Monday, October 13, 2008

Queen (Goob) for A Day

She's been really, really, really, really, really busy lately... but hopefully our Queen Goob will slow down long enough to celebrate her birthday with us at the Cafe.

We'll have Publix Fried Chicken...

and coleslaw for Suzanne
(save some for me too!)

I've ordered extra beer for the occasion

Since Queenie loves football and it's Monday Night... we'll watch the game...

Then we'll play Bow Wow Trivia...

Every Queen needs a crown... and we'll throw in the earrings too

We all chipped in for a Starbucks Gift Card

and two rocking chairs to enjoy on her back porch.

From the Wild Onion Cafe crew....
Happy Birthday Queen Goob!


Practically Joe said...

Hey! Where is everyone? I came to party.
Wait! I know. You're all hiding to surprise Queen Goob.
Okay ... I'll be in this broom closet. I can't wait to yell out "SURPRISE!!!"

Oh oh ... This door just locked. I can't get out! HELP!!!

Robyn said...

Well...well! Queen Goob where are you girly I have worn my 'cheapest' looking tiara I could find at goodwill and my big ol' furry boa! I am ready for this party to start friends!

Hi Joe!

Skeeter said...

Party?? Hell yes!

Dunno about writing messages on ye olde backside tho. The last time I let someone back there with a magic marker, the message was a little more ... ahem ... invitational ... than I had planned.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

Well, I see IV and his hairy ass is here! Thanks for that Bob. Yes I actually said, out loud, "Oh shit." What? That's just nasty.

Queen Goob. Happy Birthday you. You, you, you. You. You haven't always been kind to me, but I wish you HB despite your rudness!!! What? You think I didn't notice? I don't think so bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb....aby! I love you though. You make me laugh. Stop by, I'll buy you something pretty. Oh, right, it's all free. Okay, stop by I'll slide something pretty down the bar after I eat some coleslaw. Wow, that's good!


Kookaburra said...

Partay, partay, partay!!!

A toast to the birthday girl.

!! Happy Birthday, Queen Goob !!

Blows the froth off a beer and skulls (chugs) it down in one go.
Play that funky music, let's get this party happenin'.
C'mon Suzanne, time to cut the rug; let's get down and boogie woogie. Ooh yeah; shake your bootie!

Great post Bob!

Cheers and beers,

Suzanne said...

Kooka, time to cut the rug is right. Where you at!!!???

Kookaburra said...

I'm here at The Cafe having a fun time and jiving with my friends.
However, I'm afraid I am what is called Down Under a two-pot screamer. Which means the beer goes straight to my head; especially on an empty tummy.

Queen Goob said...

See guys....I'm old now and you were posting comments until after 2:30 this morning my time. Am I the ONLY East-coaster here???

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It has been a crazy month for me BUT I think of your guys often!!!

Bob, I had to wipe the tear from my eye when you remembered Publix fried chicken, beer, and football. sniff what more could a girl ask for to celebrate her birthday. YOU are the BEST!!! look HOT! That tiara looks perfect with the boa.

Skeeter, feel free to write your own message just make sure to take a picture. We do like to share here at the Onion.

Suz – That’s not meanness, that’s sarcasm. It just doesn’t come across the same in writing than it does verbally. See, now I feel bad, never intended to hurt your feelings. But then again, that single-mom-syndrome makes me a hardass. LOVE YOU TOO!

Kook – Thanks for the toast now get out there and dance. Just be careful, there’s more moshing than dancing out there due to my choice of music, hope you don’t mind.

Joe? JOE!!! Did anyone notice if Joe came out of the closet? LOL…..wait, did anyone unlock the closet door so Joe could join the party?

Practically Joe said...

Oh Thank God!
I was in there for hours.
Who ever owns the blue jacket ... there's a moldy egg salad sandwich in your pocket ... thanks for that.

Oh ... and sorry ... I peed in someone's galloshes.

Happy B-Day Queenie.
I got to run but I'll be back.
What? ... No ... Honest! ... These are all mine .... I sometimes like to wear three hats with two leather jackets. Bye!

Leah said...

Happy birthday QG! Happy Birthday to You!!! I hope you're having a super-fun bday. And you're not the only East Coaster now!!!!

For some reason the comments are especially funny today. Joe, you are cracking me up!


Thanks for hosting the party, Bob!


birthday, shit i missed it... i so love giving birthday spankings...

just bob said...

I'd much rather be here than where I am at. IV... you haven't missed anything, her birthday is today. So feel free to spank away.

Megan said...

Happy, happy birthday, QG! Sorry you've been so busy lately. Hopefully you will get a chance to take a break today and celebrate!

Um, anyone seen my leather jacket?


*claps hands together a couple of times to warm them up before the birthday spankings begin*

okay, who is gonna help?!?!

Cece said...

Well, there is certainly a full moon out tonight. I am hoping that QG has had a splendid BD. Sorry, I"m fashionably late. Had to worklate, then rush the kids to karate practice, then came home and did homework, then I went and swam at the community center for an hour, then I came home and cut out box tops for education and pasted them on paper. And now, I am finally here. I'm ready to kick back a cold one although I have already missed the game. Who won? Was there even a game on tonight? Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN GOOB!!!!

just bob said...

Is anyone still awake or did everyone pass out already from the beer and excitement?

just bob said...

wipes down the bar, turns out the light, and locks the door behind him...

...another night, another party done at the Cafe.

Queen Goob said...

OOOOOO, my bottom is still pleasantly "warm" from last night’s celebration. Thanks IV!

Sorry I didn't come back, I spent the evening of my birthday at a wake. I returned home, cooked dinner for myself and ate while sharing my birthday gift with some friends. (see latest post....)

I want to thank each and every one of you guys for the birthday wishes and fun time - one of these days (when I will the lottery) I'm gonna fly everyone to Vegas so that we can celebrate in style together!

Love you guys!

Practically Joe said...

TIME: 1:30am
PLACE: Wild Onion Cafe

"I don't think that Bob guy is coming back. Do it now!"
Wife smacks Joe on the back of head. Joe says "OW!" then exits the car.
He approaches the front door of the Wild Onion Cafe.
Jiggles door handle ... locked.
Peers into window ... nobody inside.
Looks left, right, left again.
Takes out small tools ... from pocket ... picks lock ... Opens door.
Looks left, right, left ... Coast is clear. Signals with a whistle.
Wife jumps from car carrying three boxes and clothing on hangers.
Hands them over to Joe and smacks him on the back of his head.
Joe goes in and places newly dry cleaned jackets into closet.
Wife signals with quiet whistle.
Joe returns to door to take from her a new pair of galloshes and an empty plastic bag.
She smacks him on the back of the head again.
Joe runs back to the closet, places new galloshes on floor, takes pee filled galloshes and a rotten egg salad sandwich from the pocket of someone's coat and places them in the plastic bag.
Joe closes closet door then tip-toes out and relocks the door of the Wild Onion Cafe.
... Back in the car ...

"Joe, you finally make some new friends and then you pull a stunt like this? Do we need to start visiting your therapist again? Huh? Do we? You aught to be ashamed! Don't you ever do something like this again! Now let's get out of here."
Wife smacks the back of Joe's head one more time.
"Ow! Alright already!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hairy ass...I so needed that! NOT! LOL!