Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Random Chick!

What? Your not 50? Well of course you're not! We all know that. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to point out that you are, however, older than me. But putting all jokes aside, I know that we are going to have a big crowd show up here to celebrate, so I was extra busy last night and made several birthday cakes for our birthday girl. So you all just take your pick on which one you want a piece of. (cake not birthday girls. GESH I.V and MJ get your minds out of the gutter.)

And what about delicious things to eat? Well, don't worry. I've got that covered. Picnic style.

And for all of you fruit and veggie types out there.

And the music for the party has to be the new song "Hell Yeah" by the band Rev Theory.

This song rocks my ass off. I could listen to it all day long.

And last but not least we must have a huge selection of adult beverages to choose from. I mean without the booze, this really couldn't be called a party now could it?

So come on people. LET"S PARTY, RANDOM STYLE!


Cecile said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Random Chick. We all love you and hope you have fantastic day.

Suze, was this good enough?

Just Bob said...

Hey there... I've got to work today so I'm going to be late to the party. Save me a parking space and a slice of cake. Have a randomly happy b-day!

~Just Bob~

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Miss RC!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday, RC!

*goes back into hiding so I can surprise her by jumping out of the Dr. Seuss cake*


yeah!!!! happy flag day! it is my fathers birthday as well!!! yeah man yeah!

*spikes punch with a little home brew and waits for beast with stolen bottle of vodka*

how cool and exciting this all is. this seems to be a place where birthdays just happen...

*looks around for mjs striped tights to give her a wedgie*

happy birthday yo!!!

Cecile said...

*Laughs at MJ's wedgie. Give IV a high five and downs a big glass of spiked punch, then ties a steak around her neck and waits for BOb.*

MJ said...

A wedgie?

I fail to see the humour.

Really, you're all quite juvenile.


*hits up the inflatable jump around room for a while and lights off some fire crackers under ceciles chair*

um, nice steak!?!?

*runs around in circles untill dizzy*

Cecile said...

*Throws IV a bone and pats him on the head telling him he is a good dog. Take another shot of the spiked punch and chases it with a shot of Wild Turkey.* Whooot, I think I'm drunk.!

Suzanne said...


Whoops, forgot one minor detail in my message to you last night...her birthday's tomorrow, Sunday the 15th!!! (Didn't I mention that? I'll have to go back and review the transcript!) No, I can't stop laughing. Perhaps she won't notice if we all delete and come back tomorrow or we could simply hide under IV's trench coat with his big

ego. He'll slide by as a millipede impersonator, she'll never suspect a thing. Then we'll all pop out tomorrow (SUNDAY!!!) with the big surprise. No not that silly because hopefully he'll be wearing the yellow number he bought for the tricycle race. Pray to God he is because I am not staying under the trench coat unless I have some protection.

If that doesn't work, you know I love celebrating birthday's for a week, so hell, we're starting a day early! I think you have enough booze on hand for a few weeks if MJ and IV miss a day or two. Good Lord woman. And the cakes, WOW-WEEEEEZER! I want a bite of the third one. Too pretty. And the food, delicious. I see the shrimp has surfaced again. Too lazy to find a new recipe?! Okay, I'll stop while I still have a chance of not getting my you know what kicked.

Excellent job Cece! You're a gem. Thank you!!! I'll take care of the bouquet...tomorrow. ;) I have the strange feeling Gig and Bindi might show up for this one and get the disco ball spinning again. I hope we still have some tea and mineral water left in this joint.

Love you,

Suzanne said...


Love you to pieces you wacky broad. I hope you have the best year every. If not, don't blame me, blame Olga, cuz you're probably wearing the wrong bra. Apparently they make all the difference. Go figure.

Tons of X's and O's,

Suzanne said...

Whoop, my boo-boo again. I mean the fourth cake, the one with the flowers.

Just Bob said...

OK... I'm here now... did I miss anything good? Did MJ jump out of the cake yet?

(hands his keys to the designated driver)

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob. No, nothings happening. Did you notice!!!??? Her birthday's tomorrow!!! It's time to drive back home honey! I hope you can get your keys back. If not, I have a new Mercedes, but it'll take an hour or two just to get to you. You may want to get a motel/hotel just so you have coffee in the morning.

Love you dear and thanks for making the effort. Next year we won't leave Cece in charge of party planning, but hell, we will leave her in charge of food and beverage! Man that woman can come up with pretty stuff! See you tomorrow baby. Hopefully RC will show up too.


kylie said...

it's well timed actually, it's sunday here.
happy birthday ms chick.

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
you look like a monkey
and you smell like one too

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Random Chick!! Hope you have an awesmome day!!!

Kick back and enjoy the party here, I know I am ready for cake...just have to decide which one, hmmmm, let me think...

*strolls over to beverage table and gets a cocktail...wanders to macy sofa and waits for everyone else to pop in*

Just Bob said...

All right, let's try this again...

Happy Random Birthday RC!!!

~Just Bob~


*Lifts head from under table wondering what happened, finds out today is the birthday and begins partying all over again*

Skeeter said...

Happy B-day to Random Chick. It's a great day for a little party too. Cheers!

Suzanne said...

Well, well, well, look what the 15th dragged in. But where's the Birthday Chickie? Hopefully she'll stop by later after I straighten this joint up a bit. Good Lord what did you kids do here yesterday, dance on the tables? I.V., who's under that one with you? I can't find Cece MJ or Leah. What have you done with them?

By the way, "Hi Bob," "Hi Kylie!"

Stop by my place and give the pretty birthday girl a bit more love. I put here bouquet there rather than place it here and step on Cece's beautiful parade. Of course it's from all of us (and it's pink!!!).

*Picks up a few empty bottles, sneaks a slice of cake, decides not to straighen up. Heads straight to Macy's sofa to find Gig. Disco ball starts to spin, lights dim.* "I.V., Cheese just arrived. She looks absolutely stunning and I think she's here to dance." Shake those cobwebs out baby, cuz she looks serious too!!!

With love, "The Dancin' Queen,

P.S. Just Bob, don't worry, someone will arrive for you. The party's just getting started. ;)

Just Bob said...

Not likely on the arrival (or call or email, or etc.), but I'm first at the Rose Cottage Studio.

Suzanne said...

"Hi Bob!" You bet you are baby. Sometimes men have all the luck. But before you get too happy, you have to know what everyone else knows. I'm 48 about to be 49 in August (yup...a Leo!), and I have grey hair. Lots and lots of it. We held a little competion about two months back regarding what to do with my hair. You might want to read it! Everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE didn't want me to change. I'm not young and beautiful, I'm older and wiser! But honest about it. Take a peek, just so you aren't under any illusions. Then consult me honey and see if you still want to be #1. I suspect you're looking for someone a bit younger!!! But don't worry, I still love ya!


Just Bob said...

OMG.. gray hair? I can't be see cavorting all over the internets with a woman with gray hair. With all those 20-something supermodel types chasing after me... LMAO. Why the heck do you think I've got an avatar instead of a real photo of myself?

Suzanne dear, it took some searching but I found the photos... you're a beautiful woman, inside and out. All of those people were right, don't change a thing. I'd be honored and lucky to even been in the running to be your #1. You're a hottie!!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Miss RC--this time on the actual birthday day!!!! xo

Leah said...

Hi you guys

Cecile said...

I was so excited about partying that I decided to start a day early. Besides, today is Father's Day, so how would it look if I spent all afternoon looking up pictures to make this post on Father's Day. But hubby is out like a light and snoring right now, so I can have some fun. Let's PARTY people.

Suzanne said...

Cece, I have on my heals and Gigs on the Macy's sofa. The guys are apparently searching for something under the tables. Let's grab Giggie and go for a twirl. I think Cheese is here. I swear I saw her. She can dance with us if I.V. doesn't show up. Oh, and I just learned Bob called me a "hottie!" I may have to put my black dress on for that and give my grey hair a big fluff! Mineral water for everyone! And booze for all the rest.


Suzanne said...

Oh and no wonder I couldn't find my shoes. I spelled heels, heals. Shoot me please!

MJ said...


Anonymous said...

AWWWW! I missed my own party...that's okay, I was partying down in NAPA this past weekend, which is why I was MIA.

Thank you sooo much for the cakes, cakes, cakes, FOOD, and DRINKS!!! I think I gained 200 lbs. this weekend so what's a few more pounds?

And NO, I'm not 50 yet but well on my way. I turned 41 and am DAMN proud of it! These wrinkles, flab, and cellulite were NOT so easy to come by, you know. I had to EAT a lot of crap, DRINK a lot of alcohol, and sit around on my ass. It was all worth it.

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cecile!!!! That was wunderbar!!!

bindhiya said...

what a beautiful party you put together... good job!
Happy birthday RC..
Hi everyone..

have a great evening..
love you all.

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

That was me. I know.

Queen Goob said...

......I was finally able to drag myself up off the floor and say thanks - that was a KICK ASS party!

Suzanne said...

I'm full.