Monday, June 9, 2008


I've made these new flower arrangements to place on all of the tables here at the Cafe.

I thought it might add a little pizazz to the place. Or at least a little color. Business has been slow lately, and all the help has been drinking up the profit. Of course, I did say the staff didn't have to pay for their drinks didn't I. Damn! I knew I was making a mistake. I didn't realize I had hired a room full of virtual alcoholics. It is still storming here. I just heard a crack of lightening hit so close to he house it made the desk shake. I probably should shut down this damn computer. Don't want another month without it. But, I just wanted to show everyone our new table decorations. Enjoy the flowers. Oh and I.V. don't eat the limes.


I also want to introduce the newest member of our staff.
Javie dog.
She is an American pit bulldog that loves to clean up.
She is great at multi tasking and she has been hired as both a dish washer and garbage disposal. She has signed a lifetime contract and in turn for her years of loyal service she will be paid with all you can eat scraps buffet every day, short spurts of activity and trips around the block when I feel like it. A nice comfortable bed on my $1800 Italian Leather couch, and tummy scratches. She is quite adamant about the tummy scratches, so throw the poor dog a bone and give her tummy a scratch when you come in. Trust me she will pant and doggie smile from ear to ear and it will warm your heart. Or at least your hand will be warm from the doggie breath.


Robyn said...



*looks this way and that*

im not sure what yer talkin bout...

*pockets several citrus items from the bar and makes way for back room. leaves large "green" tip on counter for bar staff*

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers, Cecile!

Can I borrow Javie dog to help me empty the dishwasher at my house?

Gig said...

I wish I had a dishwasher at my house so I could borrow Javie dog to help me,lol.

Just so ya know I have not had a lemon since that post of yours on lemons!! So I would not touch the limes!!!

Pretty flowers, Cece

Leah said...

I like that. It's classy. And Javie's adorable. And I second Gig--I wish I had a dishwasher for Javie to empty!

Cecile said...

I just let my neighbor borrow Javie to entertain her new puppy. She just called me and said Javie dog is smiling from ear to ear. I'll take her over again and make a video to share. You can see how fast she runs. This is going to be great because I can take her to my neighbors house and get her some exercise and companionship. Javie will be an even happier spoiled dog. Well, got to go watch some UFC.

Suzanne said...

I love the changes. Those flowers will last a good month in a vase, so very economical for the Cafe. Wise choice my dear woman ~ very contemporary and beautiful. I Also love the master licker, aka, Javie. You already know that. What a great post!