Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Our Dear Bindi...


I love you, and you know that. I picked your favorite flowers today: a gorgeous Gardenia and some blooms of the Confederate Jasmine. Yes, my office has the scent of Heaven! I want to cheer you up and bring you some beautiful memories of home and family. I know life is very difficult at the moment, but remember discontent doesn't have to last forever. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Even in times of deepest pain, you will love this baby with your whole heart, no matter what the future holds.
I love you my dear friend and it is with such joy that I give you this floating bouquet. I've shared it with everyone because I know they love and support you as much as I do.
Please be kind and gentle to yourself,
Suze XO
P.S. I made the heart too. I usually fill the sachets with lavender and hang them on every door in the house! Multiple times!!! My office door has about 5 (both fabric and hand painted). They fill a room with laughter and a wee bit of fun. ;)
I love you. XO


Cecile said...

What a wonderful post. Posted by a phantom writer that is supposed to be taking time off at that. But beautiful and caring none the less.
*Gives Suzanne her best for you own good mother look and shakes her finger at her.* "Your suppose to be taking it easy young, I mean middle age, lady. OH did I say that? My bad. No seriously, Love ya both girls. Bindi and Suze. ANd Gig, and Leah, ANd Random, and of course IV, and Kylie and OH hell you guys get the picture. NOw I need to go bring my kids back in. They have stripped their wet clothes off after getting out of the pool and running around in our back yard naked. What will the neighbors thing. We they should be thinking anything because if they see them they are peeping toms through our privacy fence. Nosy Bastards.

Skeeter said...

It's a great post! Cool heart too. Bindi is wonderful too.

Best wishes to all.

kylie said...

suze didnt post're hallucinating :)

thanks hallucination....a lovely gesture

and love to bindi too

hi all
and have a great weekend

Gig said...

I love it, beautiful post from our beautiful Suze. Always thinking of someone else.

Nice hallucination...drop by anytime...

Everyone have a great weekend!!

Love you, Bindi

Hugs and love to all

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Thank you dear one...
words are not enough to show how thankful, how you touch my heart so deep... I can't still believe I met an Angel in blogland!
Gardenia is a holy flower/tree in my homeland, using for prayer mainly. it has a story, lord krishna bring that tree from heven to earth for his devotee..
Thank you again m'dear. This is so beautiful!
Thank you Cecile, Skeeter, Kylie and Debbie..
love you all

Suzanne said...

You guys are the best. Yes, I know, I'm not supposed to be here, but the reroofing started this morning, at 7 am I might add, and I think I'm about to go nutty! But in a good way. For instance, you won't see me on CNN running down the street naked wielding a gun, or jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, or going to a fast food joint to buy a hamburger just to get away from this madness like a bonafide nut. Nope, I'll remain perfectly nutty right here in the comfort of me blog. And no, that's isn't typo (I often think I'm Irish, but I'm not)!

Am I hallucinating I'm here? Nope. I'm livin' in the moment as Dr. P. suggested. So yup, I'm here. Now I'm not a doctor, but I do believe all of you are here too!
Cece, you kill me. You made me laugh too hard. I'm trying. You know that, but life just keeps getting in my way and you guys keep pullin' me back! *Shaking finger at Cece and uttering sweet nothings under breath..."You little young lady b.........rat."** Oh and honey, could you keep those kids in clothes before they become famous for something other than their brain. Jezzzzzzzzzzz. P.S. Thanks, I love you.
Skeeter ~ Thanks, I love you too. I suspect this is going to be a love fest. I'm feeling all happy today. Stressed, but happy. We're getting a new, beautiful roof!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Who knew that storm would replace a $15,000 roof we would have had to replace in a year out of our own pockets? Some times life is so beautiful! See, it pays to hang hearts everywhere for good luck!!!
Kylie, well, well, well, look who my cats dragged in (yup, it took all of them!)! Wow, that image is kinda funny. (That would make a hilarious cartoon!) No baby, it's really me. This is your lucky day. Want a cup-o-tea honey? I.V. isn't here so it won't be spiked. Is that okay? Oh, and worse, it'll be English Breakfast Tea. I know how you Assies love the Brits seeing as how they sent you to that island in the first place. Okay, I also offer some herbal stuff. I love you, you know that! Thanks for your support and love of Bindi.
Gig, I just typed your name and started to laugh. I'm still laughing. You already know why. Because you're a "Crazy and wacky guy." Except you're a "lady!" Oh God, life is too good sometimes. Do we have the greatest friends, or what? Things have been slow at the Cafe, but after Bindi get's her green card, stops vomiting, is able to eat again and has this little bundle of joy, we can get on with dancin' under the disco ball. You ready? I assume we're going to have to babysit alot! Great!!! I love you my dear friend, and thank you for loving all of us. Happy weekend.
Bindi, Bindi, Bindi, you know how dear you are to my heart. Words are inadequate. Somehow blogger brought us together. Why? I don't know yet. The answer hasn't been revealed, but perhaps just to get one another over the hurdles of life. We have the most supportive group of men and woman I've ever known and I often come here, say nothing and simply enjoy the positive energy. It really is an amazing place and we have found the most beautiful people on the planet to grace our lives.

Talking to you last night enabled me to write this post. It had nothing to do with me and all to do with you. You are perhaps the most kind and generous person I have ever know and you teach me lessons every day. I like that because you remind me you're never too old to learn new lessons. I also loved the education on gardenias. I didn't know that and am grateful. I believe it. You can't inhale the scent of a gardenia and not think you are in Heaven. My office is still scented today and I can't stop thinking of you. I love you my dear friend. The future is bright. We just have to tweak a few things! XO
To all of you, thank you for your love and support of Bindi. You remind me of what's right with the world. You are the dearest friends anyone could have.

I love you all,