you are...it is time to play!!

Suzanne said...

Well, like Gig, now I'm here, so where the hell is everyone else? This is just pathetic. And we call ourselves a Cafe? HA!!! I don't think so! And where the hell is that Floridian wimp or is that whimp, Queen Goob? No, I've never won a spelling beeeeeeeeeeeeezerrrrrr. Hell, I've never been in a spelling bee. Cut me some slack. I do my best every day and expect all of you to accept me for who I am. Buries head in lap and begins to laugh hysterically. Okay, I'm out!

Queen Goob said...

steps up and flicks the mic with her middle finger

OW!, That hurt!

I’d first like to blow a smooch to each and every one of you. Bob, a round on me, ‘kay? LOTS of stuff to write about. Mom got home Monday and my sister arrived from out of town to take up the shift this week. huge sigh of relief

I am currently at work on a conference call (gotta love “mute”) but plan on taking time in the next day or two to fill you guys in on everything that has happened and Lord there’s aplenty!





And everything else that was ignored or abandoned while I was busy and pretty much away from home.

As no one can see me behind the closed door of my office, I’d like Bob to grab that beer stein off the shelf behind him, dust it off, and fill up that liter-sized bad boy so that I can get back into the swing of things.

And by the way……I REALY missed you guys!

Queen Goob said...

No spell check here either, Suz!

Random Chick said...

HEY! It worked!

A round of drinks for everyone...and a shot of tequilla for Queen Goob!

just bob said...

It took a while, but I finally got her to come back. I beginning to think my usual magic with women was at work and she had run off forever.

just bob said...

I was beginning to think too...