Tuesday, October 28, 2008


apparently since all of our wait staff have all been off campaigning for their favorite runner-ups in the presidential election, or off vacationing in the east, busy changing diapers or getting the latest color belt in the karate world, everything has been left unattended here...

*drinks last of jeager in cooler*

and since I'm more partial to drinking than eating, this suits me just fine, but i can only be responsible for making hot dogs ala inner voices style (see picture above)...

last item on the agenda, i propose we have a bit of a contest! we need a slogan for our restaurant. like the one pictured above.... i put it to you, our patrons, our staff, our lurkers, and to the bums out back in our dumpsters to come up with a slogan for this wacky joint...all in agreement say aye!!! good luck...


Megan said...

*Digs around melting ice in cooler*

*Locates stray Budweiser*

*Sits down to drink and think*

Leah said...

aye--we definitely need a slogan--*sits with Megan to mull over the options*

Suzanne said...

Aye!!! Sits down next to Megan to think. "Girl, you stink like brewskie, wanna move down the sidewalk a bit to give me some clean air to thinskie?"

USC...they suck.

Suzanne said...

Oh shit. Leah beat me. Now I have to go read her words of brilliance. *Hangs head and marches forward.*

Suzanne said...


Leah, honey, need some coffee with real sugar and 2% milk? Megan honey, here, have another Bud *Hands Megan a Bud then plasters a UCLA sticker on the back of her head.*


Suzanne said...

Oh, and I love this. Leah's and my take on the same theme:

"aye--we definitely need a slogan."

"Aye!!! Sits down next to Megan to think."

Leah's more direct, I'm rather passive.

Megan said...

Hi gals! Any ideas yet? My idea is that this sidewalk is none too comfortable. Couch?

Megan said...

Oh, Suz, you appear to be laboring under a misapprehension. I live near USC, but I dint go there.

Boston College. Eagles, baby!

Leah said...

Yes, let's move to the couch. And I need some coffee if I'm going to think. And Suze is back! I missed you, girl.

Skeeter said...

Very nice. I'd like chips with that.


Suzanne said...

*Slips unnoticed next to Leah and Megan on sofa, puts arm around both and ripes UCLA sticker off Megan"s head* "OUCH" can be heard far and wide. Yup, gotta little hair with that. "Sorry baby."

Leah, how about some oatmeal and fruit to go with my Adirondack chair and beautiful Loon Lake?

Megan, good lord, you too?! Rob's dad attended BC for his PhD. What a small world. Being a New Yorker and in the company of New Englanders, I know the drill: Go Bruins, Go Patriots, Go Red Sox. What?! Don't make me put a sticker on your head lady!

Okay, now for the serious task of coming up with a slogan. Do I have to think that hard this early in the morning? I'll be back this afternoon.

Love you girls! Hold down the sofa for me!

And Leah, I missed you to death. Love you too! XO I'll explain. Tough few weeks.

Happy Hump Day!

Suzanne said...

I'm off to the park, but thought I'd check here first. I was shocked!!! You little circumsized navigator you. How'd you get here when you were there? Big Bob's going to have something to say about that and I think it will go something like this: "CONGRATS!!!" Wow, tricky dicky. I'm impressed by the balls it took to do that. Now that I know it's possible, I'm moving all my comments to the current post!

And no, I still haven't come up with a respectable slogan. I'm waiting for Leah or Megan to fall off the wagon and do so. Ladies? Do me proud.

Gotta go baby. Love you all. Nice to be back.


Suzanne said...

I swear to God, when I wrote the above you were the first post. Why? Who knows. Now you're back down under. Blogger is absolutely f****** crazy. Just so you know, you were first for the time it took to write the above post. Apparently Bob put his foot down and Blogger saw the light. Why is Megan alway staring at me when I write? Megan, knock it off.


Anonymous said...

How about one of these:

"We Don't Work Here"

"What Happens Here is ???"

"Where Onions Run Wild"


where you can entertain yerself

every layer makes you cry

no public bathrooms


just a couple silly suggestions!

Queen Goob said...

Peeling Our Layers Away One Drink At A Time

sits down at the foot of the couch and leans back against her friends

I missed you guys!

Suzanne said...

My head hurts, but I'm going to try because you've all made a good faith effort, but not the winning effort. I think that's ALL MINE!!! Okay...my first, but not last attempt:

"In the beginning God created perfection: The Wild Onion Cafe."

This is about the Wild Onion. Right? Don't make me go back and read the freakin' rules.

Suzanne said...

No, that's never going to work. I'll think of something better. Maybe I should hire the person who wrote for the strip joint. You think?