Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes you just need a friend to lean on...

Sometimes a friend can help you out when you don't expect it......

Sweet Pea & Hopper

I received a call from Cece while trying to feed the kitties, dog, fish and open the slider to the back yard. She'll agree, the slider is stuck. We discussed WD40 and canned air. It got all stuck only yesterday, but one day is enough for me. I don't have time for stupid stuff. I'm going to spray the hell out of it and hope for the best.

Yes, she was crying. It was a very difficult day. Work was hard, home life was hard, life without Dad, hard. She cried through the slider, cried through feeding the kitties, cried through breaking up a fight between Mickey and Sage, cried through putting towels in the dryer, cried over the sound of the dishwasher, cried as I ran outside to save some doves from Hopper. It's been a difficult day for our dear friend and she needs each and every one of us, so if you have time, please give her some love and support. She rarely cries like this, so please lend your heart. She's a damn good woman.

Love you Cece. Hope you found the olive oil!!! Hang in there baby. Hope you don't mind me sharing such a beautiful phone call.



I just thought this was the perfect post to share this song. And no, I don't mind that you have told all of our friends that I'm a big cry baby today.

Love you, dear friend.


Cecile said...

Damn it, I"m still crying. And yes, I found the Olive oil. HB moved it. He rearranged my kitchen. And you're right. Sometimes you do just need a friend to lean on. I think I'm going to call my bed friend now and go lean on it for about 10 hours. Thanks friend. I LOVE YOU TOO.

Cecile said...

Also, I just wanted to ask a quick question. Is someone preparing a Birthday Celebration for Queen Goob? Her BD is coming up on Oct 13. That's Monday, right?

Leah said...

Cece, do you remember "Free to be You and Me," that children's album of the '70s? There's a great song on there, "It's All Right to Cry," truly words to live by. I know this is a rough time. I'm sending you hugs and hugs.

Now, Severus, whip that girl up a pepperup potion.



just bob said...

Cecile... no need to worry, I've got the party all set on Monday. The bar has been stocked, the presents wrapped, and the entertainment ordered :)

just bob

Suzanne said...

How the hell'd this get here? I accidently deleted it last night and couldn't find it for the life of me! Hummmmmmmm, that's very interesting. Yes, I did try to repost with ether, but never expected it to work. IT DID!!!

I also love that you had to go because HB couldn't find the olive oil because it turns out he moved it. Brilliant!

Hey Leah, just sent you an email and honestly happy to see you on my phantom post. Also, Cece, I suggested Leah get in touch with you. Yes, I know that's okay.

Oh, someone better be preparing a birthday celebration for Queen Goob. I've had a migraine for days. I don't think it's me. Plus she HATES my writing. We need a good writer for this one. God hurry, it's almost Sunday. her birthday's Monday. Who?! Who will step up to the plate?

Hi Leah! Hi Severus! Wow, Severus, you're taking over bartender duties you rascal you? Good for you. Job security honey! *Severus snaps whip at Suze's ass. Suze spins bike around and get's in Severus' grill, "You do that again and I'll kick yours."* Hey, nothing's changed!!! Welcome to the Wild Onion!!!

Love you all, and Cece, crying is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Cry on my dear woman!

XO Blottie ;)

just bob said...

Blottie... I still had your post on my reader... so I just copied, pasted, and reposted. Cecile added her special touch at the end. Glad I could help out, my friend.

just bob

Suzanne said...

Oh my God!!! I didn't read properly. I now understand what you did. I didn't save it, you did! I love you baby. Thank you and no, you are not a "cry baby," you're just a woman in pain and we all love you so much. Thank you sweetheart. And thanks to for not minding that I shared.

Now for the bad news. Your link doesn't work!!! Because I'm such an expert with this contraption, I'd know. Can I get an Amen from the congregation?

Love you honey. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. You're the best Cece and I'm virtually hugging you to bits.

Leah, you're absolutely right, crying is okay. Okay!?

BOB!!! THANKS!!! She admires your writing.

Love to all,

Suzanne said...

Bob, this is honestly how tired I am, I had no idea you had anything to do with this. No, I didn't look, I simply assumed it was Cece. You know what IV told me about assuming (Leah, I think I need some "Meditainment!")?

Okay, starting tomorrow I'll pay attention. I'll drink more coffee, I'll use toothpicks and any other props I can find and I'll also start living by the Slacker's Motto, "Do Better Bitch." That should work. Until then, thanks one and all for getting me through this ridiculous series of events. I'll leave you with words from the famous "Your Personal Guide To The Future ~ Leo." The Stars and Your FRIENDS, page 13, paragraph 1, "Leos are rarely loners. With your sociable nature and engaging peronality, you have no problem making or keeping friends. In fact, many of your pals want to be just like you." Yea, good luck with that. Trust me, you're all doing just fine on your own!!! I'm the one in need of freakin' help!


Leah said...

I got your email! I was so psyched! I'll email you back soon--I'm totally getting the relaxation cd. It's a great idea. Hedgie, eh, I'll just call her Ella here, she doesn't need a code name, well Ella went to a wonderful karate camp for a few weeks this summer, and they did yoga and meditation every day. She loved it.

Hi Cece! I hope you've gotten some rest--rest is important.

Hi Bob!!

Cecile said...

Suze, are you sure my link doesn't work. I listened to it last night after I added it. It worked last night. Oh and Leah, I got a glorious nap today. I was out in the front yard staining a table that my dad built for me several years ago to hold a 55 gallon fish tank. HB and I used it for years, then in 04 when we moved to this house, we broke the fish tank. So we ended up with a smaller one that fit on an old T.V. stand and Dad's table was recycled as a computer desk. Then we actually got a computer desk, and Dad's table was placed out on the front porch and used to hold flower pots, mulch, and anything else that landed on it. We have a gold fish pool in the back yard and we have about 13 good sized goldfish in it. We keep a pump in it to give them oxygen. Unfortunately, Apollo likes to get in the pool, and he has broken 3 pumps now. That's about $40 a pop. So we have decided that it may end up being cheaper to just buy another 55 gallon fish tank and bring the goldfish inside and let Apollo have the pool. But since the table has been outside, it needed a coat of stain, so I did that this afternoon. It was pretty warm here today, so after I was through, I came inside and lay down on Forrest's bed. The ceiling fan was on and the room felt cool. Before I knew it, I was asleep. I slept for almost 3 hours. It was really a nice nap. I'll have to take pics of our new fish tank once it get's all put together and post. Have a great night everyone. Oh and thanks.

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! So glad you enjoyed the email. I had a blast writing it.

Ella (love the name) knows of what she speaks. Yoga is amazing. I've done it in the past, but can't at the moment because of my dislocated shoulder. You'll love it so much. And yes, that CD is amazing. $20 plus tax. A bargin for peace and calm. Wear it out baby!!!

Love you,

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. I'm sure your link works. I'm having trouble with youtube from my computer. Frankly, I think it's just me. Can you do me a favor and give me the title of the song and the author? I've found going to your previous post with Lee Ann Womack gets me to youtube. I know, strange, but true. What ever works baby!!!

So glad you got a nap. They matter, don't they? I had one this evening and that's why I'm up now. I know, sort of ass backward, but like Dr. P said "Don't fight it...just go with the flow and work with what you got." So that's what I'm doing. You might try that!

So glad you got the table stained. Good for you. The fish tank will look beautiful and the goldfish will be very happy.

I'm trying to figure out what to do in the morning. There's a triathalon at the park tomorrow and access is closed from 8-12pm. I have three choices: be there by 7am (I'm usually there at 9:15), wait till after 12pm or go at the regular time, park the car and walk with a heavy backpack about 2 miles. I bought a backpack at Walmart today for $16.00, pack it tonight, carried it around the house. It's heavy and I have a headache that won't stop. I'm reconsidering arriving at 7am. I think it's still dark at 7am and share my space with a homeless guy who isn't out before 9am and I have to be out before 8am or the gates are closed and I'm locked inside. My options are few. I only have 3! Damn. I'll let you know what I decide. Oh, and just so you know, it's been sort of chilly here the past few days, so those triatheletes are going to freeze their asses off. No, really. What makes people so wacky?

XO ;)